Thursday, September 27, 2012

I've Had a Really Bad Day

Today. bad. Just bad.
Let me tell you. It requires bullet points because it was just that bad. Ok it was more just lots of things went wrong.

  • Woke up with a sinus infection which felt like the left side of my brain was going to explode
  • Planned to wear my hair curly today for the easiness of it. Turns out horribly greasy. Slick hair back and put a hat on. 
  • Had plans to meet with friends at a play place. I thought 11:45. Nope 11. 
  • Last night made 60 handouts with M&M's. Come home today from outing and Ranger has opened about 10 of them. My rug covered with smeared M&M's. 
  • June is super clingy today. I think teething might be starting back up
  • Work on Editing June's photos. She hits the computer. It re-starts. I lose EVERYTHING
  • Ranger pukes up M&M's from earlier. Blue, orange, and red slime is all over my carpet. June makes a dash for it. Ranger is licking it up. BOLTED to get carpet cleaner. 
  • Come back after throwing rag in washing machine. June is sucking on my power cord to my laptop. It no longer works. I have approximately 1 hr and 40min remaining.
  • June falls backwards and smacks her head against wall. screams
  • June pulls dan's scriptures off nightstand. rips about 3 pages out. 
  • Go get mail, slip of paper falls from my door. The Orkin man was scheduled today and I forgot. Reschedule AGAIN. 3rd times the charm? 
  • Get one of my Amazon packages too by the door. So excited since my last 3 packages were sent to my old address and then returned. All for June's birthday. I ordered a cupcake stand. The cupcake stand was a mini. A FRIKIN MINI CUPCAKE STAND!! WHO EATS MINI CUPCAKES! I HATE THOSE PEOPLE!!! Now have to return it. One more thing to add back to the list for this birthday party. 
  • Make dinner for June and I. Noodles and tomato juice with an avocado and Parmesan cheese. I make noodles first for June to eat. put in oven the avocado. June throws it all on the ground. She isn't eating. 
  • I forgot about avocado until the fire alarm reminds me. smoke pouring out of my oven. June screaming, ranger barking. 
  • Get it all cleaned up. Try to take a few bites here and there. June has had it so try to go clean her up. Her tray would not come off her high chair. I am tugging and tugging. Finally I give it one last jolt and smack June in the head with it. (REALLY ACCIDENTAL!) June Screams. 
  • Knowing that I can't even go to sleep because I have to go get Dan from the airport at 12:30am. Waking up poor little June. I'm just so ready for Dan to be home. 
Like I said. It's been a bad day. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

11 Months

Dear June,
     I can't even think about the thought of you being one year old next month. The fact that this is my last monthly update and next time it will say years. I don't know how to feel about it. You being 11 months old, just blows me away. You have been a very busy little bee in the last month.
    You start off your 11 month with climbing, and moving, and playing with everything. The Kitchen is your new favorite hangout spot, since there is so much to have fun with in all the cupboards. You are keeping your mom very busy chasing you around all day, but I love watching you move, so really I don't mind. You are now cruising along everything. You prefer to walk along things, and it scares me half to death. Yet you always seem to find your balance and keep on going. Your favorite spot is between the two couches. You could just hangout between them all day. Where has my baby gone.
     Clothes and shoes are your nemesis. You prefer to be a naked, barefoot baby, but well since I want people to know you have a mother, I try to dress you and keep clothes on you. Don't worry somedays you win the fight and you roll in a diaper. It's just how we do.
     You are eating so much now. Your favorite food right now is bread and spaghetti. Holy smokes chicka you love your spaghetti. You also like to feed yourself. I put food in your mouth, you spit it out in your hand and then put it back in your mouth. You are very independent and well.... not to fond, but I'm still proud. You are holding your own cups, and enjoying more and more food as you get older. We will see how it goes next month with cow's milk....
     You are continuing to sleep splendidly through the night. You go to bed at 8 and you are waking up at 8. It is so nice. literally. just one of the many reasons why I love you. Bath time is apart of our night time routine and it's your favorite part. You splash the whole time. The bathroom, me, and everything in the bathroom are soaked by the time you are done, sometimes I feel it would be easier to get in with you. I'm trying my best to stay out.
     June, You are a chatter box. You Say Da Da constantly, and just this past week you started make M sounds. Ma Ma is right around the corner... We are working on it. You jibber jabber to anyone who will listen to you. You yell at Ranger a lot. We aren't sure if it's out of love or anger, but you two seem to have this strange relationship. You love dropping your food and watch him hurry and eat it, then you put out your hand for more from me. It's our favorite game.  It's very fun to watch you two get mad at each other.
     You are so aware of everything. You get so angry when toys get taken away, when there isn't a food you like on your tray and when something exciting is happening. You love cheering for people, clapping your hands, and bouncing up and down when something really fun happens. We try to make fun things happen all the time, because you clapping, makes my heart beat a little bit faster with love. It's been a close call a couple of times that my heart could explode.
     One tooth has popped out, but that's it. A good sign of good teeth. supposedly late teeth mean good strong teeth, so really no complaints, and teething has taken a backseat, which...few, thank goodness.
 You have started biting things, and we are trying to get a handle on that. I really don't want you to be a biter, so we are trying to stay on top of that. We brush your tooth and you seem to enjoy it. I love your little tooth brush.
    Ju Ju's I just love you. I just love everything about you and everything you do. I'm scared for next month. I love my baby and that baby is slowly starting to fade.....
Sweets I hope you know how much joy you bring into our lives. How you make bad days always seem so much better, except when the bad day is caused by you, well then we have some issues... haha I love you.

Love mom.