Friday, February 27, 2009

Where should we move?




The decision of where we are going to live has come down to 2 schools. One is in Boulder Colorado, and the other choice is Waco Texas. Now both of these schools are very good schools, and we think that we would enjoy living in either, but we just don't know. They both have their pros and cons, like Baylor Texas is one of the top geology schools, and gave Dan an incredible offer that's hard to turn down, but its so far away, and for those who know me, well this could be a struggle, ha ha. Then Boulder Colorado, which is closer to home, and only 4 hours from Salt Lake, but I don't think Dan wants to live where there is snow for a while. Either school we go to will be amazing, but its the living environment that makes it so hard. So we need help. what school should we go to?

Friday, February 20, 2009

why is it always three times?

So, Random thought! why is everything done in 3's. I have no idea why but this really caught my attention. Think about when you do things, I have been paying close attention to everything now, and its all done in 3's. Here are some examples:
  • When someone knocks on the door, they knock three times
  • When We lived at the Village I would pound on our neighbors roof, three times(with a broom, it was louder that way) ha ha!
  • I have seen people stomp to get the snow off their shoes, and they stomp three times!
  • when mixing something, in a bowl, or what ever, you bang the spatula or other type of mixing equipment 3 TIMES!
  • When shaking a rug, you do it three times
  • 3 strikes your out
  • or 3rd times the charm
  • 3 little pigs
  • 3 bears

All I have to say 3 must be a magical number, or is it?

Ah, now that I have said something that's all you are going to be thinking about, but pay attention, everything someone does is in 3's. I mean why now twice, because it just feels like its not enough, but do it four times, and you feel like wow that was a real waste of a wack, but 3 time, it just feels right.
Good luck on your quest for finding things in 3's

Monday, February 9, 2009

25 Random things about me

I was tagged on my facebook page, and thought you know what this would be fun for people to do on their blogs. It is very easy, just list 25 random things about yourself, children, people you know, or homeless people that hangout near your grocery store, It doesn't matter.

Anways so here are my 25 random things about me.

1. I have the most amazing, handsome husband in the world
2. The smell of wet cement makes me want to eat it, I have been tempted so many times to just lick it
3. The sound of a fan makes me feel at piece, and happy
4. I love to play Halo (True Story) Ask Dan, I am getting pretty good
5. Bitting my fingernails helps me relax
6. I do not have a problem speaking my mind
7. One of my favorite times is at night, laying in bed, and just laughing my head off with Dan
8.I want to be just like my mom when I grow up
9.My dream car would be a black Huge hummer, we are talkin old school here, with chrome wheels, and bumpers. I like to feel powerful when behind the wheel
10. I love hearing peoples drama stories, and trying to give them some sort of advice
11. I still watch the Disney Channel, and I love it
12. I love buying household products, Like i have an addiction to buying cleaning supplies,new kitchen appliances, and house decorations
13. I put Parmesan cheese on my popcorn
14. Pretty sure I like to think I am a Gangsta and listen to rap music, the best is when Dan joins in, and we put our hoods on, with some shades, and pretend we are LOW-RIDE-ERS. HA HA
15. I describe myself as outgoing, and very talkative, others describe me as obnoxious and I like it
16. My favorite part of my back to be scratched is the upper part right between the two shoulder blades
17. Aggressive driving is all Dan can say when it comes to me behind the wheel
18. I don't put up with anyone's crap
19. I love long drives with Dan, just talking, laughing, and pointing at people that are funny
20. The Bachelor is my new t.v addiction right now
21. I am obsessed with blogging
22. This is weird but I think it feels good to pull out my eye lashes, and yes they grow back
23. I still sleep with my baby blanket, Poor Dan hates it, but I just can't part with it.
24. I still get butterflies when Dan walks into the room, and kisses me
25. Dan's and my goal is to grow old somewhere warm, and go up to our cabin with Brady,Lisa and Adam + his wife, every year

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homeland Security Interview

Well, we are off to Boise. Now I know what your thinking, Boise? That will be a fun little trip, and to get away from school. WRONG! we are heading down there today to go do Dan's Homeland Security interview. This interview is to make sure our marriage is legit. Again I know you are thinking, well that will be easy HA HA WRONG AGAIN! We have to bring every inch of evidence that we are living together, Happy, and in love. This includes:
  • bank statements,
  • Letters from our employers saying how much we make,
  • Pictures of us dating, getting married, and a year and three months of our life as a married couple.
  • Birth certificates,
  • marriage licence,
  • my dads birth certificate( He is Dans sponsor) Yep my husband has to be sponsored to stay in this country. I don't make enough money. ha ha
  • Passports
  • Current W-2's
  • Licences
  • Dans Student Visa
  • Dans citizen Visa
  • Mail that is addressed to the both of us
  • Lease forms from all the places we have lived together(Luckily it is only two places)
  • Insurance Forms

Now when dealing with the government, you do not mess around and take it seriously. I am not going to lie, I am totally scared, Of course I know our marriage is legit, but what if I answer a question wrong? I mean come on it can happen. So I will let you know how it goes once we get back from Boise. WISH US LUCK!