Wednesday, June 20, 2012

8 Months

Dear June,
     It's that time again to make another post about how much I love you, and how I think you are the best baby ever! 8 months! Each month is going by quicker and quicker! I hate time, but I love watching you grow and discover new things. It's a new thing every day and at this age it's so fun to watch you discover and explore and see your little body so focused on putting a cheerio into your mouth. Love.
     Starting out at your 8 months, you want to touch and feel everything. The house does need to become baby proofed because of your little exploring mind. You love clapping your little hands when ever we get excited for you, and you are constantly rubbing your little feet on the carpet, in the water, and really any surface. You love just moving your feet. Because of that, Diaper changing has literally become a comedy show watching me try to get your diaper changed. One time a whole bum cheek was sticking out, because I put it on so crooked! Oh dear mother...
     You continue to sleep fantastico! You do have, on occasion, nights that you wake up, but you don't cry, you just start talking to yourself, saying Da Da Da Da over and over again. June watching you sleep literally melts my heart. It hurts, because of how much I love you. You still go down at 7 and wake up about 6:30.
     No Teeth yet, but you are teething like a little stinker. They will come when the're ready. We are not in any hurry, just as long as they do come eventually. Dentures at one year old, might be an issue. :)
     We are in the hot summer months of Texas, so you are enjoying splashing in the pool and soaking in the sun. I do admit I love that you have Tan lines around your chubby rolls. Adorable.
     Daddy is more in love than ever with you. Should I be Jealous?! Heck ya! He loved you so much from the moment you met, and it's only getting better. Me? I had to work hard for that love! ha ha it doesn't matter, watching him with you makes it all worth it. You two are going to be best pals. You love dancing with him, and being tossed and flipped around.
     You are a TALKER! Holy smokes you are a little chatter box. You laugh and smile all the time (except when your tired, understandable) and you use those lungs full force. You're going to be just like your mother. Loud and obnoxious!
      You are trying so hard to move. In fact as I am typing this, I am watching you reach for a book that is just a little out of grasp and you are working and concentrating so hard. You're close, VERY close!
     Eating has gone very well. You hate the green crap, but so does your dad, so he feels its ok to not eat it. I think other wise. The fruits and little bits of food we give you though, you suck in like a vacuum!
     Well Ju Ju B, that is all I have to report for this month. I cannot, literally cannot say how much I love you. My heart can't take it, but I will say it anyways. I love you.
You are just so funny!

Love you Juniper,
   Love mom

Thursday, June 7, 2012

6 months in, resolution checkpoint

Holy smokes its June. I LOVE the month of June, because every time someone says the month, I get to hear my daughter's name and it just makes my day.

We have been busy. Very busy. Non stop swirl around your brain, kick you in the crotch kind of busy! I feel like June has spent the last month of her life in her car seat. Poor thing. Things aren't going to slow down anytime soon. Summer is upon us my friend and I am so excited for the many trips we have planned and getting to go to Idaho a couple times, one of those for the annual Triathlon!

Since we are already half way done with this year I thought I would give a little checkpoint to where I am with my new years resolutions. Ya that's right I am keeping them this year!
What my new years resolutions are:

Be in a house before June's first Birthday CHECK!
As you probably know we are in our house! In Love once again. We are still living at two different places, but we are sleeping at the house, and just getting the last odds and ends out of the apartment, which I pray will be the last shared wall experience I will ever have to encounter! 

Read through the Book of Mormon PROGRESS...
We are reading the Book of Mormon together, and well we miss nights, and sometimes we both fall asleep while reading, but we are trying and it's actually been going pretty well. 

Hit my pre- Dan weight. CHECK!
I look back at those pictures of when Dan and I were dating (5 years ago) I looked so tiny. I can't believe I ever complained about my weight back then... I have matured and my face,I feel,will never look that young again, but I can successfully say I have lost all my pregnancy weight, and I am proud to say that I went down 2 Jean sizes and I am keeping it off! Of course I still have the blob! My love handles will NEVER disappear. 
Be more consistent with Family Home Evening FAILURE! 
Oh man we really struggle with FHE. Unless we do it with friends it seems to slip away from us. We do try when we remember, It's one of those things we want so badly in our home, and we are hoping that with our attempted tries it will happen.  

Experiment more with different foods and make a new meal once a week PROGRESS...
Enjoying being in my new kitchen, and trying different foods. I have even thrown fish into the mix. I feel like my cooking skills are minimal at best, but it's a working progress. 
Read more CHECK! 
 I make sure to always have a book to read, and of course I read with June every single day. I have finished some great series including "The Great and Terrible" and I am on the fifth book of "Fablehaven" I love series. It just means I always know what book to grab next. So if any of you have a good series let me know! 

Take more photos and videos of June  DOUBLE CHECK! 
With I phones, a point and shoot camera, and my SLR I always have a camera at hand. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't snap some sort of video or picture of June, mostly to send to Dan at work, but also for the keep sake of how fast she is growing. 

Play the guitar together a lot more   FAILURE!
 Oh man, we haven't picked up our guitars in over a month. In fact they are still at our apartment, but maybe once we really get all settled in the house we will pick it up again. Dan used to play for June all the time, and I miss that music in our home. Im hoping it starts back up again really soon. 

Eat the blizzard of the month every month  CHECK! 
Of course we are reaching this new years resolution. How could we fail this one? There have been some delicious blizzards in the past six months and some major busts, but good all the same.

Well That's where we are at. I feel pretty good about the progress in this year. I'm sure failure will be written a lot more by the time we are done, but hey we are working and doing our best, and kicking some serious new years resolutions trash!