Sunday, December 14, 2008

Catching up With LIFE!

Ah man, Life has been so crazy this past month, and so much has happened. I have definitely learned the meaning of patience these past few weeks. Its been crazy, so I haven't been able to blog. Here is what has been going on. Dan was debating whether to do his internship this January, or go to school so that we could graduate together, and then start his master's in September. With a lot of prayer, fasting, and temple trips, he got his answer and decided to stick with school. So next Fall we will be off to who knows where. He goes to Logan January 6Th to take the G.R.E. He gets to spend the whole Christmas Break studying his little butt off, but he so so so smart and I know he will do great.
Next big thing we have been waiting on is my internship thingy. I put my in my application in July so I have been waiting six months to here whether I was going to get it. I put my two weeks in to Porter's not knowing if I got it or not. I wasn't going to have a job, but I took a leap of faith and put my two weeks in. well like 100 people apply for this position, and only five get in and I GOT ONE OF THOSE SPOTS! sorry I don't mean to brag but I was super super excited. Its a paid internship with the school. so that leads to my next big thing.
I am officially done with Porter's. Its really weird, I have worked there for three in a half years, I really did love it there, and I loved all the girls I worked with. So many experiences, and good times, that I cant even explain. Only those who have worked at Porter's knows what its like to leave a place like that. But it feels good to be moving on to bigger and better things. I for sure will miss my discount, ha ha and of course my friends, I knew that it was the right thing to do though.
Last but not least we got our apartment!! we have been on a waiting list also since July. We like the place we are in now, but the walls are so thin that you here everything, and I do mean everything! ;) and this new place is much bigger andnicer then ours. Luckily they are just about a block away so we don't have to move to to far. I cannot wait! it will be nice to have a bigger place, and not so much noise. I am so excited.
So that's kind of whats been happening in the Lancaster Life. We sure are blessed to have so much in our lives, and have so many things work out for us. I am excited so see what these next few months bring us, with school, finding out where we will be for the next two years, and new jobs, its full of scary, nerve racking things, and I love it!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Dan and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Monday November 10Th 2008! I cannot believe that its been a year. We have loved every minute of it and can't wait for the next 70 years to come. (After that we will see).... ha ha just kiddin! but anyways so Dan and I decided to break away from school and work, and head up to Jackson hole Wyoming! It was a blast! we spent two days up there, walking around the shops, eating, and eating more, laughing our heads off, and just loving each other.IT WAS GRAND! LOL.

Dan had the camera, and in the middle of the walk way he just grabs and kisses me. It made my stomach feel with butterflies when he does that. We walked to all of the little shops, and we laughed so hard at the things that people bought there. wow people are weird.

This is my favorite store in Jackson. The whole place is surrounded in Candy. It makes me all excited to see all that sugar. I couldn't escape without getting some kind of sugar.
So, our one year anniversary gift exchange went very well. I got Dan a really nice watch. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I was sure to get a pic of what he got me. He got me this beautiful necklace. Oh I got all teary eyed, and now it stays on my neck 24/7. He did an absolute perfect job. He knows me all to well.

After our gift exchange and a moment to breath from all that walking we went to Jackson's famous Bubbas. They have the best ribs there. We had so much food, but seemed to eat it all.

Not even I could resist the sweet BBQ ribs. They were so good, and really really messy. I had a white sweater on, So I had extra wet naps to keep at least part of me clean.
Dan, ordered this meal, that was pure meat. It had chicken ribs, and roast,along with the best french fries I have ever tried. He was shocked at how much meat there was, but in the end he ate the whole thing. I was worried he might explode.
After letting our food digest, we went for a swim. The pool we had was an inside/outside pool. So we had fun going in and out. The weather was beautiful and the sky was full of stars. It was so romantic. We couldn't have asked for a better night! This is Dan and me, enjoying the hot tub after a good swim.

The fire we had. It was so warm(Don't worry we have clothes on in this picture) ha ha it just doesn't look that way. anyways we had so much fun just talking and laughing until we cried. Just going over the last two years of dating engaged and being married.

Then there is just us goofing off. We decided that life is boring when we are serious. Good thing we both know how to have a good time!

and after a couple of days of crazy things, Dan is tired and getting his sleep, only to wake up in like two hours to go to a concert in Utah. it was a bonkers week but the best.
All in all we had a blast!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


October was crazy! Sorry that the blog has been a little slow, but I am catching up all in this blog post, so sorry its going to be a little long. Ok first Dan and I headed to Canada for Canadian Thanksgiving. Yep in October(Its to celebrate the Harvest supposedly). ha ha anyways His whole fam was there and It was a blast. We Played games, laughed and just hung out all weekend long. On the way up there we hit a huge blizzard, at one point we were driving 10 miles an hour, and staying on the road only with the orange posts on the side of the road. It was really scary. We celebrated the good ol'Canadian Thanksgiving, and then ate again, and again and again, the food never stopped.

The Lancaster Fam

One Day we went to the Dinosaur Museum. I have never been there. It was great, and the best part was watching Dan get all excited about the Dino's and the formations, because he is a geoplogist he has know alot about this kind of stuff. I believe he is the Ross of Friends. He really was like a little kid in a candy store. anyways this is Dan me and Gracie walking out for the museum.

Dave and Gracie in front of a really weird art sculpture. I am glad its a good pic of them and not of the weird wall it was really feaky.

Jess, Gracie and Isis getting ready to go to bed.
It ended up being such a fun weekend and when it was time to go we were not excited. We wish we could of stayed longer,but we had to head back to real life. Luckily we headed back and it was good weather and no troubles at the boarder.
Next section of October was one of my really good Friends Wedding. Deidre Howell. well Deidre Dexter now. The day was beautiful and the wedding was too. It was really fun because it was my first wedding in the temple without it being mine. So it was fun to sit on the sides and watch the bride and groom smiling at each other. It made me want to get married again.(Of course to dan) :) The Rexburg Temple is beautiful and the day was really nice. It was really fun to be there.

Deid and Kyle coming out of the Rexburg Temple.

Nicole, Kate, Me and Linds all waiting for Deid and Kyle to Come out

Dan & Me at the Temple

Deid and Friends

A Big Group of Friends

Me and Deid. Ah she was beautiful as she always is.
After a drive to Canada and a wedding, We got together with the Fam and carved us up some pumpkins. I don't know why but man its so much fun gutting out pumpkins and creating something out of a vegetiable. ha ha its great. So last week we all gatherd at the renovating house and carved some pumpkins.

Dan & Me Guttin out our pumpkin. I love when my mom cooks the seeds they are sooooo good. MMM my favorite treat

Dan and me, Look at those poudy lips, yep I get to kiss those every day! and I like it

The boys carving the pumpkins. Now we don't do traditional pumpkin carvings with knives, we used like saws, like screw driver and a power drill. Thats what I call a good pumpkin Carving

I found the goggles sitting there from the house being renovated. I thought that they were cool, and I was pretty much a cool person carving pumpkins. Dont be hatin. because I am cool
There you have it. It was a fun and crazy month and I wouldn't change anything(Well maybe) ha ha I would like my I-Pod back. So October was fun, and I am stoked for Thanksgiving and now Christmas!! LOL!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thank Goodness For Police!!

Let me just say that I am the first to complain about cops, but NOT ANYMORE! I had a little traumatic experience on Wednesday night. I was leaving work about 7:15 and besides my manager I was the last one to leave, I was in the parking lot by myself. I noticed that something was weird with my car, all my doors were open. I just thought well that's kinda odd, and I see this note on my car, I just figured that it was from Dan, because he always leaves notes on my car. OH wait no its THE POLICE!! SOMEONE BROKE INTO MY CAR! the note on my car said this. "Your Vehicle was broken into please contact the Rexburg police department and ask for the detective!" the first thing I did was go through my purse, duh lesli I left my purse, paycheck, I-pod everything just laying there. I was bawling at this point. All my cards were taken out of my wallet, and my car was rummaged through, all the little department holes were open and papers everywhere! The worst part was that no one was answering their phones. I called my dad I could barley leave a message because I was so scared and crying so hard. Dan's phone wasn't by him and everyone else I just got their voice mail. I was a mess! I finally got a hold of Dan, and we try calling the police department because we were confused at why they would leave a note on my car, we thought maybe it was a set up by the police doing a demo to start locking your cars. but that made no sense, All night I tossed and turned because I was so scared and nervous that my identity would be stolen. The weird thing was, was that I didn't see anything missing. I had my credit card in my back pocket, and everything else was still in there, just everything was gone through. No other credit cards were taken, no change, nothing. My social security card was in my wallet I thought for sure he got that. HA HA I was so worried about that. I was so nervous and scared! the next day I get a hold of the detective which was officer stubbs from my old high school so he was really helpful to me. He told me that a guy was waiting for his wife in the Porter's parking lot, and noticed this kid trying to get into all these cars. So he called the police, officer stubbs came and watched him, and arrested him. The kid confessed to breaking into my car, so that's how the police knew to leave a note. The funny thing is, was that me and my friend Aubs saw him get arrested, inside of Porters, but we were just like DRUG BUST. joking around we didn't think anything of it. I had to go to the police station and I didn't even notice but the kid had stolen my I-pod and I-Trip. I was so relieved to here that the kid was caught, who ended up being only 13. I felt bad because when I went to the police station the kids mom was in there. and she was so sad and apologetic. I said it really was OK, and no harm was done. I didn't know what else to say. what do you tell a mother who's son broke into your car? It was crazy. I was very lucky, my I-Pod and everything is still at the Police station for Evidence purposes I guess. I still get all iterated though knowing that some stranger went through my purse and my personal things. I am so grateful for the Police department and taking action! ah I don't think I can have a bad attitude towards them ever again. I definitely have learned my lesson! I will never go anywhere without locking my car ever again!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I Love General Conference weekend!

I Love General Conference! It is such a good time to learn more about things and every time that I listen to the church leaders speak I seriously feel like there talks were personally written for me! It was so much fun being with Dan on Sunday and enjoying the day. But I also love when its the priesthood session! ha ha Because then I get to spend the night with my mom and this time with my sister in law!
-We had so much fun, we went to Idaho Falls and headed straight to mini bazaar! I love that store. The funny thing is, is that I used to cry and complain every time we went there when I was younger but now its like my favorite store. Its funny how things change when you get older. anyways us girls got to go shopping and eat dinner and have so much fun. I always seem to laugh so hard when I am with my mom. She just does the funniest things! for example we are driving down the road and all of the sudden the rear view mirrors just start caving in. bending literally all the way to the car. My mom just gave them a weird look and kept pushing buttons. I know it doesn't sound as funny written but man oh man I about peed my pants laughing so hard. Ah I love my mom. I did miss my other sisters but sometimes its just nice to be with my mom and sister in law. I think we get more spoiled that way ;)!! This is a really random post but it was to much fun to not put on my blog. well hope everyone is having a good day and that also you enjoyed your weekend!

Friday, September 26, 2008


The renovations have begun. OK so its my parents renovations but since they have a billion things going on right now, I get to be the blogger for them. So this post is mostly for my sisters and well other people who remember what my parents house used to look like. I forgot to take pics before so just try to remember the before house. They are renovating the whole house, but this is the beginning.

If you remember there used to be a wall there. now when you walk into it, you are walking into the closet of what used to be Michelle's, Mine and Laurens room. (Not all at the same time) ha ha

This picture is taken from the view of walking out of my parents bedroom. Yep there used to be a door there. Now its just a wall. It is so weird to get used to and I have seen in a bunch of times. ha ha but I love it and its going to look great.

This is the view from inside the new called office. it just leads right into the living room. I can't wait to get the hardwood floors in. They are going to be beautiful. and the glass door that my parents chose is so pretty. the room is going to be great! I am just excited I get to see it all in progress.

This is just kind of a random shot, of the living room now. I thought I would get this one so that I could have a before and after picture, but even now all the furniture is all re-arranged. so ya for those who remember my house, the next time you see it will probably be totally different!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

what we do on birthdays! ;)

Dan Turned 24 last Thursday and it was a fun one! We actually got to celebrate his birthday through out the weeks with other friends and with my family. It was so nice, my parents took us to dinner to celebrate his birthday. Mike and shay came and it was really fun!. Then Wednesday we celebrated with some friends and that was fun too. then came the birthday and the day was a grand ol' time. Well the night was fun, ha ha. Dan had to be at school at 7:00 am, and had school all day until 5:00. So I didn't get to celebrate but with him during the day, but I did take him doughnuts and a Jamba with some balloons for his birthday Breakfast. The geology department was very grateful for the doughnuts and I was excited that dan was so happy to see me!! After school he came home and the real birthday celebration started.
This is Dans Giant balloon!! When I ordered all the balloons I saw this one and thought it was cute, but was going to be a regular size ballon! oh how wrong was I. I literally had to shove the thing in the back seat of my car. I was suprised it didn't pop or smash the other balloons. He loved it
After we got home and settled we opened his birthday presents.

We then ate some cake. Yup I made it, well with a little help from my mom on the phone, but it was black forest cake! it actually tasted good too! I was really excited and he loved it, that made me feel even better!
We then all headed to Texas Roadhouse for a birthday celebration. Adam and Jason came as each others dates.(Ya they are to lazy!!) :) ha ha but I was glad we just had close friends there!!
Dan and I after eating a huge meal, and Dan in his sexy sweater that I got for him!!! I know he is hot. you don't have to tell me twice!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It is Pouring down rain right now and I absolutely love it. There is just something about the rain that makes me feel good inside. I love how it makes me want to curl up in a big blanket and watch a movie, or read a book. The rain just makes everything beautiful!! It is so dark and cloudy outside, with thunder and lightening and it just feels like fall. I have been waiting for fall for three weeks now! I'm ready to start wearing sweaters and coats, and today makes me feel like its actually getting there. This is a very random post but it put me in a really good mood so I thought that I would share with others.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Today is a very Special Day! It all started 24 years ago, when a boy named Daniel Scott Lancaster decided to grace us with his presence! Well Let me just say that I am very happy he did because 22 years later, he met me!! YAH! ha ha and now we are here celebrating another birthday!!! I must brag about my hubby because he is the greatest thing that has happened in my life. So here is a little tribute to Daniel Scott Lancaster!
-He first is the most sensitive and caring guy I have ever known. for those of you that know me, I have no patience and really bad anxiety, but he knows how to make that all go away just by holding me! He loves rocks, yes because he is a Geologist! I love that he loves rocks. He is so dedicated to his studies, and I know he will go far with the things he is doing right now. He is so smart, and seems to comprehend school better then anyone I have met. (HE ACTUALLY LIKES SCHOOL) LOL!

He is an experimentor. Dan loves to try anything once. He tried golf, and now he is obsessed! He is definitely improving, and is happy to have a golf course so close to home. I love going out to the golfing range with him, and watch how much he wants to show off to me, but ends up screwing up! it makes me laugh, and love him all that much more!

Next He is very compassionate, and sociable to everyone he meets. Dan is the kinda of guy that is best friends with everyone, even though he just met them. People are just drawn to him and want to be his friend. It sometimes makes me a little jealous of how much people just love him. I wish I could be like that! He cares a lot about his friends and family. He is always concerned about family situations and even my family situations. He wants everyone to be happy, and enjoy life. How could he enjoy life without his two best buds. TEAM B.A.D (Brady, Adam,Dan) Yep they actually called themselves "Team B.A.D"

These boys have been together forever and I love em!! I am sad that Brady is still in Canada, but Happy that Adam is here to be able to celebrate Dan's birthday. They really are best buds. I have never seen a bunch of boys have so much fun together! No matter what it is, Dan loves to make things exciting. He can't just have an ordinary day. He makes going to the grocery store the best part of my day, because I end up laughing until I cry!

Last on this little rampage about Daniel Scott Lancaster, is that loves me and out of all those other gorgeous girls in the world he chose me! I absolutely have no clue how I got so lucky to have this man in my life. I am so excited for the next birthdays to come, and face challenges, and adventures together. He simply is amazing!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My New Favorite thing!

Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber Is my new favorite thing to play with(Well as I am cleaning), anyways this thing is amazing! After a shower or a long day Dan likes to take baths(Can I say that on the blog?) and when there is soap mixed in with that water it gives a nasty ring around the tub. For a while I used Comet and I would scrub and scrub until my arm was dead. I saw these scrubbing bubble things and I thought I would give them a try, It couldn't get any worse, turns out I LOVE IT!!! It makes cleaning the bath tub so much easier!!! Ok so you guys probably think that I am weird but I really do have fun with them. I get all excited when I clean our bathroom, because I will get to use these awesome things. I am now in love with trying new cleaning products, so if anyone has any tricks or something or a cleaning product they love to use. LET ME KNOW!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Bored!

Uh I am kinda bored this week. Dan is on his field camp for one of his classes that starts next week, and I am going crazy without him. Its only been one day, and I have been extremely bored without him! Now here is the part where the blog readers get to participate, give me ideas or projects, or something that I can do while Dan is gone! I get home from work, sometimes I go running, but then after that I basically stare at the wall. I CAN ONLY CLEAN MY APARTMENT SO MANY TIMES! ha ha so if anyone has ideas of how I can entertain myself while my hubby is gone, that would be great! Thanks ya'all

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Shower For BABIES!

It was a crazy and fun friday night, as me, Aubrey, and Pattie threw our friends Celia and Nancy a Baby shower. Celia is having a little girl, and Nancy is having a little boy. It was so much fun throwing these girls a baby shower, because we got double the fun! We had a blast all getting together, and sharing about babies, and being moms. These two girls will be the cutest moms ever! They are both so much fun to be around, and you can't help but love them. I did have more pictures, but again for some reason my camera and computer don't get a long. so this will have to do. Me and Aubs had a blast planning the shower, and getting everything ready, and I was of course excited to get everyone together for a party! We played games, and had this really good cake(Thank you pattie)! It turned out to be such a fun evening! Celia and Nancy are both due in October or a week apart! so babies will be coming soon! and I just found out that two more of my friends are Pregnant, so more baby showers!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Craft Project

Today was my day off, and Dan was at work, so I was a little bored. I thought that I would do a little craft project. My sisters are always being crafty, and like I said before I want to be just like them. Its really easy finding crafts to do when you work at a craft store, and you see different projects to do everyday, but I thought I would start out with something a little bit smaller. So here are my picture frames I made. I painted the wood, and then modge Podged scrapbook paper. Then Dan(My Handy Man) came home and screwed in the "Family" and "Forever" into the wood. (I wasn't strong enough) ha ha. anyways I then tied the metal hooks on and they actually turned out pretty cute. I was impressed with the turnout! Let me just tell you that it looks easy but its kinda hard to sand the paper,and make sure the modge Podge doesn't bubble. I got a little frustrated, but in the long run I was proud. I am looking forward to my next craft project!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A NoN-StoP WeEKeNd

Holy Smokes when ever the Fam comes home it is non stop craziness. This weekend was family bliss. My sister Brooke, and my Mother ran in the Triathlon. THEY ROCKED IT! of course we had pictures but for some reason I am retarted when it comes to cameras, and forgot to put my memory card back into my camera from last times post. anyways they did so good, and I am so proud of them. So saturday morning was all about the biking, running and swimming and Me and Michelle chasing down Brooke and My Mom. It was great we were laughing so hard. My sister megs, sent us the cutest flower boque ever!THANKS MEGS! we thought about you the whole weekend. anyways later we celebrated my nieces birthday. She turned 6!

She seemed to have a pretty good birthday! She is quite the girly girl, with makeup, jewelry, and tonz of clothes! The best was The Hanna Montana Concert Pack that my parents got her. she loves Hanna Montana, and loved it even better to be able to put on her own concerts for us.

She would have my Dad introduce her, and then she would rock out. The best was that all of us adults new all the words the the Hanna Montana songs! It was great!
Later we just hung out with the fam, and played games. Dan and I at one point just chilled on the couch, and laughing about the stupid things like we always do.
Dan always makes fun of how big my mouth is, but I don't think its that big! ha ha just a little bit larger than average!
The next day was Livvys blessing day! Of course it was so much fun getting all the families together. Michael did an amazing job with her blessing, and then Me, Mikey, and Brooke sang and all in all it was a good sacrament.

After church we had a little breakfast at Shays mom and dads house. It was really good!!

This was us just chillin in the backyard.
As always it was a fun weekend with the fam. We seem to always come up with some adventure. The mendenhall Clan never stops. well I guess Mikey and shay are the only mendenhall siblings left, but anyways it was a blast and I can't wait to see them again!