Sunday, November 2, 2008


October was crazy! Sorry that the blog has been a little slow, but I am catching up all in this blog post, so sorry its going to be a little long. Ok first Dan and I headed to Canada for Canadian Thanksgiving. Yep in October(Its to celebrate the Harvest supposedly). ha ha anyways His whole fam was there and It was a blast. We Played games, laughed and just hung out all weekend long. On the way up there we hit a huge blizzard, at one point we were driving 10 miles an hour, and staying on the road only with the orange posts on the side of the road. It was really scary. We celebrated the good ol'Canadian Thanksgiving, and then ate again, and again and again, the food never stopped.

The Lancaster Fam

One Day we went to the Dinosaur Museum. I have never been there. It was great, and the best part was watching Dan get all excited about the Dino's and the formations, because he is a geoplogist he has know alot about this kind of stuff. I believe he is the Ross of Friends. He really was like a little kid in a candy store. anyways this is Dan me and Gracie walking out for the museum.

Dave and Gracie in front of a really weird art sculpture. I am glad its a good pic of them and not of the weird wall it was really feaky.

Jess, Gracie and Isis getting ready to go to bed.
It ended up being such a fun weekend and when it was time to go we were not excited. We wish we could of stayed longer,but we had to head back to real life. Luckily we headed back and it was good weather and no troubles at the boarder.
Next section of October was one of my really good Friends Wedding. Deidre Howell. well Deidre Dexter now. The day was beautiful and the wedding was too. It was really fun because it was my first wedding in the temple without it being mine. So it was fun to sit on the sides and watch the bride and groom smiling at each other. It made me want to get married again.(Of course to dan) :) The Rexburg Temple is beautiful and the day was really nice. It was really fun to be there.

Deid and Kyle coming out of the Rexburg Temple.

Nicole, Kate, Me and Linds all waiting for Deid and Kyle to Come out

Dan & Me at the Temple

Deid and Friends

A Big Group of Friends

Me and Deid. Ah she was beautiful as she always is.
After a drive to Canada and a wedding, We got together with the Fam and carved us up some pumpkins. I don't know why but man its so much fun gutting out pumpkins and creating something out of a vegetiable. ha ha its great. So last week we all gatherd at the renovating house and carved some pumpkins.

Dan & Me Guttin out our pumpkin. I love when my mom cooks the seeds they are sooooo good. MMM my favorite treat

Dan and me, Look at those poudy lips, yep I get to kiss those every day! and I like it

The boys carving the pumpkins. Now we don't do traditional pumpkin carvings with knives, we used like saws, like screw driver and a power drill. Thats what I call a good pumpkin Carving

I found the goggles sitting there from the house being renovated. I thought that they were cool, and I was pretty much a cool person carving pumpkins. Dont be hatin. because I am cool
There you have it. It was a fun and crazy month and I wouldn't change anything(Well maybe) ha ha I would like my I-Pod back. So October was fun, and I am stoked for Thanksgiving and now Christmas!! LOL!!!


Rasmussens said...

I miss home so much I can't stand it. I am so lookig forward to christmas. I am like a giddy school kid. Glad you had a great october.

Kim said...

We have some canadians down here going to Midwestern, and they also celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving!
I'm so sorry to hear about your car getting broken into. I don't know whats more sad...that it happened to YOU in Rexburg (of all places)...or that a 10 year old boy (so young) did it! I'm glad that he was caught and that you were able to get your things back. Luckily we haven't had any issues with theft down here, yet. Although, we do have some friends that weren't so lucky with their scooter:-(
It looks like you had a GREAT October, and I look forward to seeing what Novemeber will bring your way!

Marcy Cheney said...

Sounds like you had a great October. I just really love Fall and the changing leaves and temps. I really missed that living in Florida---but now we're here in Georgia and loving it. I Love the "goggles" you had on while carving pumpkins---you are such a hoot! Send me your home address when you get a minute--I'm updating Xmas card lists. Love you guyz.

Zach and Sara said...

Leslie, you are sooo cute. I love looking at your pictures and reading your blog. My company is partly based out of Canada so we get Canadian Thanksgiving off of work. Yay!! Sounds like you had a ton of fun. Sorry to hear about your car though.