Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Week Dan Was Gone

Dan was in Houston this past week, and boy was it a week! I mean good things happened but bad things just continued to roll right in too. It was so bizarre. I felt it deserved a blog post of its own.


1. Owen randomly spiked a fever at church, and was basically passed out on the floor in nursery when we went to go get him. I figured the bug that June had earlier that week was bound to hit him, but it just came out of nowhere. When Owen gets these kinds of sicknesses, I worry a lot more about him. He has a pretty weak immune system to begin with, so when he get's sick he gets it hard! Explains the two trips to the hospital with this kid. 

2. Dan left for Houston Sunday afternoon for work. I really did not want him to go this week. Usually I'm ok with his business trips. Time to catch up on "me" things but this go around just seemed different. Maybe it was because I knew Owen was getting sick and plus I now have three kiddos! 

3. When Owen gets sick he doesn't sleep. He tries really hard to sleep, but just can't. I find him in the most random places, out cold. This was at like 2am. With the light on. 

5. I woke up from an awesome night of no sleep and went to go get ready. I went to the bathroom and our toilet was clogged. June must of gotten up in the middle of the night, and clogged the toilet. It's the only explanation. After working on that for a half hour, unsuccessfully, I moved on with getting ready and figured I would deal with that problem later. 

6. After getting everyone ready and heading out the door for errands, I opened the back door and realized I left the garage door open! I also had left a bag of garbage by our back door that I was going to take to the garbage bin the next morning. Well, an animal got into it, tearing the garbage open. Great. Really it wasn't too bad, but still gross and something more for me to clean up. 

7. I had to go to the post office to mail a package internationally. You have to fill out a form that describes what is in the package, price, weight, so on... While I was starting to fill out this form, Owen decided to poop, oh wait not just poop, Diarrhea all over. Poor kid just lost it. It then was all a blur. I was trying to get him cleaned up, mail this package and get out of there. Thank goodness the postman was really understanding and helpful. I got all flustered and filled out the form wrong, people in line waiting, just watching me fall apart. The postman hurried and help me fill out the form and got me on my way. Owen just looking so sick, and I am covered in poop. Not my most shining moment. I got the package mailed and got out of there as quick as I could. 

8. Dan texted me and told me that our house we have booked for Lake Tahoe got CANCELLED! The owners were selling the house and it was no longer for rent. So we had to start our search all over again to find a new house. I was already so frustrated with the day, that I texted him back and told him that I don't know if I'm going to make it through this week. 

9. We did have a good rest of the day, spent out by the pool. 

9.  June discovered how awesome it is wearing daddy's t-shirts. I like throwing them on her after we get out of the pool. She told me "Send this picture to daddy of me wearing his shirt. He is going to think it's so funny!"

10. The weather was being pretty crazy this past week. We had some pretty scary storms. Tuesday night was supposed to be a heavy duty storm. I got our "safe room" ready incase our sirens went off, and prepared for what we would need. I hate going through things like that without Dan. Thankfully it didn't escalate into anything serious, but I had to stay up extra late to make sure we were in the clear. 


11. Owen just seemed to get more sick. His fever spiked to  102.8. It was miserable for me, but even more for him. It was so quiet one afternoon, that I couldn't find him. I went and checked in his room and he had curled up into his bed. I just laid by him and held him close. I felt so bad. 

11. Thursday night, Owen decided that he didn't want to sleep. At all. Literally would not sleep. So finally, I decided to stop fighting him, and turned a lamp on in his room and let him watch the iPad for a while. I figured he would fall asleep eventually. I fed Kate around 3am and went to check on Owen. He was still watching his iPad! I instantly felt like a horrible mom for even giving him his iPad in bed. That usually isn't allowed. To be honest though, I was tired and just wanted to get some stuff done. It was awful and I feel like I won the awful mother award this week. I stayed awake with him while he tossed and turned until about 5:30ish. He fell asleep. I tried too. Kate woke up around 6:30 and then June was up by 7am. Owen was up by 8am. He didn't function that well during the day. 
He fell asleep at 11am and slept until 5pm. Thankfully, he then went back to bed at 8pm. 

12. That night, everyone was asleep and happy. I was able to get projects done and enjoy some of my night. Then a miracle happened and all three kiddos slept through the night. EVEN KATE! It was so weird to wake up on my own and not by a child. It was desperately needed! It was funny though, because it was the one morning where I had to set an alarm to get ready and everyone else ready for June's school pancake breakfast party. I had to wake everyone up. Of all days! I really can't complain too much though, because I got to sleep through the night!! 

13. Dan in Houston- They have been having crazy weather there and the power got knocked out where they were. So they were just sitting ducks! It was about to get worse for them. 

14. Snuggles with Kate and sending this picture to daddy to let him know all was well and that we were surviving. 

15. Owen was feeling better, and we were able to make it to June's school spring performance. This little lady knows how to sing! 

16. Singing "Do Your Ears Hang Low". As you can tell she really got into it. Which really made my day!

17. Poolside pretty much everyday. 

18. Dan literally could not get out of Houston. The DFW airports completely shut down due to storms. So they finally decided to rent a car and drive home. It usually is a 3.5 hour drive from Houston. It took SEVEN hours! There was a huge rain storm that hit them and then they got stuck behind a huge accident that completely shut the freeway down. They literally had their cars in park and were out walking around and talking with other people. I couldn't believe it. I just really wanted to have him home. Just so so badly. He finally made it home on Friday or I guess technically Saturday since it was past midnight. 

19. I decided to paint Kate's room. I went all girl on this one. Light pink rose and cream. I figured I needed something to do while Dan was out of town and I was so sick of the dark grey and yellow. So I sampled some colors and then ran with it. The night Owen wouldn't go to sleep, I painted. I was painting walls at 3am. I mean what else was I to do?! Ok, I most likely could have gone and laid down with Owen, he probably would have fallen asleep, but he was content and I needed the therapy of just being alone and painting. 

The finished room. 


20. I had the biggest mosquito bite on the back of my toe. I told Dan that out of all the annoying things that happened this week, the mosquito bite was by far the worst. 

21. I went to my first fitness class since college this past week. It was way more rejuvenating than I thought it would be. I rather enjoyed myself and can't wait to go back. 

22. I have a deathly fear of cockroaches. Literally my biggest fear. Don't judge. But I cannot kill them, I run away screaming from them like a little school girl. If I see one, I try and catch it under a container and then wait until Dan gets home to kill it. I HATE THEM. They are so big and so fast!! 
Well, of course one got into the house. The big ones live outside in the bushes and trees, but they make their way into the house time to time. It seriously took me a half hour to catch it. Then I called Dan all freaked out. He literally talked to me for 45 minutes about how to get rid of this cockroach. It took all my might, to slide a book under the container and slowly take it outside, like five houses down and let it go. He would of had it killed in seconds. It took me an hour and a half to get rid of it. I kicked the container over and RAN! Guys, I know. I sound crazy. I am a bit crazy. I got rid of it though, and I feel super proud of myself.... 

So like I said, good and bad happened. It was a bizarre week, not my finest week and not my most productive week, but we survived and I can't tell you how incredibly happy I am to finally have Dan home. 

April Randoms

People, it is May tomorrow! This year is flying by in the blink of an eye! It's so crazy that we are fast approaching the summer months. 

Here is just another post of randoms from the month. 

It was National Sibling Day sometime during this month. I really can't remember exactly the day... but my sister posted this on Instagram so I had to snag it and save it for the blog. 
The Mendenhall siblings. And it is now proof that my children look nothing like me. They clearly are all Dan. But let's be honest, I am rocking that bowl cut. I love these people! 

Playing at the park. 

Dan was at a friends wedding in Ohio, so we had the weekend to really do whatever. I cleaned our carpets and made the kids stay out of my way all morning. I felt kind of bad about it, so I let them stay in their pajamas all day and we played at the park. Just so you know, I really really do not like my children staying in their pajamas all day. It's just grungy to me. So it was a special treat to stay in the pajamas. Mom win, though it killed me a little inside. Hahaha Oh, and side note. Owen is OBSESSED with his Christmas jimmies. He pretty much wears them every night. I love him so much for it. 

Hey little Kate

I love him so much. Like so so much. More than words can say. He's a special hearted kid and sometimes it takes all of my energy to not throw in the towel as his mother. He's a tough nugget, but I love him so. 

Little Lottie and her lamb. She loves her lamb and can't sleep without it. I love when she has fallen asleep and is still holding that lamb so tight. 

She is just so happy!

Kate was introduced to the play mat this month and LOVES it. No really, it keeps her happy for so long! She is getting better and better at playing with the rings and grabbing them. 

Just playing 

They could push each other in that stroller all day. Just back and forth. 

I told Owen I couldn't play with him right that second because Kate was hungry and I needed to feed her. He took matters into his own hands and decided to feed her. 

We have had random rain storms this month and this particular day, I thought the clouds over the hill were so pretty!

Playing in the puddles

Yeah, he doesn't wear pants.

They kept finding worms and playing with them. They like picking them up and at first the mom in me, was like "don't touch that!" but then again the mom in me thought "No, let them explore, touch, feel and play!" 

June was looking for her shoes in our little closet thing by the back door. I told when she was finished to please clean up after she had thrown basic every shoe out. I go get Kate and head to the car and came back to all these shoes lined up so nicely. It just made me smile. She did indeed clean up!

Riding through puddles over and over and over again. 

I was out one night and Dan was putting the kids to bed. I left and didn't say goodbye to June. Once she realized I was gone she got really sad and so Her and daddy sent me a text message with this picture. It was a heartbreaker. 

Kate sleeping in her crib like such a big lady. She still isn't sleeping in there with a solid schedule, but every chance I get, I try to put her in there. First, to get her used it and second, for the quietness of it!

Owen is so awesome with free play. He keeps himself entertained forever. He was in the play room quietly playing with the trains. 


Happy end of April! 

Friday, April 29, 2016

The Weekend

Since it is the weekend and Dan is STILL not home and stuck in Houston (Blog post about that later) I thought I would cheer myself up with last weekends memories and photos. It was such a fantastic, completely laid back weekend.

So it actually started on Thursday when Dan texted me and said he has Texas Rangers baseball tickets for that night, with great seats and free parking. So we of course had to go! We got a babysitter for the older two kiddos but I still am not comfortable leaving Kate yet, and place a nursing baby and mama can't go four hours apart. So Kate got to tag along and go to her first Rangers baseball game. 

She did great! As to be expected because she's like the best child ever. No really, she got a little scared of the noise at first, but soon adjusted and was just fine!

The weekend weather was divine! It was so warm! So we basically spent every minute outside. Except for nap/quiet time, we were outside playing. 

And Range was just being so chill. He's a good puppy. 

The pool water is warming up, still a tiny bit chilly but the kids don't care. They love it and June asks everyday to go swimming! Soon to be our daily activity! 

When Dan got home from work on Friday we did a Costco run. It's much more fun with daddy so we usually wait until Friday afternoons to go. Which usually leads to dinner there as well. 

After the kids went down we snuggled on the couch. It was like she was waving at me. She's the best. 

Saturday morning we woke up to already 80 degree weather. June was begging to go in the pool, so we thought why not? So we spent the day poolside. 
We introduced Kate to the pool. Like I said the water is a bit chilly still, so really she only dipped her legs in. But I can't wait for this summer to see her floating around in her little floatie!! 

We just played outside all day. This included June making flower potions 

Owen then decided his teddy wanted to go for a swim too. Guys, I wish I could tell you how much this kid drives me CRAZY!! But oh how I love him! 

That afternoon we put the sprinkler under the tramp and they thought it was the coolest thing ever! Childhood is awesome! 

Then back to the pool

That night we stayed in our swimsuits and had our first dinner outside of the summer. I mean it was picture perfect, the weather was perfect and it was a perfect day. 

It really was such a fun weekend with my little family. Just so simple and exactly how we like it. It was just a little glimpse of what to come this summer and I can't wait!