Friday, April 29, 2016

The Weekend

Since it is the weekend and Dan is STILL not home and stuck in Houston (Blog post about that later) I thought I would cheer myself up with last weekends memories and photos. It was such a fantastic, completely laid back weekend.

So it actually started on Thursday when Dan texted me and said he has Texas Rangers baseball tickets for that night, with great seats and free parking. So we of course had to go! We got a babysitter for the older two kiddos but I still am not comfortable leaving Kate yet, and place a nursing baby and mama can't go four hours apart. So Kate got to tag along and go to her first Rangers baseball game. 

She did great! As to be expected because she's like the best child ever. No really, she got a little scared of the noise at first, but soon adjusted and was just fine!

The weekend weather was divine! It was so warm! So we basically spent every minute outside. Except for nap/quiet time, we were outside playing. 

And Range was just being so chill. He's a good puppy. 

The pool water is warming up, still a tiny bit chilly but the kids don't care. They love it and June asks everyday to go swimming! Soon to be our daily activity! 

When Dan got home from work on Friday we did a Costco run. It's much more fun with daddy so we usually wait until Friday afternoons to go. Which usually leads to dinner there as well. 

After the kids went down we snuggled on the couch. It was like she was waving at me. She's the best. 

Saturday morning we woke up to already 80 degree weather. June was begging to go in the pool, so we thought why not? So we spent the day poolside. 
We introduced Kate to the pool. Like I said the water is a bit chilly still, so really she only dipped her legs in. But I can't wait for this summer to see her floating around in her little floatie!! 

We just played outside all day. This included June making flower potions 

Owen then decided his teddy wanted to go for a swim too. Guys, I wish I could tell you how much this kid drives me CRAZY!! But oh how I love him! 

That afternoon we put the sprinkler under the tramp and they thought it was the coolest thing ever! Childhood is awesome! 

Then back to the pool

That night we stayed in our swimsuits and had our first dinner outside of the summer. I mean it was picture perfect, the weather was perfect and it was a perfect day. 

It really was such a fun weekend with my little family. Just so simple and exactly how we like it. It was just a little glimpse of what to come this summer and I can't wait! 

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