Friday, April 1, 2016

Bluebonnets 2016

Continuing the tradition of Texas Bluebonnets. 
I do have to say that these were taken in a different spot that previous years. I was so sad to learn that the plan where I usually go and where there was a field full of Bluebonnets, is now being prepped for homes to be built. No more Bluebonnets in that area. I was incredibly sad about it. Luckily these beautiful flowers grow all over the place, but nothing will compare to that location. It was hidden and easy to get to without everyone driving by watching you take pictures of your kids. 
We did get our pictures done this year, so thats what counts! 

Below is the links to every years Bluebonnet pictures!

Bluebonnets 2012
Bluebonnets 2013
Bluebonnets 2014 (These are the best!! So funny!)
Bluebonnets 2015

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