Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I am behind. So instead of doing the month of March randoms, I'm just emptying all my photos on here to get caught up! I'm just a day back from Colorado, but before I can get all those pictures organized and on the blog, I needed to get the randoms done. 
Here we go. 

One weekend Dan and a buddy (Adam) went to Boston. Dan sent me pictures throughout the weekend of all the cool things they were seeing. 

All the things they were eating, like $30 crab rolls. 

And making me super jealous of all the cool places they were seeing. 

The real reason they went to Boston was to go to a concert "The Dropkick Murphy's". An Irish rock band that seemed super cool to be at on St. Patricks day. I called it beer fest and told Dan he's probably going to die there. Ok, so I was being a bit dramatic, but I was worried about him being at that kind of concert on St. Patricks day. I thought for sure he was going to get stabbed. Hahaha... Really not a laughing matter. Obviously everything was fine, the dudes had a fantastic time and beer only on their shoes. 


Guys, For reals though, Owen LOVES Kate. He is always just staring at her and so concerned when she is crying. For a little boy who does not show affection, it's pretty darn perfectly adorable!

He loves giving her kisses. He absolutely drives me crazy, to the point where I lose my sanity and have to walk away, but man alive does this little boy have my heart. I love him. I really do. 

June needed a new helmet and you better believe we had to try on every single helmet there! We were in the store for a solid hour trying on helmets. 

She ended up choosing a "Frozen" helmet to match her bike. I am not shocked at all! 

The weather has been so warm the past few weeks! Just a little glimpse into summer and I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! 

June gets tired riding her bike to the park and back, so I usually end up pushing all this stuff up our hill.   It's kind of become my workout after my run. It's hard but I like it. My goal is to be able to run up the hill while pushing all this. I can only make it half way right now with having to take a break, but I'll get there! And I told June to smile and this was the pose she gave me. She's kinda the best! 

While Dan was gone, I was part of an online book party. The girls all took selfies of themselves. This was my selfie with little Kate snuggled up! 

I sent this picture to Dan, telling him goodnight! 

We played a little too during St. Patricks day. June had school, so while she was gone I set up a little scavenger hunt for her and Owen. 

 I read the first clue

It was a fun hunt. I was a bit worried the mail man was going to find the clue before we did. Haha 

It was a pretty good hunt, but June was able to answer all the questions and Owen tagged behind. They found their "Treasure" 

June came and sat on my lap and said "Mom, lets take a picture of just you and me. It will be our special picture." She's such a special little soul. 

We then made little sugar cookies for dessert that night after dinner. 

The usual computer games

One day at the park, Owen was chasing June on her bike. He was laughing, and she was laughing. I just felt bad for Owen for not ever being able to catch her. 

My running crew. It's still not staying light enough outside for me to run when Dan gets home from work, so I try to get my run in during the day. June rides her bike and I push the non-jogging stroller. It gives my arms a workout too. 

June in the bike gang at school. 

Pictures with her little besties

 June drew a picture of our Chapel in our Church. She said she was passing the Sacrament and that she couldn't wait to really pass the Sacrament when she gets older. Hahaha 

Dan had a crazy crazy crazy flight home! It ended up with him not getting home until 3am. Then turn around and go to church the next morning. So Sunday naps were definitely a necessity that day. He was so tired that he slept like this the whole time. He was basically off the couch with his arm stretched out. 

More walks to the park. 

Playing superman on the swings 

June and I had a date night. Just her and I. She wanted to do makeup for this night out, so we got all dressed up! Red lips and all. 

Owen was trying to pucker his lips! He likes to get "Pretty" too. Its what he calls it!

Our date night consisted of getting her, her very own piece of luggage. Again, we had to test out every luggage that was available. We were there for so long. And once again she settled on a "Frozen" suitcase. 

Then dinner at Chick-Fil-A. It's becoming our go-to for our date nights. 

Little Kate just continuing to be perfect! 

We aren't calling it swim season yet, but it's getting close. We have gotten into the pool a few times and the kids have been loving it! I AM SO SO SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!!! 

 Lunch with daddy. We love lunches with Dan! Sword fighting while waiting for our food!

Kate at the restaurant. She was all smiles and happy as can be! 

For now, all caught up on our everyday life! Colorado trip will be blogged sometime soon! 

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