Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mothers Weekend

BYU-Idaho has this thing where mothers get to come and visit their kids for a weekend. It used to be a week but ya know things change. ha ha. My mom and I never really took this to our advantage simply because I see my mom almost every week if not more, so we didn't even think twice about it the past 3 years, but mothers weekend crept up and I thought this is my last "mothers weekend" at school since I graduate this semester, and my last chance to have an excuse to just hang out with me and my mom. Don't get me wrong I love when my dad or Dan comes or when my sisters are here, but for some reason its just feels great to have it be just me and my mom. My mom and I have a very special relationship, being the last child and practically being raised a single child we grew to become best friends, and being able to tell her everything has really helped throughout my life. Anyways we decided to take our last "Mothers weekend" and do something, nothing big, just a chance to hang out mother and daughter. We went to the Pineapple Grill and ordered sushi (my mom was so proud to be ordering it on her own, usually its my sis megs who does that for us) and then we did a little shopping and went to a play called "SMASH". It was good, funny and very political. I liked it. Thats pretty much the gist of our evening, but it was so much fun.

Me and my mom with our Sushi

This was me trying to attempt the chopsticks, not really my cup of tea

Then our food, It was so good and it was one of the better sushi places I have eaten at.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome to SaddleBrook

Well here it is folks, our home for probably the next two years!
The trip to Texas went great except for a few flight problems with lightening, but who needs to worry about that when you are in a large massive metal ship flying in the middle of it, but ya know its all good.
Anyways we found these apartments and instantly loved them just on our second stop. We looked at other ones but nothing compared to the quality of these. So I was very happy to sign the contract and be done with it. So I am going to give you a little virtual tour. ENJOY ha ha

This pictures is taken from our stair case. We will be on the second floor which I am very happy about, but anyways thats the pool/vanity area. It includes a hot tub and little kiddie pool which I was very excited for. Not sure why because I don't have kids but it was still my favorite.

This will be our Kitchen. The door to the left will be the washer and dryer. and the other door is a pantry which I am super excited about. All in all I was very happy with the kitchen.

Master Bathroom/tub ha ha

Guest bathroom, shower and tub to the right.

I love this. This is our master bed room. The bathroom is to the right, but those two doors are two walk in closets. We actually will have room now for all of our clothes!

This is our living room. I am taking the picture from the other side(obviously) guest bedroom is right behind me. Then the patio door is to the left of Dan. I bet you are wondering where the bar stools went. ha ha tricked ya didn't I.
Over all I was so happy with finding this place. We are so lucky to be in a really good community with other families around. I felt safe, and I actually wasn't scared.(Thats a first) anyways i hope you enjoyed the little tour!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finding a home

Holy Smokes its been forever since I have posted on my blog. I feel so out of it with school, work and making plans to move. Anyways we are off to Texas this weekend to find ourselves a home for the next two years. Dan has been simply amazing arranging apartment appointments, and finding us some good leads, so hopefully the process won't be to horrible. I am looking forward to getting a contract signed and be done with the whole house thing for a while. Its been a little stressful, but we are on track and we both are super excited to go see what our new home is going to look like. Wish us Luck!! I will report on what happened when I get back! 

Monday, May 4, 2009

How I will Miss Idaho Weather!

Sunday we went to my parents house for dinner, and the weather was beautiful earlier that day when we went to church, but as the day went on it got cloudy and rainy. Well I attempted to fight the rain and get the beautiful clouds rolling over my parents house. We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place, I couldn't believe the shots that I was capturing simply from my parents back yard. I loved it, even though it was pouring down rain. It made me homesick already, knowing that there wouldn't be to many more moments like this before we move. We have three months left here and I catch myself in tears, knowing my time in my only home is coming to an end. ha ha yeah I pitty myself, deal with it. anyways here is one of my favorite shots.