Monday, March 25, 2013

A Half Hour Later...

Dan and I sat down Friday night and Watched Les Miserables. I had already seen it back in December, but Dan hadn't and it is just one of those movies you have to watch. We both read the book in High School and I wanted to be able to talk to Dan more about it. After watching the 3 hour movie, that depicts what happened back then with the revolution, we turned the movie off and headed to bed. As we were laying in bed we started discussing the plot of  the story, the Characters, what part was our favorite, and we BOTH even started quoting the movie..... AFTER A HALF HOUR, we both looked at each other and realized that we weren't talking about Les Mis... Nope we were talking about Tinker Bell.

We just got done watching this magnificent sad love story unfold, that is full of history, major discussion points of life back then, and music that is beyond inspiring. Here we are laying in bed discussing why Rosetta is our favorite fairy, and discussing what fairy magic we wish we had... It got real intense. Dan just started laughing, took back his man card, and told me how glad he is to have a daughter. 

Before you think we are absolutely crazy, June Bug is  a little over the top about Tinker Bell. We have seen the 4 Tinker Bell movies about 100 times each, she carries her Tinker Bell doll where ever she goes, and she doesn't seem to be letting up on this slight addiction.... So this is where the subconsciousness of Tinker Bell came into Dan and I's mind. It is just one of those things we get to enjoy because we have a little girl who love's her fairy...  Goodbye adulthood and Hello Parenthood. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Car and now 2

    So here Dan and I are, feeling so luxurious because we finally have two cars. It feels pretty darn nice. Don't make fun, you people with two cars. You have no idea how hard it is to juggle a car between two people who have two different schedules.. you get creative, and sometimes a little crabby. 

We moved to Texas with just Dan's car, and that was a piece of crap in it's self, but we drove it for a good solid year. He owned that car. So no payments. Then Dan got an internship up in Oklahoma over the summer and we had to get two cars, so he could drive up there and I would have one.  As much as we hated doing it, we gathered up what we could, slapped a down payment on a Santa Fe and have been paying that car off ever since. Once Dan got home from his internship we donated Dan's car to the kidney foundation. Like I said it was crap and really needed to go the day we got married, but we made it work.

One car suited our life style for a long time. We enjoyed driving with each other, and I worked so close to home that I could walk or ride my bike. It made things less expensive while we were finishing up Grad school. 

Even when we moved up here to Dallas I was pregnant, lived in walking distance of basically EVERYTHING and Dan worked about 10 minutes away so taking him and picking him up from work wasn't to much of a bother. I liked the morning chats and just sitting together in rush hour, yelling at people, honking, and Dan looking the other way of embarrassment.... Ah fond memories.

Then June comes into the picture. Things still are working with one vehicle pretty good. You don't really go many places with such a tiny little thing, so my options were limited, we would walk to the park, or have friends come over, but really no need for a car.

We moved a bit further away from Dan's work when we bought our house, and slowly but surly sharing a car became more and more of a problem and a pain. We really did make it work for a long time and I am super proud of us, but it was getting hard to wake June up at 6:30 in the morning to take Dan when I needed the car and only having the car about 2 times a week. (It get's old, trust me) 

I felt bad mostly for June. Staying in the house all day gets super sucky.... and as she has gone from a baby to a toddler I have come to realize that she needs more outings, more playdates and just more fresh air! You can only hangout in the back yard for so long! We are ready for our pool to be in use again!! And with dislocated elbows and poisonous spider bites we have been needing to see the Doctor on a urgent matter a lot more. Something you just can't schedule.  I have such incredible friends who always made it work, to come to our house and play or give me rides, but I really hate being the bother. It was just time to grab the bull by the horns and get a new car.

The thought of two car payments was not even an option, so we paid off our Santa Fe and the next few days Dan put his research skills to the test and found a car he wanted. 

A 2013 Mazda 3, black. His car. 

We headed over to the Mazda dealership and he knew exactly what he wanted  and three hours later we signed the papers and he got it. It's so funny how gentle you are around a new car, and our other car, the Santa Fe (now my car) gets thrashed! His car is fully pimped out with all these cool gadgets, and the doors unlock with your finger, and my car... well I'm just grateful for my own! but its' cool. He deserves it all!  Dan has done a great job getting my car all spiffed up, he even got it a new windshield and did a full 360 test so everything is updated and running. Full with gummy bears, gum, and a peach air conditioner (Girly smell to him). He is quite the man. 

So really this was a really long post about telling you about our new car. It seriously is so great having 2 cars and no more juggling!! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Canadian Grandparent's and their visit

Dan's parent's came and visited us this past week. June always has a good time when grandparent's come and visit. She get's so much hugs and kisses! This was their first time visiting us here in Texas, so it was fun to show them around, and show them the house and all that jazz. 

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures. I wasn't really feeling my best this past week, so I tried my best using my i-phone and Dan took charge of our big camera, and he isn't to thrilled about snapping pictures all the time. He's more of a "Living in the moment" kind of guy, which is ok with me. 

They came Saturday night and were here until Thursday, so we had lot's of time to show them around and catch up!

Sunday we went to church at our friends ward since they were blessing their baby girl! It's always fun going to blessings! I just have always loved them, and these are very close friends, so it made it even better! 

After church, and naps we walked down to the duck pond and fed the ducks. One of June's new favorite activities. We walk down there probably everyday since we live so close. It's a great escape. She eats more of the bread than she throws but I say when hunger strikes you eat what you got! 

Duck Feedng

We then had fun talking and watching June and her smartness. This girl is beyond her age. No really though, look how straight those blocks are. 

Monday we woke up and headed down town. We were excited to go to the new Perot, pronounced P-e-r-o. It's a science museum and it was amazing! They had a fantastic children's play place. June was in heaven. So was Daddy. 

Here she doesn't look to thrilled.... 

We had lot's of fun there. We loved it so much we ended up getting a seasons pass. We are excited to take friends there and have play dates. 

after another afternoon of naps and talking we went and had dinner at one of our favorite Japanese places. 

Tuesday we chatted some more. Had lunch and BJ's and ended up going shopping at the outlets. The Lancaster's are not very big on shopping, but it actually turned out fun. Grandma bought her a new little dress and Dan and I even got some clothes, so it was fun. 

Wednesday, we were able to go the temple, which was great. It had been a while since Dan and I have been so it felt really good to be back. Then we really just talked some more. Now the Lancaster's they are TALKERS! I think we covered every subject on the planet over the week! I always leave knowing so much more information! We had a great little BBQ and ended the evening with taking pictures and... you guessed it! Talked! 

Thursday, Dan had to go back to work, and June and I took Grandma and Grandpa to the airport. It was great having them here. It was fun for them to see June and how much she has grown!

That morning after dropping them off, we went out and enjoyed the sunshine. It was a beautiful day! We had no choice. We went and bought sidewalk chalk and blew bubbles all morning.

By the time lunch rolled around we were all exhausted. I think the excitement of the week finally caught up to us all. June didn't even make it through lunch and I was right there with her. We both crashed and took a good long nap!!

It was a fantastic week. Ok I say fantastic way to much, and I can't seem to stop! and honestly it bugs me. I really don't like the word, but here I am constantly saying it. Annoyed.