Sunday, September 15, 2013

Big Girl Bed

You can definitely say we are in baby mode over at our house. The whole "nesting" thing is NOT made up. Just all of the sudden, you wake up one day feelings super productive and you make a list a million pages long, and then realize you only have a month left...We are really kicking it into high gear!! 

In order to get the nursery done, we have to move all of June's old furniture in there, and get it painted the right color for baby boy, but before we could do that we had to get June's new furniture. I don't like things just half done and say "That will do for now" No. Not my style. I like it all done at once and done right!  You have no idea what I am about to put myself through getting everything done in just 4 short weeks. It has to get done... Ya, I realize the babe doesn't need a nursery right away, but he will eventually and why not have it done, so I'm not stressing with a new born and a 2 year old?!? 

We thought at first that we wouldn't put June in a bed until we moved the boy into his own room, but as time has gone on, I thought to myself and out loud to Dan, wondering why we would want to transition two kids into two new beds... why make things harder on ourselves?!? Dan agreed. So I started doing my proper mother research and read on how to make the transition as smooth as possible. 
Then once the weekend hit we were ready to go get June her new furniture and turn her baby room, into a toddler room. 

We loaded in the car and headed to Ikea. We knew we would be able to find what we wanted there. It was a lot of fun letting June try different beds, and picking out her sheets and bed spread. She was loving it all. We talked about the bed all day with June, with how much fun it was going to be, and we asked her a million times if she wanted to sleep in a big girl bed, she was raise her hands in the air and say YA!! That was a good sign!
We found the bed we wanted pretty quickly, we picked out a matching dresser, since baby boy is taking hers, and then a desk that she will be getting for her birthday. 

After a few hours spent in Ikea we came home ready to put it all together and set up so June could sleep in her new bed that night. We realized we forgot a part of the bed so I had to run back while Dan continued to build. Thank goodness we live close! 

She LOVES her bed. She loves playing with her toys and reading her books on it. It's been fun watching her climb up and down, and just playing on her big girl bed. 

We were nervous for when it was actually time to go to bed. We showed her that the crib was now in baby brother's room, and this is where he will sleep once he's done sleeping in Mommy's tummy. Then we started our bedtime routine. 

We are kind of sticklers when it comes to bed time and bed time routine. It's been that way for a long time, and I personally think that was the key to getting her to sleep in her bed. We did the exact same thing we do every night, and when it was time to lay her down, we did they exact same thing we did if she were to lay in her crib. It totally worked! Not even a whimper or fuss not being in her crib. She took to her new bed like a champ. 

Of course I was a wreck all night long. I could not relax or turn off the video monitor. I probably was checking on her every half hour. She did so good. She has yet to fall off or get out when she is upset. Tonight she has a bit of a cold, so her little stuffy nose is bugging her, but she hasn't gotten out, and when she wakes up she just stays there. We hope that doesn't change! haha finger's crossed! 

We went back and forth so much whether to get a toddler bed and twin, especially when we saw how cute and tiny those little toddler beds are, but we are SO GLAD we went with a regular twin sized. She obviously has tons of room to grow, and she is a pretty wild sleeper so a twin allows her to move around a lot without falling out! She mostly ends up at the foot of the bed, but whatever floats her boat and makes her comfortable! 

Our next biggest hurtle was nap time... We for sure we would have a fight with this one, but again, routine struck again, and she didn't hesitate taking a nap. It is now night number three and still going strong. We are expecting some relapse, but as of right now she has taken the transition really well and I am so relieved and emotional about the whole thing. 

We didn't put the box spring in it, and it's on the lowest bed setting. It's definitely a bed that she will grow into and be in for years to come. And as she gets older and taller we will raise the bed, but for now it's pretty low to the ground. Which makes it a little hard for an 8 month pregnant mom to get down and kiss her daughter goodnight but thankfully only 4 more weeks!! 

Things are coming together.... well no they aren't, but it's a work in progress....

Sunday, September 8, 2013

33 weeks... or 35 weeks...?!?!?

I have no idea. 

Get ready for some more pregnancy updates! Well more than just every 5 weeks. We are in the 2 week visit time now, so it's time to do more pregnancy updates... I know what your thinking... lucky you! Bahahahah! 

So we are a little confused whether so say I am 33 weeks along or 35 weeks along... Here is why:

This past Thursday I go in for my regular Dr. appointment, and had a sonogram to see the little guy. The last one before we actually get to see him and not just bits and pieces. The Ultra Sound Tech (Suzan) did her thang  and told me that everything is looking fantastic! All body parts are there, Spine looks good, heart good, all that stuff... Good! 

She looked at my chart and then back to the screen, then one more time at the chart. She smiled and said "you my dear have a big baby!" He is measuring 2 weeks ahead of schedule! She told me that Dr. Hoffman will probably want to discuss what we wanted to do for this little guys birth, and when would be the best time to do it. I obviously got so giddy! I mean we have absolutely nothing ready, but I am so ready to hold my baby boy, for June to be a big sister, and just to get him here safe and sound! 

My Doc had to run off and deliver a baby, so I wasn't able to see him until later on that afternoon. 
I go back and we sit and chat for a while, ya know, about how I'm feeling, my weight gain is good... bla bla bla! Get to the good stuff! When can I deliver this baby?!?!

He laughed at me.. In a good natured kind of way! 

Baby boy is growing at a fast rate! He is ahead of the game already! 
So my original due date is Oct 27th, but Dr. Hoffman moved it up to the 13th. Now don't get all excited like I did... I may have even done a little hop on the table because I was so excited! He did tell me that even though they are moving up my due date, they will not induce me until the 23rd... If I don't  go into labor before then. He is just concerned about his size and me delivering a big baby and the stress it will do to my body! I don't want to go through any of that stress either! I am all more than willing to deliver whenever he feels necessary, I guess we will see! 

 So most likely June and baby brother will have birthdays 3-4 days apart depending on how long I am in labor for.

Dan was out on an oil rig for the week, and he gets no cell service down there, so I had to wait and tell him! I was so excited to shave 2 weeks off! It's a VERY GOOD FEELING! 

So now we just kind of wait and see. I went into a little bit of panic mode because we really have nothing done and that means I have 6 weeks to complete it all! Full swing baby mode starts now... or well it started this past weekend. 

Alright lets get to the pregnancy stuff: 

I am posting this picture for one reason only! To actually show how LOW I am carrying this boy! It's either swimsuit or butt naked! June and I were out enjoying the pool and being outside, when I saw my reflection and realized how really low my belly is! When I was pregnant with June, she was so high! Like I couldn't breath, because I felt like her whole body was in my ribs... So I snapped a pic and am posting it here for all to see. 

Ok update:


FAR ALONG AND MEASUREMENTS: Again, not really sure to say 33 weeks or 35, so let's stick with 33 weeks and hope that he comes early! I have gained 4lbs and I really am feeling it. I really feel fat this pregnancy. And I am not just saying that so you say "I look great" I am just being honest for true documentation. It's my thighs... They have expanded so much and I really really really hate it! I cannot wait to get those suckers back down to a normal size. I do squats, prenatal Pilates, and have increased my walking. (I can't run, I'm just to rounded) I eat a lot so that isn't helping anyone, but it just bugs me. Get over it Lesli and welcome to an 8 month pregnant body.... 

EMOTIONS: Starting to pick up a bit more. I'm crying a lot more now days, and I can't even think about little June not being my only child because I start sobbing and have to go hold her for a half hour. It's hurting a little more knowing what this change is going to do to her, and just the thought of her not being my little tag along anymore and caring for two about does me in! 
Don't get me wrong, I am SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED AND GRATEFUL to be having this little boy. I don't want June to be an only child, it's not fair to her, she deserves siblings, to play with and push around and be the boss over, but gosh we have had a good two years and it will be a little sad to end the little duo.

CRAVINGS: It has started up again! My craving for cement! Oh I just want to take a big bite out of the side walk, and when it rains the smell of wet cement sends me to my knees, it just smells so good and again, I want to eat it! It makes my teeth ache for it! 
I craved cement when I was pregnant with Ju Ju's so I know it's nothing to be worried about. I won't actually eat cement, it's just something that drives me crazy. 
We have officially started buying the big cheap bags of cereal because I am going through it to fast... Maybe that has something to do with my thighs! 

LOVE MOST: The fact that I got to bump up my pregnancy by 2 weeks! That's a huge deal! I am also in love with all the cute boy clothes I have been finding, thanks to some online resources and friends understanding my annoyance with fictional characters all over the place! They tell me where to find cute boy clothes! Thank goodness!! 

SCARED ABOUT: Just June and how much this is going to impact her. I really think I am starting to get ready, mentally, for this babe. It just has clicked, and I may not know what I am getting myself into, and I don't know how his temperament will be, but I am starting to put together what life can possibly be like with 2 kids.  Will it be realistic?!? I don't have a clue. 


FAR ALONG AND MEASUREMENTS: Baby boy is measuring at 35 weeks and weighing in at 5 lbs.  At this point, most babies are weighing in at about 3 1/2 lbs to 4 lbs, so he is just measuring a little big. June was a good sized baby too, you wouldn't know it now from her smallness, so we will see. 
Everything is looking great! Healthy heart beat and everything is functioning as it should! Hoping all continues to go well! 

NAME: Remember last update how I said we had a name we were using.... Well that name is now out! I just realized I hated it and can't call him that. So I have a new name, which I think I might be in love with, now it's just taking Dan some convincing. He has to give it a fair chance because this is how it was with the name for June, just vice versa! He will grow to love it, I just know it! hahaha. Don't ask what it is, because I'm not telling until Dan is on board! 

RANDOM THINGS: Just lots to do, and the list "Before baby comes" is getting longer and longer! Dan and I are more and more excited! We talk about baby with June as much as we possibly can... She knows where baby brother is, and that he is "Sleeping in my tummy" for now. She is so good with other little baby friends, and very gentle. I hope she takes that into consideration for her little brother. 
Life is good folks! 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Rexburg, Home, and All it's Glory

I LOVE going home to visit my family. I look forward to it every August! It's sort of becoming a tradition for us all to get together in August, so I know that for sure, I at least get to see everyone once a year. Obviously not nearly enough, and 90% of the time I see them a lot more than just once, but I can always count on our trip home in August. It really is my favorite. 

So I hope you are ready for a really long blog post. There are a ton of pictures, but I tried to add some together, so that you aren't scrolling down forever... I know sometimes the pictures are the best part. I am also attempting to write this all in one post. Like I said, LONG. I warned you. 

We start on 

 Dan came and picked his ladies up to take us to the airport. Flying is always such a fun adventure. You just never know how the day is going to go, but I was beyond excited to get on that plane and for June to see her Nana and Papa that nothing was going to ruin my spirits. I was totally prepared for the worst, and it ended up being the BEST flight I have ever done with June. 

Sent to Daddy to let him know we made it through security A-OK! 
As we boarded the plane, the stewardess saw June, and asked if she would like to meet the Pilot. I of course was not going to miss an opportunity like this and said absolutely. She was so nice and took our bags so that we could go meet him. As soon as the Pilot saw June, he fell in love instantly. I guess he has a granddaughter about the same age, and just couldn't get over how cute she was... Obviously adorable. So, he invited us into the cock pit and sit in the Pilot's chair. He was so calm and patient since June was a little hesitant at first, but she soon warmed up and he let us hangout in there and chat for a bit. It seriously was so cool! 

We connected in Colorado, and then were off to Idaho Falls airport. The passengers on the plane re-arranged some seating for us, so that we could have our own row. I don't know if it's because they saw me with a toddler on my lap and being so pregnant, or they just didn't want to sit next to a child, but either way I was super grateful to have a row to ourselves.  June was an absolute gem this flight! She just sat and played with her toys and then watched a movie the remainder of the flight. I actually got to enjoy a soda and read my book... It was fantastic! But nothing beats walking out of the gated area in the airport and seeing Nana and Papa waiting for us with big open arms! My dad grabbed my luggage and we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's house for the greatest 10 days!

 Our first full day there and we didn't miss a beat! June wanted to instantly go and play outside. We went for a walk out our back yard and back behind all the houses. My mom and June played in the sand box for a while, and threw rocks into the Canal. (One of Ju Ju's favorite activities) 

After a good morning walk, My mom took June over to the garden and helped pick what was left of the raspberries... no hesitation by June, she was inhaling them. We finally had to cut her off before she got a tummy ache. She loved being able to pick them straight from the vine and eat them! That was a big thing we did at my Grandma and Grandpa Mendenhall's house when we were kids. These are the exact same raspberry bushes from their garden that my dad dug up and brought home... I love that they are the same ones! 

We got ready for the day, had lunch with my dad and then after naps all headed down to Idaho Falls to go to the zoo with our Mendenhall Cousins. 

An absolute must picture with the Lion drinking fountain! 
A great start to our vacation at Grandma and Grandpa's house. 


Wednesday, Meg came down with Sammi K from up in Ashton. Her husband Joe was climbing the Grand Teton that week, so we got a few days alone with just us and the girls. My mom and dad went to the office for a while, so we had the day to ourselves to do lots and lots of sewing projects! What we do best when we get together in Idaho. We spent about 2 hours in Porter's in the search of fabric for our girls and to make baby boy a blanket! The girls pretty much tore the store apart, but when it's the grandchild of the owner, the employers are a little more understanding... or they have to be! hahaha 

After a few hours of sewing, and naps for the girls, my dad came home, and took June and Sammi, so that Meg and I could make one more run to Porter's without our tag alongs, it was a lot smoother picking out fabric without chasing two, almost two year olds. 

We went and picked up my mom from her office, and then enjoyed an evening of games, food, more food, and hanging with Nana and Papa. 

We don't have a piano at our house in Texas, so June thought it was so fun to sit with Nana and play some of her favorite songs.... It was a heart melting moment, I'll be honest. 

June's cousin, Samantha, is a bubble blowing champion. That girl has a pair of lungs on her that sent those bubbles flying... They mostly ended up in June's face, but they both thought it was so hilarious... Cute little girl giggles. 

Awful I know, but I don't have any pictures from Thursday! AH! We got so caught up in all our sewing that we forgot to snap a few pictures. The girls played with Nana and Papa while we continued to neglect our children and get as much sewing projects done as we could. I don't think my parents seemed to mind to much... they take any chance they can get to have their grandkids! 

My other two sisters, Brooke and Michelle came down later that night with their kids for the weekend! Now the real party was getting started! We always love a little sister bonding time before the hubbies come, and we LOVE when Mikey is there, just the original five... It's fun just being our original family sometimes! 


Most of the grandkids were with us on Friday, so we made it a kid oriented day... I didn't get any pictures, but my dad had all of them go out front and help pick up all the apples that fell from the apple tree. Each apple they picked up they got a nickel.... Then he took them all to the dollar store with their money! 

We call my dad Mary Poppins, because he is always coming up with clever little games for the kids to play, and if you need anything at all, like night lights, batteries, string, a new card game... I mean anything, and somehow he goes back into a room and brings it out 2 minutes later. Magic. 

All of us went to the park after the dollar store trip and had a picnic and then went and played at the splash park! All the kids had a really fun time trying to get grandma and grandpa wet. I think my dad finally gave in and just joined them! 

Nana keeping the babes warm, and gramps helping June with the slide.

I love this picture

I love this one even more. There are about six of those little fountains and if you block one with your foot then the others have a stronger blast. Well all the grandkids were playing on them, and my dad was holding June while she was stepping on one of them watching the other ones flow higher... The other grandkids stepped on them all right as June stepped off. My dad was lifting her foot and totally got shot in the face.... Do not ask me how we captured this picture but it was a perfect picture moment! We could not stop laughing! My dad was a great sport about it! The timing was just too perfect! I still am laughing to myself thinking about it! 

After a good while, we decided to take the kids to the carousal and let them have a ride. It was the longest carousal ride I have ever been on. It just kept going and going! It was fun though to ride with everyone

 Ju Ju's did pretty good. She wasn't too thrilled about the whole thing, but she didn't cry or beg to get off, so we kept her on there and let her ride. 

Once we were worn out from the park, we headed home and put the little ones down for a nap, and being the good man he is, my dad took the grandkids one more time so that us girls could go and do a little shopping while a lot of the kids were asleep. He had an activity for the older kids so we knew they were in good hands and definitely wouldn't get bored. It was fun going shopping with my sister's and mom and catching up without kids. 

Later that night we went out back and had a hot dog roast for dinner. One of my favorite summer time meals! Smore's followed with lots and lots of snacks! We watched the kids run around in the back yard and just hung out before the rest of the group got there later that night! 

My parent's live in an absolute beautiful place! The view from their house will never get old! We were lucky enough to be outside enjoying the fire when a rainbow appeared. 

shoving our faces with food! 
We always joke that we leave my parents house 10 pounds heavier because of all the food and snacks and deliciousness that we can't stop eating! My mom knows to put out the good stuff when we all come home! Endless supply of food! 

Getting cleaned up from the fire and food! 
Trayson, June and Sammi
We have lots of baths with cousins but they don't seem to mind to much! 

 My sister braided the girls hair, and this was just a little after picture! I love how much June love's hanging out with her cousins, and how much they adore her. It does make me wish we all lived closer together so she could see them more, but we will take what we can get! 

Sager and June watching a movie before bed 

The babes went down for bed, and all the other little cousins went down in the basement to watch a movie and have a big sleep over, so the grown ups got to play a few games. Another favorite of mine visiting my parents house! 

Party mix, soda's and snack after snack! Like I said we never stop eating, and I hope that never changes!

Just the original five doing a little gambling with dad

Brooke and Mich's hubbies made it in that night and we all chatted for a bit, played a few more games and then called it a night! 

All of us woke up first thing and got ready to head to West Yellowstone. My parents got us all tickets to go to the Playmill and watch "Beauty and the Beast". 

But before all that greatness even began, we had even more fun riding in the 15 passenger van my parents rented for the day. The idea was for the majority of us to be together, and then have one car follow behind. All of us kids at first about died, and really didn't want to ride in the Poo Van as my nieces and nephews called it, but it actually ended up being a ton of fun! We had a good laugh about it for a while. My dad drove the Van and my mom followed behind with some of the older grandkids. It really was fun and something that I don't think we will ever forget. 

The drive was great, and we made excellent time, even for being in the poo van. We were able to walk around the shops before the show started and get some souvenirs. 

We have been going to the Playmill for a long time! It is just a little broadway production, but they do a really good job for it being so small. Since we were seeing "Beauty and the Beast" my mom bought all the little granddaughters crowns to wear in the show. The girls thought that was the best thing, and they wore them the entire time. Even June kept her's on! It was super cute! After, some of the girls got to take their the picture with Princess Belle. I was sad because June had fallen asleep so we didn't get a princess picture. 

Our last stop in Yellowstone was Gusher's Pizza Parlor. Great pizza and it was fun to just all hangout. June slept for a good while on Grandma and Grandpa's lap while we ate. She was beat, but was such a good little thing through all the craziness! 

Driving home was a little bit more quite. I think that we were all pretty exhausted from the day and ready to get home. The day was incredible and we have to give all the credit to my parents for planning and making it all happen for 17 people! HUGE THANKS MOM & DAD! 

What?! Another round of games?! You better believe it! We are never too tired for a game. We learned a new one called "Bang". It took a while to catch on, but it was really fun to play. My mom was in the kitchen getting dinner ready for tomorrow, and she just kept laughing at us, while we tried to figure it all out. 

Of course more treats, party mix and soda. 

Sunday always comes to quickly. We had a fantastic BBQ, again thanks to my parents, and my Grandma and Grandpa were able to come and have dinner with us all! Then it was time to say goodbye to everyone as they headed their different directions. Meg and Joe headed back up to the cabin to spend Labor day with friends, and the Cisnero's and Rasmussen's headed back home to Utah, since all their kids had school the next day. 

Lucky fore me, I didn't have to go anywhere for the next 3 days, and June got Nana and Papa all to herself. 

Goodbyes were said and everyone headed out the door. The house was very quite, so we decided to head down to one of our favorite river spots by my parents house. It's very secluded and June loved being able to throw rocks in the water. 
She loves rocks. Anywhere we go, she finds a rock and carries it with her. She is going to be just like her daddy and be a geologist one day! 

On our way home, about 20 ft from our house, we let June hang out through the sun roof. Though she was way to short, she had fun sticking her arms out and getting a different view. Don't go calling the police of child endangerment, we did it all the time growing up, and I trust my parents whole heartedly!! And plus June thought it was awesome...

We face timed with daddy a lot this trip. We are so grateful to him for letting us take off for a while and leave him behind to continue to work. Don't worry though, he had plenty of fun while we were away! 

 Baths, and then playing La La Loopsie with grandpa 

     We got to hangout for a bit while grams and gramps worked, then we had lunch with grandpa and ran a few errands. 

Waiting for grandma to get home, we hung around in the backyard and played with all the toys, we even found a few more raspberries and were able to pick 'em and eat 'em. June definitely had her fill of raspberries by the time we left! 

She never wanted to get in and ride, just push the car. She wouldn't push it alone either, she would run over to "Papa" (because she can't say grandpa yet) grab his hand, and drag him over to help her. 

June helped grandpa pick up the leaves and branches from the yard. There was a massive wind storm that came through, so the yard was covered in all sorts of goodness. 

"Nana" (because she can't say grandma yet either) came home and we continued to play outside for a bit until dinner and bedtime. 

Our Monday was pretty low key, but it was still so fun! It reminded me of the old days. I am the youngest by 5 years so there were a lot of years spent when it was just myself and my parents. I loved it and I am grateful I got that one on one time with them! 


Tuesday was super fun!!
It was a grandmother, mother & daughter day.
We spent the day having lunch, and shopping for the little mister. I love one on one time with my parents! It's just a really good chance to talk about whatever and just have fun! It was a really good day and I am so grateful for my mom and everything she does for my little family. They really do so much for us, and I know I can't ever repay them, but I am grateful!

When we got back from our girls day, we met up with my dad and went to the nature park, where we could feed the ducks.
These ducks get fed on a pretty regular basis, so they were not shy. The first piece of bread hit the water and they all came swimming.

We took a whole loaf of bread with us. The ducks were loving us! They even came up on shore, with our little trail of bread. June was not pleased when we ran out of bread! 

Little attitudes 

That night we drove up to St. Anthony and had Chiz for dinner. Totally worth the drive! LOVE THEIR FOOD!! 
Another night of baths, singing songs and reading stories with Nana and Papa. 

Wednesday we woke up and went and got my mom and dad a little surprise/thank you for such an amazing week. 

June and I met my mom at her office so that we could do an ultrasound on baby boy! Such an awesome perk having your mom work in the medical field! I love being able to get ultrasounds done with my mom, and that she gets to see the little man, even though she will be seeing him in just a couple months, it was still really fun! 

So this baby of ours.... HAS A TON OF HAIR!! 
I will be honest I am a little relieved! I loved how much hair June had/has so I am excited to not have a bald baby! 

These Ultrasound pics show his hair 

This is the back of his head. All that stuff floating is his nice growing mullet, that still has 8 weeks to get longer! We are going to need scissors at the hospital, just to maintain it! 

I also got to do a 3d Ultrasound which is always really fun and cool! He has tiny little features, just like his sister and his daddy. 3D is a little weird, but fun and I am glad I was able to get it done without being charged! 

That night, Mike and Shay were going through the temple with Shay's sister for her wedding on Friday, so we babysat the kids while they were with her family! June got to play with her cousins one last time. It was fun!

Then later that night, my mom helped me finish baby boy's blanket, and make sure everything was sewn properly! I'm not the best sewer, so my mom always does the finishing touches. It's great because she made June's blanket just like this one, and now we have one for baby boy! Love it!
June helping Nana... Or more like watching the iPad and getting mad when the blanket got in her way!

Thursday was pack up and go day! It is always bitter sweet when leaving after a great trip home! I was so sad to leave, but also so excited to get home and see Dan, and be in my own house. June was sad to be leaving also. 

At the airport  after we said goodbye to Nana and Papa, she got so sad that she couldn't see them anymore. She just kept yelling "Nana, Papa" "No go Nana and Papa" It made me cry. It broke my heart that she couldn't see them anymore! Thank goodness for technology and FaceTime! 

We got through security and settled at our gate, The gate agent came on and said our flight would be delayed 25 minutes due to mechanical issues on the plane, well 25 minutes went by, another 25 minutes went by and another 25 minutes went by. Nothing. I had already missed my connecting flight, and was worried I might be spending the night in Colorado if I waited for this flight out of Idaho Falls. So I talked to the gate agent and it turned out there was one more flight that night, but not until 7:45. It was only 2 o'clock and my flight was only an hour... That left us 4 hours to just sit in the Denver airport! I debated whether to just go back to my parents house, or attempt the flight. After much debated decision I decided to risk it and head to Colorado, not sure if I would even get on the last flight out! So after another hour delay we finally made it into Colorado... 

I talked to the gate agent at that airport (Who was super pleasant.... NOT) and she told me that the only way she can guarantee me a seat is to wait until its closer to boarding time. So June and I went and explored the airport for a bit, and grabbed a bite to eat. 

Ju Ju's fell asleep and took a good nap which was super helpful, not having to keep her entertained for 4 hours.

About an hour to boarding time, we go talk to a different gate agent, who actually was pleasant and said there wouldn't be a problem getting us on that flight! I was so happy and relieved!

We even ended up with a row to ourselves again and had a pretty good flight home. June was a little more antsy this go around, but she did good playing and keeping herself entertained with the iPad and stickers.

Dan was there waiting for us with flowers and a very happy face! June couldn't get out of her stroller fast enough to give him a hug! She missed her daddy and I really missed him too! It was worth the flying hassle to get home and be with him, even if it was 5 hours past when we were supposed to arrive home! We are home though and that's all that matters!

It was an incredible trip! They always are going home! My parents make it extra special and I am so grateful for them a hundred times over for all they did for us over that week and a half! June still continues to ask for Nana and Papa! We just face time a lot so that she wont forget their faces and show lots of pictures!

We can't wait to see them again in just a couple of months, when this baby boy gets here!!!

Well we made it to the end! A very long blog post, but worth writing about every minute!