Saturday, May 30, 2015

End of May Randoms

Well goodbye May. It's been wet, we have been super sick, and I'm ready for this month to be done. 
But we are starting June off with a VERY SWEET START to a trip to Colorado. I'm looking so forward to it and hoping to come back to a dryer Texas. 

So lets wrap up May and move on.

 Like I said, we have been sick and that included me as well. And I mean sick. Like knock me out, and sleep in bed mostly all day. (Dan was home, so kids were taken care of) I hate being sick. I hate the feeling of just laying in bed all day. I hate the feeling of laziness and a day wasted. So I don't take being sick well. But I pushed myself too hard and with Dan being gone over the previous week, my body finally just shut down and it knocked me down hard. I told Dan that I honestly don't think I have been this sick in 10 years. It really has taken a solid 2 weeks for me to get my sense of smell back and taste. It was a horrible feeling! I guess on the bright side I lost the last 5lbs left from Owen's pregnancy, because I had no desire to eat! But now I know I will never give up "bad for you" foods! Ha! 

My little June bug was also hit pretty hard and she slept a lot of the week. I took her to the doctor and she ended up having croup. My pediatrician heard how awful I sounded and asked if I had seen a doctor... I just kind of chuckled it off and told her I was feeling fine and I just wanted to get June better. Though I felt like dying. We got a prescription for June, and also got Owen's ears checked since he always seems to get an ear infection with colds in our house, but he walked away with a clean bill of health! Whew! 

We spent our days just snuggled up, while Owen was his awesome self and kept himself entertained... (enter mom guilt!) but June needed me and Owen was content so it was justified! 

I have to be really sneaky with washing Owen's blankets. If he sees any of them in the washer, even if the other 10 are all nice and clean, folded in his room, he freaks out and it has to be pulled out instantly. I wasn't quick enough, and he grabbed a couple that were in the washing machine while I was getting the remainder of the load. Him and his blankets!

With being so sick, we did a lot of indoor and at home activities. I  dumped every ounce of flour I had, put it into a dish and let them have at it. It kept them busy for hours! They loved it! 

One night when the kids were down to bed, and I was feeling up for some cleaning, I decided to clean out the garage that was in desperate need. So I backed out the cars, and started unloading everything from shelves, and just pulling leaves and garbage from nooks and crannies. I found this old diet coke bottle hidden behind a bag. It was from when my parents came and visited last May. Their last visit before their mission. It made me extremely homesick and brought tears to my eyes. It just really made me miss home, and miss the freedom my parents had to come visit. I sent this to my dad telling him how much I missed them. It's a good thing we are going to see them so soon! 

I also mentioned the rain. I have blogged about this recently, but it has gotten so much worse! SO MUCH RAIN! It's been national news, and it has been so crazy! Every night these storms blow in and just pound rain. It's just insane! 

The good thing is, is that when the weather would break, and when we had enough energy, we headed out and played on the trails next to our house. 

I had just planned on taking the kids for a short walk, Owen was walking, I didn't bring a stroller, and June was pushing Sally in her stroller. Well we just kept walking and ended up down by the park. We do that walk all the time, but usually the kids are in a stroller. June walked the whole thing. It's a solid 1.5 miles

But it was enjoyable to play and get some fresh air. 

Walking back was  a bit more rough, June was pretty beat, and I was carrying Owen. We crashed pretty hard when we got home. 

One night after a storm has just come through, the sky was SO BEAUTIFUL! I tried capturing a picture of it, but even in the picture it doesn't show how much light and color was shining in the sky! It was so pretty! 

By Memorial Day weekend, I was finally on the mend and we had plans with friends to BBQ. That morning June was complaining of a stomach ache and ended up being sick. Both ends people. It wasn't pretty and another huge storm rolled through, so we were stuck inside and close to a potty. We made a hopscotch inside to help keep us entertained. 

 Just one morning playing outside

 Then the sun finally showed its glowing face, we were all feeling better and spent the entire morning at the park. It was a glorious feeling! 

I was helping June on a twirly ride and I just thought this picture was funny. I don't even remember taking it. I just found it on my phone. hahaha 

More outside playing between the rain storms 

We had lunch with daddy one afternoon and then headed to a park close to his work. It's a fun park thats pretty quite and hardly anyone knows about. We know about it because we lived so close back when we lived in Irving! It's one of our favorites!

 One afternoon  it was pretty warm and muggy from the humidity and June asked to get in the pool. 
we splashed around for a bit. I wasn't even in my swimsuit when June asked to try out her floaties. We have been trying to get her to use these for a year now! So, when she asked, I instantly put them on her and got in the pool with her. Clothes and all. Hahaha a mothers dedication right?! 
It was a really big deal for her to want to do this, and I wasn't about to let that moment pass by running in and getting in a swimsuit! I was in shorts and a teeshirt so it wasn't a big deal. 
SHE LOVED IT! and now can swim all over our pool, plus jump off the edges. She swam for so long! It was so so so much fun and now we cannot wait to get back in that pool!! 

Really May wasn't all bad. I'm just happy to be healthy again, to have my babies be healthy, to be traveling, and to welcome the sunshine! 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

June's First Graduation

There are many graduations to come for this little lady, and we started with her first graduation from her first little experience with preschool. It's actually more like pre-pre School, but it totally still counts as a graduation. 

She had been excited for a while for graduation, and of course the last week of school she comes down with croup. It actually hit her pretty hard the weekend before, but during the week she still wasn't feeling her best. She was pretty adamant to go on Tuesday for "water day" but shock me shock me, it was raining, so they ended up going to the library instead. Grateful for that. She still came home and crashed pretty hard in the afternoon. 

On That Thursday was her graduation, and she wasn't going to miss that for anything. I think I asked her a million and one times if she was feeling up for going, and she was pretty excited and really wanting to go, so I dropped her off for her last day. Owen and I went and got June a few surprises for her graduation day, including flowers to bring with us to her graduation. We were a little sad, because daddy had every intentions of being there, but ended up having a last minute business trip to Houston for the day. We recored the entire graduation though, so he didn't miss a minute. 

I was so happy that June was feeling up for going, I was excited for how much she was excited, and when I walked into the room and she was sitting in her little chair, she got the biggest grin on her face. It was a heart melter for sure. 

They sang a few songs and showed us what they had learned throughout the year. Then they had a little ceremony giving each little student a certificate of completion. 

After the ceremony there were refreshments and we just mingled with other parents and let the kids play for a bit. 

These were June's teachers for this year. Ms. Makenna and Ms. Tiffany. June was sad to be saying goodbye

Me with my little graduate 

So while we were taking pictures, Owen was sitting happy on his chair, eating a cookie... Well he decided for the first time ever in his life, to try and get off the chair face first. Let me state for the record, that he knows how to get off of chairs by scooting forward, turning around and sliding off on his tummy, I didn't just leave him on a chair he couldn't get down off of by himself.
Ok with that said, he tries a new trick, and completely lands face first, head first on the hard cemented ground. I watched the whole thing in slow motion. It churned my stomach. I bolt over to him and held him tight praying no teeth were knocked out. Ever since that happened to June thats where my first thought always go when it's a face hit. There was blood everywhere and everyone and their mom trying to comfort him. I think he was crying harder because I took his cookie out of his hand to look at his face. As soon as I gave his cookie back he stopped crying. He had a HUGE HUGE fat lip along with a good size chunk taken out of his upper lip. 

He is now all healed and is just left with a little scab, and no knocked out teeth.

June's little graduation was just too adorable and I can't wait to watch her grow more. 
I at first was hesitant of school at her age, but she thrived and loved every minute of it. I am excited for her to start at a new preschool next year and to watch her grow even more. It's tough to watch your kiddos grow up. It's so much more amazing to watch them grow and become these little independent humans. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Middle of May Randoms

May is already half over!! Time has got to slow down just a bit, because I'm just not able to take it all in! Thankfully, I have my little blog here to help me take a second and see how much awesomeness happens even in the day to day. It's just good. 

It's even better now that Dan has returned safe and sound from his work trip to New Mexico. He has been gone all week and we have missed him so. 

June was much more interested in where daddy was this trip, so Dan made sure to help her know where daddy was. He would send us pictures and explain where he was. 

And we would send pictures back. 

We also tracked daddy of where he was, and how far away he was from us. June loved it and she was constantly asking to see where daddy was. 

 We have been trying to enjoy as much sun as the weather has been permitting us to have lately. But when the rain takes a break and the sun peeks through, we are ready for some serious water time. 

Which also includes snack time

Our usual after church, after dinner, after naps walk around, in our neighborhood. 

Sally comes too 

This boy has just become the best little buddy! So handsome, so funny, and pretty much the coolest little boy around. I'm the luckiest!

June comes into our room time to time early in the morning, usually when Dan gets up for work. We both fell asleep for a while, and it was awesome. (P.S. I have clothes on, it just doesn't look like I do) ;) 

June had a field trip to the fire station one day at school. We were invited to come, so we tagged along and spent the morning with June. 

June was so funny, the fireman asked if there were any questions, and her little hand shot up so fast! She said "Do you know that fruits and vegetables are good for you?!" The fireman was very nice and they talked about healthy foods for a good five minutes. 

Days when she falls asleep are good but bad. When she sleeps it makes for a quiet afternoon, but we pay for it later because she then doesn't go to bed for a little while. But she's still so little, so if she feels the need to rest during the day, who am I to stop her! 

My cuddle buddy before his nap 

 We have been devouring homemade popsicles! And homemade popsicles means healthy popsicles! Don't worry I still let them have otter pops... I'm not mean. June said "Mom, the whole world needs popcicles!" 

Park days! 

The water has finally warmed up enough for us all to go swimming, June's been in the pool since like February, but for the rest of us, we are now just getting in. June loves when we swim with her, because she get's to have more freedom then just on the steps. 

One of our dear friends hear in Texas are moving to Idaho Falls in just a few short weeks. We are very sad to see them go. Their little girl is one of June's best friends, so it will be terribly sad to not have them here anymore! Thankfully they will be in Idaho Falls, and since we are in Idaho so often, we will get to visit. We all went to dinner, with no kids and just spent the night all together. It was really fun! 

Just a walk to the park to play and look for turtles. Our trails have been crazy with the turtles lately, so it's been fun to try and spot them!

One night a storm was blowing in (Surprise, surprise) and it looked so cool from our backyard. The sun was shining from the west, and the storm was blowing in from the east. It made our backyard glow! 

It's been a good half of May so far! We are very much looking forward to the next few weeks to come, and all the good thats coming our way!