Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

Let me first tell you that Mother's day is kind of my favorite. Not kind of, it is my favorite. I love the reason behind it, I love that it really involves me not having to plan anything, and though I truly feel loved every single day from my little family, I get that little extra sweetness from my kiddos and the love of my life. You see, every holiday that most people have to themselves (like their birthday) involves them to sit back and enjoy the ride, well with my birthday so close to Christmas I feel, I still am in constant planning mode during that time and I'm still buying gifts for everyone and all that. So Mother's day is truly a day of just relaxation. Oh and for the record, Dan makes my birthdays pretty special. He's a good egg. 

Ok, so Mother's day. It was a wonderful relaxing day! It was first fantastic because we thought Dan was leaving that day for a business trip, but it turns out he didn't leave until Monday! It was a nice surprise!
 I woke up around 7am to what sounded like Tornado sirens going off. The kids hadn't woken up yet, and Dan was still asleep also. So I just laid there, trying to really wake myself up and thinking "Are those sirens real?" I was a bit confused. I woke Dan up, thinking that maybe we should check out what the news was saying about these storms. So we went out on the couch and turned on the news and the rain was POURING down. We couldn't even see out our back door, it was raining so hard. We sat and watched the weather for a bit, the weather lady said the sirens were going off, due to the wind, so we didn't really feel it necessary to wake up the kids and get into our "tornado shelter". It was a pretty heavy duty storm, but we were safe inside, and it was actually fantastic to cuddle up with Dan, kids still asleep, and just watch the news and the storm. It was a good Mother's day wakeup. 

Dan is asleep on my lap. One of his favorite things is when I scratch and pull the gel out of his hair. Its one of my favorites too. 

It continued to rain all day. It was dark outside, so it meant the kids slept in! It was so nice!! 
Once the kids woke up, Dan and June made me my favorite breakfast. French Toast with powder sugar. And roses from our yard. The rain had destroyed most of them, but we were lucky to have two still in bloom. 

We enjoyed out morning, and then got ready for church. I of course had to get a picture with my two little ones that actually made me a mother. Though they refused to look at the camera because they were too intrigued with being in my arms at the same time. 

June sang in Sacrament with the Primary children for the first time. She didn't even hesitate going up there, and she made her way to the front. She is barley tall enough to even see over the stand, but she was SO beyond cute standing up there. She kept waving and giving us thumbs up! They sang "I Often Go Walking" and my heart just about came out of my chest. I had to wipe away tears of pure love. I just could not help but feel so much love being a mother. It was a perfect little performance for her first time. After she ran back to our bench and said "I cannot wait to do that again!" She was so excited!
The rest of church was good, I did my usual duties running around like crazy, and I sat in with Owen during Nursery for the second hour and Dan took the third hour. He is having such a hard time staying awake during this time frame, so he's extra cranky. We have a few plans up our sleeves, so we are hoping that will help in the weeks to come. 

After Church, we got home, Owen went to bed and Dan took over from there. Him and June would not let me help at all with dinner. I got in some comfy clothes and watched the rest of the baseball game. June and Dan were adorable making me dinner. They were having the funniest conversations and June would come check on me every once in a while, and to make sure that I DID NOT go into the kitchen. She took this Mother's Day stuff seriously! 

At one point, she came and laid by me, and told Dan that she just wanted to snuggle with Mommy for a bit. And snuggle we did. It wouldn't be a June and Mommy snuggle without some selfies. 

After dinner, and Dan did the dishes (which was super awesome! I mean he helps with the dishes all the time, but he told me to go sit and enjoy while he cleaned up the entire kitchen!) and I went and hung out with June. 

Once Owen woke up, the rain had taken a break, so we decided to get out and enjoy some fresh air. We planned to just walk our usual Sunday loop, so we weren't really planning on puddle jumping. My mistake! We made it about 10 feed from the house, and we spent the rest of the afternoon jumping in puddles! 
The weather was warm and perfect for puddles. 

June was loving it! She was soaked by the time we went home, but it took us all we had to get her to come inside!

Owen had fun walking back and forth in the water. He loved splashing it with his hands and following June around. He goes anywhere his sister is. He loves June. 
We played to our hearts content and of course Owen woke up with a cold this morning. I'm pretty sure this kid has no immune system. I feel its the male pattern in this house hold. June rarely gets sick, and when she does, she recovers quickly. I too rarely get sick... but Dan and Owen, someone sneezes and they get a cold. 

We came inside, and Dan got both kids bathed and ready for bed. He really let me relax. So nice! After we gave the kids a bedtime snack, I opened Mother's day presents. Dan spoiled me. He got me some goodies from William and Sonoma and that was super awesome, but the real fun surprise was a bag full of my favorite snacks and drinks along with my very own blanket that he made!!

A while ago, I made a tied blanket for June. She saw the "Frozen" fabric one day while we were at Hobby Lobby, so I made her a blanket it from it. She started calling it her "ComfyCozy" and the name stuck. So she always asks for her ComfyCozy! 

For Easter I had made Dan his very own "ComfyCozy" and June loved how they were twins! 
Some how, which I don't even know where he found the time, Dan made me my very own comfy cozy. Oh man folks, I married right. It was such a fun surprise and I love having my very own ComfyCozy. It's even skulls to match Dans, and minkee on the back. I love it. We are such a blanket family, so it's so fun to each have our own comfy cozies!! 

Owen would have one, but he goes off on a rampage if he's covered with a blanket, so for now it's just us three with our comfy cozies. 

We got the kids to bed and enjoyed our last night together for a week. Dan's travels always make me sad, and I miss him terribly. I feel like such a high school girl, but I totally sprayed some of his cologne on my blanket so it smelled like him. 

So Mother's day was wonderful. I am beyond words grateful to be a mother and try my hardest to not take it for granted. Mother's day was hard those years of not getting pregnant, so I try to remember how it felt and hug my babies a little tighter and give thanks that they are in my life. Being a mother suits me. I actually enjoy it, even the bad days, because the bad days make me realize how many good days I  have being a mother. I just really like being a mom and I know it's super cliche to say "I wouldn't trade it for anything" but I really wouldn't trade it for anything.

A shout out to my mom as well... who is just the best and I love so much. Thanks for teaching me how to love life, and how to live it to the fullest.  Love you mom. 

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