Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Stamp In the Passports

What an adventure Dan and I had. This past week we headed finally headed up to Canada to see Dan's family. After 8 months he got his travel papers, and we were so excited to be headin out of the States for a week. We left the day school was out, and spent the whole week up there visiting Dan's parents, and his two brothers. After a very long week of finals, which sucked, but Dan ended up getting a 4.0! IN COLLEGE, AS A GEOLOGY MAJOR! Yep I love to brag about my hubby, ha ha. anyways after that week we really needed a break. We left on Friday, and started our journey for a 10 hour drive.

After about 7 hours, we hit the border, here is a picture of the customs line that we have to go through. Even though I have been across the border a bunch before, I always get nervous. Dan just laughs and thinks its funny, going up is more scary then coming back down for me, vice versa for Dan. (I'll explain what happened later)

So Friday we went to Cardston and met his parents, and the next morning we went and did a temple session. This temple was so different but beautiful, its not what you would picture in most temples, but its always an amazing experience to go through different temples. After we headed towards Cross Field, to Dan's House.

Sunday we just hung out with the fam, and went to church, it was rough because his family doesn't have church until 3:00! it makes for a long day, of just waiting for church. It was fun though, we went and walked around Dan's home town, where he went to school, and just showed me around the neighborhood. Its such a small little town outside of Calgary, but it was so cute, of how proud he was of his town. It made me love him all that much more!!

Monday, We headed to the city. We had so much fun, we went to Prince's Island Park. It was full of little shops, and a little swimming hole for children to swim in. It was the kind of park where people would put on random plays, or little markets. They say its Calgary's "Central Park".

After we had eaten and walked around, we decided it was really hot, so we went swimming in Calgary at the water park. The water slides are always my favorite! I am convinced that this pool was for little kids, but those who know me and Dan, would understand that anything little kids like to do, we are most likely to enjoy it too!Later that night we went back to Dan's Parents house, played a few games and then went to bed. We were pretty tired from all that driving plus swimming.
Tuesday we slept in, which was so nice, since we had to be at school at 7:45 every morning for school, it was nice to wake up when we wanted, but anyways we headed in to Calgary for a little more shopping, and then we went to the Science Center.
OK, This was really scary, but at the Science Center, we got to lay on a bed of nails. Now you would think that it wouldn't be that scary, but once you are actually laying on hundreds of nails, it really starts going to your head that something could go wrong. I was really nervous! It felt so weird!!! Dan loved it, even though he had shorts on and it was like stabbing his legs.

Its kinda hard to see, but this screen measured the heat sensors of our bodies, It was great fun dancing in front of it, while everyone else was laughing and pointing, because this screen is projected on this massive wall where everyone can see. like i said, GREAT FUN!

Dan, and I waiting for our Movie, we were going to learn about things under the sea, In this HUGE I-MAX theater dome thing where you are surrounded in the picture. Totally felt like we were actually there!

These pictures of my favorite!! so these are seriously tine little wholes for our heads, because well they really are for little kids! I think that when Dan and I have kids, and we take them places, we will have more fun than our kids. Its great that we get all excited over the same things that children do.

As you can see, we had a lot of fun, at the science center, there were a lot of cool things there, and I actually learned things! ha ha!

Later that night we went to the mall again, did a little more shopping, and went to"The Dark Knight" with Dans Brother and sister in law. OK Gotta say, really not my favorite movie. It was really dark, and a little disturbing, I wouldn't take little kids to it that's for sure. I like couldn't sleep that night, cuz I'll admit I was kinda scared. Ya I know, Pathetic!! But I definitely liked the first one better!!!

Wednesday we headed up to Edmonton to see Dans brother Dave. He took us to the mall, that well lets just say a person could do their whole vacationing in this mall. You think it they got it. Of course we had to take part in this madness, so we went to another water park,which rocked! this place was huge. My favorite ride, was the one where it shoots you down this tube, and then it flushes you down like a toilet. you just swirl around and around. It was a "Flush" of fun. ha ha get it? anyways then we went to the movie called, "Center of the Universe" IN 3D. It was actually a really funny movie. We had a blast in Edmonton, and of course seeing Dave!

Thursday we drove home, and we stopped to get drinks for the ride home, and Dan gets this chocolate milk, Totally normal.....

Not just normal, but it was the cutest little jug ever! I had to take a picture because it was so cute. This jug looks like a gallon of milk, just shrunk down! They only have them in Canada, but they should bring them to the states just because they are so cute!!

Thursday, was just full of a lot of golfing, and shopping with Dan's mom, and sister in law, Rebbecca. So ya, shopping and golfing.

Later that day, Dan and I started headin towards Calgary, and I just had to take a picture of this stop sign.

Now I know its hard to see, but this stop sign, was so short! compared to other stop signs, I just had to laugh. It was so adorable, and it is now my new favorite stop sign! I will always think of it every time I stop. It really was precious, well as much as stop sign, can be precious!

Friday was pretty funny because we did the same thing as we did on Friday. Shopping and golfing. Then later that night we all joined around the table to play a little game of Texas hold'em. It was for total fun! We played with buttons. It was great to see everyone get so into it. We sometimes had to remember that it was just a game with buttons.

Saturday was a sad day, because we had to leave our vacation and family, and head back to the real world, where we had responsibilities. So we thought it was over! I said I would share about the border, for those who have never crossed a border before, it can either be really easy, or a pain in the neck. Coming home, was a huge pain! usually we just get in line, hand the people our passports, they ask us questions, that are really random, and then we are off. OH NOT THIS TIME!

The Guy takes our passports, asks us questions, so we thought everything was good, ha ha WRONG! He kinda chuckled at us, took our passports, and said "We are gonna need ya to come inside"! I was really scared, Dan said this happens sometimes and that everything was going to be ok. We waited for 2 HOURS for these people to tell us what the problem was. Supposedly we forgot one of our papers, that Dan needed to get back into the country. I panicked. Luckily we had the one that was more important, and they let us through, but warned us that it wouldn't be that easy next time. they call that easy? ha ha I wanted to hit the guards!! it was really frustrating. So hour 10 hour drive turned out to be 12 hours. We were definitely ready to be home.

Now we are home safe and sound, and ready to start back up in the real life, and well It sucks!!ha ha! It really does!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Me and Dan went over to Mike & Shays house for a bbq Saturday night! We had so much fun grilling in Mike and Shays back Yard! My mom and dad had just gotten home from a motorbike ride so they came over too! It was so fun playing with Caden, and getting to see Olivia! I can't believe how big she is getting already! its crazy how much babies change with in weeks! We had kabobs, and chicken, with corn nibblets( that's what Mikey calls them), beans and a salad. I know you all wanted to hear what we ate! ha ha anyways it was so much fun just chillin with the fam on a Saturday night!
Mike Dan & Shay all eating their delicious bbq stuff!
Caden playing tee-ball! He was so cute and really good at it! he could hit it pretty far! Not even kiddin ya!

My Dad and Caden playing more tee Ball. They were having so much fun together! I think when my dad gets around his grand kids he becomes a kid himself!!

Later that night, Mike and shay put the kids to bed, and we played guitar hero, I beat both boys at battle. It was great! Then we played a little tetris against each other! it was tiz-ight!
That was the journey of the bbq! I love having family so close, and being able to chill with them!

My First Cake

I baked a cake for Dan in my baking class and i decorated it all for him. Adam was very sad because he didn't have a cake. I had to share on my blog because I am very pleased of how the cake turned out!

Sunday, July 6, 2008



What a weekend! it was so great to have my whole family here to celebrate the fourth this year! It all started off with the parade, thanks to my Grandpa and my dad we had great seats, because they were there at like 7:00 a.m that morning! but when we walked up to our spot we were all amazed because we had like half a block to ourselves, people kept giving us dirty looks and i liked it!! ha ha all the cousins were there and it was so fun to see all the neices and nephews run after the candy, and get so excited. It was even more fun how I my 26 year old brother got excited about the candy and floats. I think he may have taken a few kids out to get the good candy.

Lillie, Jaynie, & Lauren, haveing a blast at the parade!

After we had a BBQ with great food and stakes! It was so much fun, and so much food!

We had our private fireworks show, and no I am not talking about the wimpy, crapy ones that you buy when your five, I mean the ones that are illegal. My bother in laws, Jeff and Cam, got some huge fireworks! It was so much fun having our own show. They were all insinc with each other, and they had all the sparklers going off right! it was great and I really think they had a good time making sure that the fireworks show was great! It was a great night and I was happy that my fam was able to be their, and that Dan and I could be together. This was our second fourth together, and we are excited for many more to come, even though he really is Canadian!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


I am giving a shout out to the proud Canadians today,

ITS THEIR INDEPENDENCE DAY! Yup they are a free country too!

I am really Glad for Canada because if we didn't have this country then I wouldn't have my husband, no really, He is confident that if he wasn't born in Canada he wouldn't be born at all! So lets all stand up and sing the Canadian national Anthem:

O Canada!Our home and native land!

True patriot love in all thy sons command.

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,The True North strong and free!

From far and wide, O Canada,We stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stand on guard for thee