Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Kate's One Year Stats

Kate was not too pleased to be at her doctors appointment today. It helped having daddy there to make her laugh and to play but when it came down to business of shots and being examined she wasn't having it.

Kate's Stats:
Weight: 19lbs 2oz (19th Percentile) 
Height: 29.3 Inches (55th Percentile)
Head Circ: 44cm (32nd Percentile) 

Kate is having a bit of a hard time standing on her legs. She really only stands on the for a split second and then starts crying and falls. She isn't pulling herself up yet and according to our doctor her legs aren't strong as they should be at this age. So just as a precaution we are seeing a ECI just to make sure everything is ok. Our Doctor said that by the time the appointment happens she could be standing and everything could be fine so we might not even need to be seen. We will see in the next couple of weeks. 
We are a family of late walkers. Owen and June both didn't start walking until closer to 18months. I'm in no hurry to have Kate walk. I believe in letting children grow at their own time, but I am also one who doesn't ignore something that might be a problem and say "Ah, I'm sure it's fine." I'm worried but hopeful that everything will sort out. 

Everything else with Kater's is spot on. Even the anger with Shots

All she needed was her nap and now she is chipper than ever with her afternoon snack of blueberries and vegi-straws. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

House Update: 2nd Floor Framed

It's totally starting to resemble a house and it's amazing!! We walked around and we knew where everything was. We could walk upstairs, see the kitchen island,  we showed the kids their bedrooms and we slowly could start picturing just how much we are going to love this house. It's so much space! I seriously am dying to get into it. Now that I know it's on it's way I feel like we are suffocating in our tiny little home. Four more months! With no rain delays that is!

Kate's 1st Birthday

Kate turned one on a Sunday and after trying to figure out the logistics of her birthday party we decided to just have a small little gathering with close friends and our little family. It's funny how life changes the perspective of things. With the third child, their birthdays just aren't as extravagant. June's birthday was full on adults because in reality we didn't have friends with that many kids. Fast forward five years and we can barley fit our family in our house let alone that many people. I was prepared to just have a little birthday party with our family, but in the end I knew I would have felt guilty and honestly sad if I looked back and hadn't done anything for Kate's first birthday. 

The Saturday before we went to Chick-Fil-A and let Kate go to town on a chocolate chip cookie.  

That night we got her all cleaned up and put her in her birthday PJ's. 
Daddy was playing with the older two kiddos so Kate and I had a little bit of just me and her time. It was perfect for the night before her birthday. 

Her favorite thing is to be thrown around on our bed. She loves it wild and gets laughing so hard. If we don't keep doing it she crawls over grabs our hands and then falls backwards and starts laughing even more. It's my favorite thing too. 

We put her to bed and then decorated the house. We mostly decorated for June. That girl was beyond excited for Kate's birthday the next day.

So excited that June decided to wake up at 6am and wake us up to remind us it was Kate's Birthday. We made her go back to bed. Which she didn't and ended up waking up Kate. So we started her birthday bright and early in the morning. 

We played for a bit and then opened her birthday presents 

Owen was sad because he didn't get to open any

We went to church and of course had a crazy Sunday. I always walk away from Church more exhausted than I do when I go. Especially when Dan is teaching and we both have to juggle kids. 
Kate fell asleep on the way home and then had to be woken up or else she wouldn't sleep that night. Have I mentioned before how rough one o'clock church is!?! 

That evening we had friends over for dessert and to sing to our special little lady

I think every grown adult was calling her name or making a funny noise to try and get her picture! Hahaha 

Singing Happy Birthday 

She really didn't eat her cake too much but then we gave her an entire ice cream bar and she went to town on it! She ate the entire thing. 

Ice-cream and cake all over her body and hair I felt it was a successful first birthday. 

That night we face-timed with family and then called it an early night for Kate. 
It was a great little birthday and exactly what I had in mind. 
One last happy birthday!
We love you little Kate. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Kate One Year Pictures

Kate at One


Dear Kate, Katers, Sweet cheeks, Kee-Ko's (Owen and now Mom call you that) chub-chubs and little chunks,

You are one. I can't believe it. This year has been literally the fastest year yet as being a mother. I can truthfully say that you have been a pleasure and the easiest baby in the Lancaster family. Though, it takes all of us to get you to sit still for a picture. Haha
Sweetheart, I can't express enough how much I love everything about you. This stage is so fun as you now slowly start to show what you will be like. The little quirks you have and that smile just does me in. I'm pretty sure as the youngest child in the family, you will be getting away with a lot more than your older siblings. You are such a little sweet spirit and very easy going. You love playing with your siblings and they adore playing with you. Especially Owen. I know I have said it in the past, but you two have a little special bond that continues each day. He truly looks out for you. You do hate it when he takes a toy away from you though. Sharing isn't your strong suite. 
You are loving all things food and snacks and eating everything in sight. We have dropped your morning bottle and slowly and I mean really really slowly working on dropping your other bottles. I admit that you will probably be older than the other two were when we got rid of their bottles. But we are working on it an we have already down one so I call that progress. 
You are on a weird little schedule of sometimes one nap and sometimes two. It really just depends on what we have going on that day. You function well both ways so it works and makes it easier for us to be out of the house. 
Right now you are wearing mostly 18mo clothes with some 12mo lingering behind. We have officially switched you over to a size 5 diaper and it's fitting much better. 
You love crawling and chasing Ranger and the kids and pretty much getting into everything you shouldn't. Kid, you truly hate to stand. We don't know why. All of you Lancaster kids have been late walkers so we are hoping that might have something to do with it. But you cry and fight us every time we get you to use your legs. We will be looking at that more closely with the doctor at your appointment. I'm not so much worried as it's more on my radar and just keeping it at attention. I'm sure nothing is wrong, just late developing in that area. 

You love dancing and music and clapping along with the beat. You are imitating everything we do with our hands and feet and starting to really recognize who we are with Dadas and Mamas. It's so fun hearing you chatter away. 

You love hugging and cuddling up to stuffed animals. You get so happy when you see your blanket and crumble in our arms when you have your blanket. You just melt. You love it. Another blanket lover in the family. 

Kate, we are so happy that you are apart of our family. We can't imagine what life would be like without you in it. We love the sweetness that you bring and the giggles that make us all laugh. You are a special little spirit and we are eternally grateful for you. 

We hope you had a wonderful birthday, though you will never remember it. Just know you are so loved by so many people. 

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl! I love you so much, 
Love, Mom. 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

House Update: Foundation & Framing

PROGRESS! It's seriously so fun watching all of this happen. Now that plumbing is in and all permits are set, we now get to start seeing a house take shape and each week will now mean that there will be something new to the house. It's already going so fast! 
They have us projected to be in our house by mid May. I am just praying it can happen after school is finished for the year. Ideally it would be awesome if we could have June's Dance recital done too but unless we get pounded by rain in the next few weeks, it's looking like May!!! 
That also means we will be putting our current house on the market soon. We have a huge list of things we need to do to get this house ready to sell. This makes my heart hurt a little. 
Let's get back to the exciting stuff. Well exciting to us anyway. 

The week before it was way too cold to pour foundation. I was bummed but Dan was pumped they didn't pour. It makes sense. We obviously want a good foundation. 
Later in the week the temp out side sky rocketed and they were able to pour the foundation. Then we had to wait for more permits to make sure our foundation was sturdy and past all their tests. 

The Foundation! 

View from our backyar

Another view from the backyard. 

We were so excited to see the foundation be poured. 

One of our friends lives in the same neighborhood that we do, so he checks on our house for us. 
He sent us a picture of them FRAMING THE HOUSE!!!! 

Things just got real. This is happening.
We knew we weren't going to make it out to the house this Sunday because of different obligations, so Dan and I took our date night and headed out to the house. We wanted to see it for ourselves. I didn't get any pictures because it was dark and raining, but it was so amazing walking through our house. The house that we are building. That is custom to us!! It's butterflies in my stomach exciting! 

The first floor of the house is framed. We walked through and imaged how everything was going to be. y'all it is so weird and so fun. I mean it's so so exciting for us. And each week is just going to get better! We are excited to see what will happen next week.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Day!

Let me first start off by saying how much I have been missing the snow. Growing up in the north snow was just apart of life. Now being in the south we have adapted to the weather change. I mean come on, it's been almost eight years of being in Texas, but no matter what I will always miss the heavy snow fall. The snow days when school was cancelled and life just seems to stop in the whiteness of it all. It's magical. 
With that said, we had a teeny, tiny, itty, bitty snow storm that blew over Dallas and it was pure awesomeness. I don't care that it wasn't even an inch. It really made my heart flutter as the white stuff fell. June was beyond excited. We were at her dance class when the "blizzard" hit and we even had to call daddy on our way home to make sure the snow was sticking at the house. As soon as we came in, we pulled out our winter clothes and bolted for the door. 

At first Owen wanted nothing to do with it. So just June, Kate, Dan and myself went out to play. 

Kate's first snow fall. I mean its a pathetic snow fall and it hurts a little that my children probably will never grow up in the awesomeness of winter, but snow is still snow so we made the best of it! 

She wasn't mad or crying, but she also wasn't too happy with the snow hitting her face. She could not figure out what was going on. It made us laugh. 

We came inside to warm up Kate and then June desperately wanted to go back out. This time Owen wanted to come.  

He ended up loving it too. He doesn't like to be too hot or too cold (Who does??) So he was worried about that. Once we got his coat on with hats and gloves he couldn't get enough. 

The trampoline became a huge hit with the snow and bouncing on it. It brought back memories of jumping on our tramp with just feet of snow on it. I mean just so so so much snow. My parents would usually get mad because we were stretching out the tramp with all the snow on it. Hahaha it makes me laugh now. I totally get their point of view now. Sorry parentals. 

I look over and Dan is literally hovered in a ball. Hahaha I told him to man up because he is from Canada where it's way more cold there! He didn't care. His true nature is warm climates. 

Dan also wanted a snow angel.

She was just so happy to have snow! 

It was a fun afternoon playing in the snow and then warming up inside. And now as I'm blogging this it's 70 degrees outside and Owen and I were jumping on the tramp in t-shirts. Texas weather is jacked up. We love the warm and the cold. Both have it's positives and negatives! 

Happy Snow Day Texas!