Friday, June 12, 2009

A dishwasher conversation

The other night at about 9:30, 10:00 I realized I hadn't emptied the dishwasher yet, obviously it needed to be done I couldn't just leave them in there sitting in the dark so I started to unload it. Being my weird self well I started talking to the dishwasher. I asked it what it was like to be a dishwasher, and well I am not totally crazy so it didn't answer, but as I kept unloading it I thought why do I unload the dishwasher in a particular order every time. I asked the dishwasher what it thought, and again said nothing. I told myself that I needed to blog about this because my curiosity struck, I wonder how people unload their dishwashers. I have to open the bottom and pull out all the off objects like knives, spatulas, scrappers what ever is odd in there, but I leave the forks butter knives and spoons. Then I go to the top take out the cups and put them completely away. I then go to the bottom one pull the plates out but don't put them away I just set them on the counter. Everything else on that rack gets put away. Then I go to the top and put the rest of the things on that away like the bowls or other odds and ends. Then I go back to the spoons and forks. Last I put the dishes away. This is just how I do it. You could be like my mom who hates unloading the dishwasher, like literally hates it. She would rather do a butt load of dishes by hand then use the dishwasher. She is funny.
Anyways I just wondered how you all unloaded your dishwasher. Please enlighten me, I am bored with out Dan, and well really don't have anything else to write about. If you are bored that's OK too, I am not offended. OK good readings to you!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A camping he will go

Well the start of the end has begun today. Dan left for field camp this morning and this point was the beginning of us actually getting ready to move. Its hard simply because I am alone. Dan is gone for six weeks on his geology field camp. I mean he does get to come home on Saturdays but what is hard is that all the data and research that they collect through the week they come back on Saturday to log it all into the computer, but at least I get to see him for a little bit. Its so funny because we have been talking about field camp when we first started dating, and it felt forever away! It was forever away, two years away! Now its here and its the start of the count down. Dan will be back July 13th, we graduate the 23rd, and then we move July 31st. Its going to be a long six weeks but I hope to keep myself busy with starting to pack up the house, friends, family, school and work. ha ha am I not the biggest complainer you have ever heard? I love it!