Friday, May 31, 2013

Yard Work and the Workers

This post could be boring to you, except for the part where I thought a man only spoke spanish, and I was talking to him real slow and kept giving him thumbs up, when really he was just really Tan...

OK. Here we go. 

I love love love our house. We obviously will out grow it some day, but as of right now, it is my perfect place. I also love owning the home... Or working on owning the home! I love that we get to improve it however we want, and truly make it our own. We are such adults. All we need to do is add a little boy to the mix and we will have the American life, oh wait, that will come in October! GO US GO! Crap. Dan's Canadian. 


Anyways, along with owning a home, is all the glorious, crapy, stressful and tearful,  yard work that you get to do. 

The outside of our house was pretty much a blank canvas. All the planting was up to us. So this summer we set to make the yard a little better. It's a lot of work. A LOT OF WORK. Totally worth it though, and i am so proud of all the things we have accomplished for our house. 

It's actually coming together. The next step is new sod for our front yard, but that might be a next summer project. 

Our biggest work has been in our backyard. We planted bushes, and grass, and  did a lot of building. Well, we didn't really build, other people did, but still be threw out the dollar bills. 

I am not going to lie, it's been a little bit of a stressful week getting everything done. You see, we had the brilliant idea to re-plaster our pool, and  build two fences a week before my sister's and mom come to visit. I don't know what we were thinking. 

The weather has been horrible, with so much rain, and tornado warnings, that we kept getting pushed back with all the workers. I was in panic mode worried sick that everything wouldn't be finished and that the pool would be empty when the girls were here. 

Today I finally can breath a little easier. It's finally ALL FINISHED! 

We put a fence up between our house and the pool for a safety with June. There is a picture further down that you can see what it looks like. We had Lowe's come and install it for us, and it was such a headache dealing with them, but I am super proud, I only lost my temper once, but I did tell someone they were bad at their job. I apologized for that one. (Half heartedly) 

They came while I had the stomach flu. That was fun for them to see me vomit in a bucket over and over again. I apologized for that one too. In the end We were super pleased how it turned out and the fact that we created a little play area for June, that is safe from the pool zone. 

Then the pool people came. These people were so amazing! After dealing with Lowe's I felt like royalty the way they treated us. Super awesome at communicating! Well except for the workers, They didn't speak ANY ENGLISH. 

One day, a guy asked me to move my car so they could bring the pump in, and I just gave him a thumbs up and closed the door on him, because I didn't know what he was saying. He had to knock again and pointed to the car and made a move motion with his hand. I chuckled. I don't know why I always give them the thumbs up.... maybe because I am a five year old who doesn't know how to handle awkward situations. 

The pool is very old. We knew that it had some problems, like cracks and water bubbles when you walked on the floor, but then the plaster started attracting some kind of stain, and we were told that there was nothing we could do. We decided it was time to re-plaster the pool. 

See how gross it looks. BLA! 

So a week before my sister's and mom come, we went to work. Then the rain came, which slowed the work way down. I was so so so worried it wasn't going to get done.

   DISGUSTING! We kind of let it go once we knew we were getting it redone, that's why it's all green

Then the real work came

They took out all the old plaster, all the way down to the cement bowl of the pool. It was so weird to see it like that.

At this point we were having horrible weather. I thought for sure I was going to have a houseful of Spanish speaking men, all huddled in my bathroom because of the tornado warnings....
Dan said "It's gonna get spicy" 

Ah, The day they built the fort. This was when the plaster was being put on. That was fun. 
(The picture with the fence) 

 So meanwhile, all this was going on, We also decided to go ahead and replace the fence on the side of our house. Why not add more men to the collection. If you have been to my house before, you know how horrible the old fence was. Falling down, and really rotted. 

These guys were really cool though. They spoke english which was a nice change, and they worked super fast. They built the fence in 24 hours. 

The finished product. It's a beauty! 

They finished plastering the pool, and we got to refill the water. 19,000 Gallons of water, that is filled by our little garden hose. It took a full 24 hours to refill, and we hope to not have to drain it again for a while. 

Here comes the part with the really Tan guy:
     Really it's not my fault. I have had Mexicans at my house for a week straight, so I just assumed he was too. Two guys came over on Monday to start getting the pool all set up, chemicals, chlorine, and all that jazz. I go out there, just to let them know that I am there, I wave and say Hi. They both wave and the one guy goes back to work, and what I thought was the "Tan guy" asking me a question, so i say huh?

Here's how it plays out.

TAN GUY: "a;osihga;okshjdgaoishg"

ME: "WHAT?" 

TAN GUY: He says something and I catch the word light in there. 

ME: "NO". With a head shake  "LIGHT WORKS. NO REPLACE." (I am yelling this as if he were deaf also.)  

TAN GUY: He gives me a look, that at the time seemed like was just him not understanding me... Later I realized it was him not understanding me, but not because of the language barrier, but because I'm just a total moron! 

ME: "OH GOOD. YES, LIGHT WORK" I am give him the thumbs up, along with a great side smile. I just walk back inside. 

Later the Tan guy comes and knocks on the back door. I go answer and this is him. IN PERFECT ENGLISH. 

TAN GUY: "Uh, ya, you just had a blown fuse, but we fixed that, oh and your power box for the lights is located over by the pump instead of with the other fuses. We made sure to test all power sources, along with the pump... Did you have any questions?"  

ME: "oh. Nope, It all looks  GREAT" flashed him another two thumbs up. He smiled at me, and told me to have a nice day. 

I later told the story to Dan, and he just laughed, kissed me, and told me I was pretty. 


We went for our first swim today, which was amazing! We are so ready for summer, and lot's and lot's of swimming! 

We will continue to keep improving, and watching all our little shrub bushes grow, meanwhile, I feel the need to start learning spanish.... 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Why Blog?

Why are there so many blog haters out there? Why do they think it's lame? You know who's lame? THEY ARE!

I started blogging in 2008, when my sister Megan set me up with my own blog. I knew nothing about it. I knew nothing about the cosmetics, how to manipulate the HTML code, or change a font. None of that. In fact I think back to what my blog first started as and I laugh at how awful it first was. Through the years I have learned how to make my blog what I want it to be. Some in school, some just by googling, and help with friends. I really do love to blog.

  Just recently, my aunt Marcy told me how good I am at keeping it up to date. I liked that! Thanks Aunt Marc! It's fun to me and people ask me all the time questions about blogging. They may have a blog they just don't use, or they don't quite get the point of blogging. So I was kind of in the mood to answer some of those questions, and what better place than to do it on the blog!

How do you find the time?
I make the time. My blog is my quite time when June is napping, or at night when I just want some me time. It's where I can go and write whatever I want, and type some thoughts, good or bad. I really just love it. It's therapeutic for me.

Aren't you worried some weirdo is going to read and see your pictures?
This one is my favorite that I get asked all the time. You do realize that people can see your pictures on facebook right? Or the fact that they just have to google your name and ANY person who has ever tagged you in a photo will appear? Also blogger has a private setting where only certain people can read your blog. I am a public blog. I think about making it private some days, but I just don't want to yet. Maybe soon. Not sure, but just know that you can monitor your blog very carefully for any of those "Weirdos" out there, and maybe once I see something suspicious I will, but for now I think I'm ok. Plus my blog is a little Pea and I really don't have that many followers, so compared to all those other blogs that are public, I feel like mine would be at the bottom of the list to be terrorized!

What do you write about? 
Everything. Anything. I blog about the most stupidest, most important things that happen to me. Little memories, or big moments. I try my best to document them all. Obviously some things are private, and those go in my handwritten Journal, but I like putting out there things that maybe other's can relate too, or maybe something that makes their day a little better. Possibly something that they are grateful didn't happen to them! I don't know, I just write down everything. I feel, maybe, that's where this post came from. I just write down whatever is in my head, and those who want to read it, can.

No one ever comments or reads blogs anymore, why keep writing? 
You're wrong. TONS of people still blog! I love reading blogs, and check daily for updates. I love reading what is happening in other peoples lives, getting recipes, and learning a new skill. If it weren't for blogs, I can guarantee that Pinterest would not exist.
       I like when people read my blog, but my main reason for blogging is NOT FOR OTHERS! It's for myself. I write almost everything in my blog, or June's blog, and every single year I print them into books. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have gotten on my blog books. They are our memories, our pictures, our lives. It is so much fun to go back and read from years past and just laugh, or cry, or make remarks of how stupid I sounded... It's just good.

I am always sad when I see people bash blogs, or call it a waste of time. To many people blogging is a place where they can go and know that they are not alone in a trial, or where someone can go to get a good laugh. Blogging is an expression of who a person is, and they write it all down. How lucky are we that we get to read these things. I hope the blog world doesn't die. I'm sure that it will always be around somewhat and as long as I am able to access, I will keep on writing. With horrible grammar of course!

Love's to all my fellow bloggers out there!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blue things

A boy. Ok, so when Dan first opened the envelope and got all excited I didn't know what to think.  He wouldn't tell me, he just kept getting excited. He finally shouted out " IT'S A BOY and WHAT A BOY" He shows me the ultrasound picture that the tech had put in the envelope and there were the little guys goodly treasures. IT'S A BOY! 

I couldn't figure out how I felt. I think in my mind I thought it was a girl this whole time, so I really just assumed it was going to be another girl. NOPE!! I started laughing, and my mind just started racing of everything that I don't know about little boys. I know that will come with time! We are having a boy!

The next day I immediately went out and started shopping. I admit it was weird! It was weird to not be looking at stripes and polka dots. Flowers and bows, but instead I am looking at collard shirts and graphics that are airplanes and Dinosaurs.... I again just started laughing, knowing that it's a whole new adventure. 

I truly am beyond excited. Dan is over the moon, and June doesn't really care. I think about all the fun things that boys bring into a household, but my favorite is knowing that I get to be a little boys mom. He get's to grow up with an amazing older sister, and he get's to learn to be a man from his father. When Dan and I first started discussing whether we wanted a boy or a girl, I first thought girl, to have a play mate for June, but as the months continued to creep up to the big day, I thought how could I want to miss out on having a boy?  I wanted to have another priesthood holder, a missionary, and plus boys love their mom's when they are teenagers, and girls get mean! (except June, because she's perfect) haha

I get to play with trucks, learn how to make proper "VROOOM" sounds, and to think of how him and June will play together already is making my heart melt. 

I will have a daughter and a son. I'll have it all. I couldn't be more excited, more scared, and more blessed! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Why camping never works for us...

Camping is our friend. I grew up camping! Dan is a geologist! He once camped for 6 weeks! Our garage is full of camping gear. WE ARE CAMPERS! But... we have yet to make it through a night of camping as a married couple. Pit-a-ful! 

It starts here:

Camping story #1:  We weren't even married a year. Someone gave us a catalog, where they give you a certain amount of money and you order whatever you want from the catalog. We order a tent. It looked fun! 
We get the tent and decide to go camping. We don't even open it to look at it, we just pack up and go camping! Normal. We go up to Mesa Falls and start setting up. All excited we pull out our tent and set it up. We are looking at it, and it seems mighty small. Then LIGHT BULB... It's a little kids backyard campout tent. IT EVEN HAD "KID CAMPOUT" written on the outside that looked like a little kid had written it in crayon... WHAT THE!
We thought it would be ok. After eating, hiking and all that stuff, we head to our kid campout tent and try to go to sleep. It was so small that Dan couldn't even lay out straight, he slept diagonal and I am in a ball, in the corner. We literally could not breath. There wasn't enough oxygen! I open the door and a pour of fresh air comes in! We were gasping! But we couldn't sleep with the door wide open.... so we decide to go sleep in the car. Ya, that lasted an all of 10 minutes before we decided to throw everything in the car and head home. First attempt at camping: FAIL! 

Camping story #2:  We were living in Waco and Dan had come back from his 2 week field work, so we had even more camping gear and a proper tent. We decided to go camping. We drove up to Fair Field Lake. We pull into the camp sight and there is not a single person in sight, except for a weird scary looking lady who kept walking past our camp sight staring at us. We had Ranger by then, and brought him with us, and every time that lady walked by he would just give her this mean growl. It was a little creepy. 
     We do our thing, we build a fire, have dinner, play games, and explore. We were tired and ready to call it a night. Remember no one there, but crazy old lady. About a half hour later, we hear crunching in the leaves... It sounded exactly like foot steps right by our camp and tent. We tried shaking the tent and yelling to make it go away since we thought it was an animal and we were scaring it off. It wasn't scaring off. It was getting closer... 
       We were both a little freaked out, Range was growling like no other, and just would not calm down. So we go to the car and flash our lights right on our camp. Nothing is there. We honk the horn. Still hearing sounds. At this point, we thought we were going to be murdered, so Dan grabs his knife and starts packing up camp like a mad man. We took turns, grabbing something, then running back to the car. Dan would grab our bags, and anything he could carry. I would grab a cup and come bolting back to the car. I was so scared! Range was going ballistic at this point! We literally threw everything in the back of the car, just wanting to get out of there. 
     Once everything was packed up, we flash our lights one more time on our way out, and all of the sudden you see beady little eyes ALL OVER OUR CAMP! It was a HUGE family of armadillos! I guess they aren't scared of campers, and come into camp to eat the food. They were everywhere. I honestly have never seen so many armadillos! At that point we just laughed and headed home. 
Second attempt at camping: FAIL 

Camping Story #3: We went camping Friday. We thought to ourselves, Third times the charm. 
We planned about a month ago to go camping with some friends at Black Creek. The hubby's took time of work, and we all planned what we would bring, and share. Everything was set! This time we added June to the mix, but we all have little girls, so we were all super prepared! Dan and I discussed how nothing was going to stop us! With friends, we were bound and determined to make it through the night. 

     Dan and I were the first ones to make it up to the camp sight, so we picked a place where we could all pitch our tents and still have space for our little ones to roam around. 

Sickness struck! The Watson's started the trend when there poor little Emma came down with a bug, and there was no way they would bring her out in the woods, so they had to call it quits.. We missed them! We still had Us, and the Anderson's. Again we were going to make it through the night! 

Anderson's pull up and we all help unload, and get everything set up! We then let the little girls run around, and play in the dirt. We walked down to the lake and splashed around for a while! It seriously was so fun! 

June LOVES being outside! Every morning, the first thing she does, is go to her closet, grab her shoes, and walk to the back door. She just loves to explore and walk on different ground. Camping suited her. 

Some horses came through camp, and were nice enough to let us pet and even ride them.  June was mortified! 

Splashing in the water, and playing in the mud.

She wasn't to thrilled with the mud between her toes, she wanted to put her shoes on to splash, but I was a mean mom and didn't want to get her Tom's wet. 

How am I going to add another baby to this pile!?

All warm and cleaned up! Getting ready for dinner.
The pictures stop there. See how much fun we were having! 

While getting everything all set up a little earlier, Sean, was feeling a little sick... He said nothing to worry about. He's a Doctor, so we all believed whatever he said. I mean you just don't question a Doctor! 
As the day went on, So did the sickness. It took him down, and it took him down hard. He was so sick. We honestly didn't know what to do. He was self medicating himself, trying to do anything he could to break his fever, and stop throwing up. Being such a sweet guy, all he was concerned about was getting me sick because of being pregnant! 
      He finally just couldn't take it, and they decided it was best for them to head home. So he went and laid down in the car, and we helped Makenna pack up their camping stuff. They took off. 

We were left alone. That was ok though, NO matter what, we were going to make it through the night! We had dinner, played games, and tried to get June down. It was a bit of a battle, and I finally just let her stay up with us. We roasted some marsh-mellows and talked while we watched the fire. One of my favorite things about camping!! About 10:30 rolls around, and this line of cars just comes pouring into the camp sight. A big group of people came and parked right next to our camp sight... I mean come on people, give a little space! 
      They had all their car lights on, just being super loud and obnoxious, but we were sticking it out, and thought they would calm down. WRONG! They had the loudest generator I have ever heard, and it was right outside our tent. It was on the whole time. After about 45 minutes they got their camp set up, and started pumping the music! Super loud. I was going to go over there, but Dan hates when I do things like that, so I held my tongue. We knew at that point it was going to be a long night. There was no way June was going to go down with that much noise. We are camping for crying out loud. Enjoy the peace and quite of nature! ooo... it boiled my blood!
      Then the real party started... The marijuana came out. Yep, The dooby, the joint, the Mary Jane was filling the air. It was time to call it quits. There was no way I was going to keep June in the woods, with strange people getting high! 
    So we do what we do best, and loaded up our camp sight at 11:30 at night. Once again, we didn't make it.  Third attempt to camping: FAIL! 

You see. We try. We really love to camp and we definitely will try again, but it just seems we can't ever have just a calm night of camping. It was still fun though playing with June and enjoying the camp fire for a while. 

And that is why we have yet to make it camping! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Make up your mind weather!

 I'm just going to flat out say it. I hate spring. GASP! Yes! I really hate it! My least favorite season of the year. Yes, things are growing back, and looking pretty again, instead of dead brownness every where, but still I hate it. It's shorts one day, and then two days later, it's back to hoodies and socks! I am just so ready for the heat and to swim, and for all the things summer has to offer!  I want spring gone! It's horrible for allergy's and rain that never stops... somedays I feel like we are in Washington! No it's not that bad, ha ha and Texan's are always grateful for the rain, but when you have a little one who just wants to play outside, being stuck inside makes us all go a little crazy, no matter how many activities you have planned!

Ok miss negativity, let's move on! (Well Kind of)

So this past week was one of those weeks where Mother Nature couldn't make up her mind. It was beautiful Monday and Tuesday. So warm in fact that we spent the majority of the day running in sprinklers, eating popsicles and oranges outside, even taking a dip in the pool! It was so fun! June was in Heaven. It literally took all I had to drag her inside to get cleaned up for dinner. I have a feeling summer is going to be our friend!

 Don't mind our ghetto water sprayer. Found it in the clearance section in Walmart, and it's kinda crappy, but an 18month old really could care less... Oh, and also the sagging swimsuit. Buying her 12-18 month clothing is always a mistake, so she's got a little sag going on!

Then came Thursday... Curse you Thursday. It was bitter to the bone cold! I mean the wind was horrible. We are talking Rexburg wind here, and cloudy, dark skies all day.

June woke up with a cold, and a snot covered blanket that desperately needed washed. I had no choice. So she sat there and watched it. She cried and whimpered for it, but when it came out of the dryer all warm, it was like a light switch of a mood change. She was so happy.

I really have a hard time having the TV on all day. Or watching a movie during the day. It for some reason gives me a headache and I just feel lazy and unaccomplished, so days like this rarely happen. It was kinda nice though.... I threw in the towel and called it our give up day.

                    we decided to build a fort and hang out in it all day. We colored, we read books, we ate snacks, and we even watched a movie together.

I popped us some popcorn and gave June some juice, and we sat and watched "Despicable Me." Dan came home and even enjoyed the last bit of the movie with us.
OK so the fort was pretty cool. and I totally admit that building the fort was more for me than June, but she loved it in there, and it was fun to just hangout with my little squirt. But still... spring, come on. 

 All I can say is, I am glad we can find ways to entertain ourselves during these selfish spring days. I am  finger crossing, double dipping, just a hoping, that our warm weather will come back and be here to stay!