Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin Patch on Halloween

I'm on a blogging craze right now, and I'm lovin it.... (Did you just sing the McDonalds song in your head?) 

So most of my pictures are of June, and again... Theme song to McDonalds! I just want to capture everything of her life! 

It's Halloween TODAY! BOO! 
Going to a pumpkin Patch was on our Fall bucket list, and since today was the last day we thought we better get our cute behinds over to one! We already carved our pumpkins, so we didn't pick any out, but  we went and walked around, played in the staw, and looked at all the giant pumpkins. It was fun. Messy, but fun. 

They had a petting zoo, and you could ride pony's. we didn't let June ride any pony... maybe next year!
 Dan loved these pigs... We worry that they looked to similar to Dan and I. 

I love pumpkins that are June size. They are tiny, just like her and it just makes me want to pinch them. Don't worry, I don't pinch. I restrain myself, but it's hard. 

 My Happiness

We had a great halloween! We had our very first trick or treaters, since no one ever came to our apartments! But in a house, we had quite a few! It really made my night! They were adorable, and I CANNOT wait to take June out next year!

June Went to bed, and Dan ordered a pizza. We watched Hocus Pocus, and now I'm blogging, about to head to bed! Tomorrow is our flight to Colorado!! (SURPRISE FOR ME!!!) Blog to come!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Spook-tacular Weekend

Ok, Ok Cheesy post title, but really, it was a really fun Pre-Halloween weekend!
     We had our ward Halloween Festival which then led to a Trunk or Treat! It was a really fun night! We decided that for this Halloween we would be a family of zombies! No. We never planned on dressing June as a flower, or a bug, even a princess. We planned for her to be a Zombie from the beginning! I think we had the most fun getting ready for the night! rolling around in dirt, smearing blood on our one year old, and putting make up all over ourselves. 

        So... our Family. Dan the working zombie, Me, Stay at home mom zombie, and June, the best baby zombie EVER! 

I literally have the coolest family ever! I mean how can I be any more in love with these two?

We were in charge of the cake walk this year. It was a huge success! 

It really was a fun night to hang out with friends and eat lots of chili!

Saturday Morning we woke up to a freezing cold Front! In Texas this doesn't happen often, and when it does I LOVE IT!!! It's so nice being able to wear winter clothes, even if it is just for a day. 

 Saturday we spent the day running errands and playing around the house. Ju- Ju's is starting to get some curl in her hair!

I stood in line to vote! It was fast and I really am happy I did it, A: so I won't have to stand in line for 4 hours on election day, and B: I love feeling apart of the politics. Dan got me really into for this years election and It felt very American to vote! It was nice too since we were at the library, Ju Ju's and Dan just read books for about a half hour until I was done.

Later that afternoon, the Honsvick's came over to carve pumpkins! 

My favorite is June's little pumpkin! So we found these tiny little pumpkins and our plan was to buy just one for June, but oh my gosh they were so cute, so I made Dan buy me a whole bunch for our front porch. It may now look like we have 10 kids, but I just couldn't pass them up. 

It really was a great Pre-Halloween weekend! We are excited for actual Halloween and for more festivities to come!! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Year one Birthday


My little lady is officially a one year old. We wanted to make sure that her first birthday was a great one!  I obviously know she isn't going to remember her first birthday, but still, I wanted to make the day special. I will remember how fun of a day it was with friends and celebrating all day. 
     We were a little concerned that the party might not actually happen. The day before, June woke up with a pretty good fever and it stayed steady at 102.6 for the day. I was a mess the whole day, just wanting her to feel better. So we did all that we could and she woke up the next morning with a new little tooth, and a much happier face. She still had a little bit of a fever but not nearly as high. So we celebrated her birthday as planned. We started the day off with her favorite breakfast waffles and eggs and then spent the morning getting ready for her birthday party.  


June's Party 2:00pm
The Decorations
  A lot of time was spent planning her birthday party. Her First Birthday theme was "Oh the Place's She'll Go" It's based off of where she will travel throughout the world over the years of her life. 

I wrapped her gifts in maps and curly string. We got her a Zony Zoo play set, which she loves, a new outfit and a sterling silver bracelet that hopefully she will wear for a long time.

Dan Gave June flowers just from him. 

June's Birthday Cake, Dan made it all by himself! Frosting and all! 

 June sat under a globe with "Oh the Place's She'll go" on it 

Treats for our guests were Sugar Queen Cupcakes. They are such amazing cupcakes! And they had edible glitter on some of them! On top of the cupcakes we placed little globes on each one. Except for the cherry topped ones.  

 Each Drink was wrapped with a part of the map. All Texas of course. The table was also wrapped in a map of Texas

 The world map on the wall was really fun. We had everyone write their names on all the places that they decided to go. It was really fun to see who has been where and what they were doing there. It's a great little keepsake for June's Birthday and to remember who was all there.

Little treats along with the cupcakes. Salt water taffy, animal cookies and cheese popcorn. 

  Gift Opening
          Everyone was so generous and we had so much fun seeing all the fun girly things for the little lady.

Cake and Happy Birthday Singing
  This was my favorite part. No one knows, well I guess you do now, but at this moment I was fighting back tears. It was just such an overwhelming feeling of love and celebrating this little girl with loved ones around singing to her was so great. It really meant a lot. 

She was hesitant about her cake. She loved the frosting and the sprinkles, and liked playing in her cake, but as far as eating it, only a few bites were taken.

The end result 

June's Guests
We have some great friends, who really have become our family away from home. We really are so grateful for them and all they do for us.
Krista and her little man Dean, and Mary! 

June's little zoo was a hit with the kids! 

Sean and Mckenna and their little girl Henacy 

Phil the Geologist... along with Dan the Geologist

 Balloons are such a huge hit with children. The U.S. is like on a Helium ban right now, so I was worried there wouldn't be balloons, but thankfully we found a store that still had helium. 

Mary with her son Liam, Me and June, and Krista with Dean. These girls are the greatest. We met in college back in Waco when we were all childless and now we all have kids and Mary has baby #2 on the way! We are so fortunate to have life long friends like them! 

Adam, yet another Geologist! But first and fore most a Baylor Grad with Dan. It's been really fun seeing lots of our friends from waco start moving up to Dallas. It's so great! 

You can tell that June has just about had it. She was so good through her party but at this point she was exhausted and her fever was starting to come back. 

Birthday Dinner
                 After we said goodbye to everyone and June went down for a much needed nap, June was feeling better and so we took her for a birthday dinner to The Rainforest Cafe. June Loved it. She couldn't take her eyes off of all the animals! It definitely was the right place to take her.

 Birthday Bath
To end the night we bought June special bubble bath. She has never had a bubble bath before and we thought this would be the perfect time to do it. She had lots of fun with her new bath toys and popping the bubbles. It was the longest bath she has ever taken without crying to get out!

At the end of the day, we were all exhausted. June didn't hesitate falling asleep and slept for 13 hours. She was exhausted. We had such an amazing day and loved celebrating our daughter's birthday. It still blows me away that she is already one, but I am so excited for the next year to come!