Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Kate at 5 months!

Dear Kate, Katorde, little chicka, & Chub Chubs,
You are five months old. A whole hand! I can't believe it. I simply can't get over you and how much joy and happiness you bring into our home. Everyone loves you and your contagious smile. You literally are happy all the time. Random people come up to me all the time and tell me what a happy baby you and they always ask if you are happy like this all the time... YES! You are the most easiest baby! Thanks lady, I simply just love you. 

At five months old you are wearing size six month clothes and you are wearing size three diapers, though you tend to blow out every once in a while so it might be time to go up a diaper size. You are a little chunk all full of lovable and kissable rolls. I always joke I'm going to eat you up, the kids always freak out about it. 
You my darling little baby are in love with your blankets and your fingers. I am trying so hard to have you suck on a pacifier and not your fingers, but no matter how many times I try, you pull that pacifier out and in go your fingers. It's just something I can't break. You still love your blankets shoved in your face. Yes, suffocation is always on my mind with you and I am constantly checking to making sure you are breathing. You are on a pretty good little schedule. Going to bed at 7pm and waking up around 11pm to eat then back to sleep. You then wake up around 4am to eat again and then back to bed until around 8 or 9am. Then you take a morning nap around 10am and then a late afternoon nap around 2pm. It's a schedule and I'll take it. You are still sleeping in our room. I really really need to get you into your room but I simply just can't let you go, plus with our sleeping arrangement it's just easier to have you next to me. I really don't mind and I sleep through your little grunts. It works for us. 
You love attention and being surrounded by people. Owen can't leave your side and most of the time you actually laugh at all of the things he does to you, but he sometimes can get a little rough and that you do not enjoy! obviously! 
Kate, there really is actually very little things that you don't like. As long as you are fed you are most likely happy. It doesn't take much! 
I can't believe how fast you are growing. It hurts my heart and I love it all at the same time. I am so thankful for you and your cheerful disposition that you bring into our home. We just can't get enough of you Kateorade. Thanks for being so incredibly awesome at being a baby. 
Love you chickita!
 Love, Mom 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Two Years!

Another six months has passed since my last update about my parents! I can't believe that they have hit two years! Only one more to go! It's crazy to think that our next year summer plans will involve going home to Rexburg. I can't wait! It's so exciting! 

Here are some pictures from the past six months. 

  I wish I knew what my parents were laughing at here! 

My dad was able to go pheasant hunting with some members of one of his wards. 

Temple trip 

Service project. They worked at a homeless kitchen one afternoon. 

My parents set up a 5k for the missionaries to participate in. They made them shirts and everything. Missionaries had the chance to either run or walk in the race or help with volunteering through the race. 

The mission got expanded, so this is my dad and his AP's working hard to fill the new mission section. I guess it was a crazy couple of days trying to get everything settled. Very little sleep! 

They have started remodeling the kitchen at the mission home. Getting ready for the next Mission President.

Since their mission opened up into new areas, which included the mountains, they were able to take some of the missionaries up for hiking! So amazing! 

Obviously, I am not capturing all the things that happened over the last six months. I don't think I could. I know a lot goes on. 4 am wake ups, countless issues and constant serving. It's amazing the work my parents are doing and I am so proud of them! 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

June's Randoms

It's Summer people!! And we haven't missed a beat! June (The month) has gone by so fast and lots is happening these last couple of weeks. With Father's Day and us leaving for a week,  I figured I would wrap up June's randoms now. 

Guys, Owen does not leave Kate's side. He just adores her so so much! He gets so sad when she goes down for a nap or when someone else holds her. He loves her so much! She might feel a little differently. 

Outside playing in the pool and with pool toys. 

All my babies have been this way. They will be laying there and just all of the sudden drift off to sleep. She took a little snooze while we played with friends. 

June always asks for me to take pictures of her with her friends. 

We have been having the most amazing storms with so much rain! It just down pours! We love it! Seriously, nothing compares to Texas storms. June and daddy were out playing in it and splashing in the puddles. I ran out, took a picture, got soaked and ran back inside. 

Before bedtime play 

Don't let those little angelic faces fool you. Nothing but trouble! Just kidding, my kids are freaking awesome and they win at life. 

 More time outside 

Like I said before, Owen doesn't leave Kate alone and Owen found a new way to play with my pumps. 

He made me a sand cake and was so innocent when he brought it to me. It was so sweet in his little voice and it about killed my heart! 

This too also about made my heart explode. Look how Kate is looking at June!! June loves to unbuckle Kate wherever we go. She is such a big helper! 

We made necklaces and bracelets and anklets and bracelets for cousins and for friends and on and on. 

Our friend Lauren is moving away from Dallas. We first met her and all these awesome people while in Waco, when Dan was getting his Masters. We had one last dinner to celebrate and get all together. 

Birthday parties and playing with friends. The kids waiting for the piƱata to drop. 

One night we were at friends house hanging out.The girls thought it was extra awesome to have their dessert on princess paper. My friend is super genius to do this. The kids loved it and it was super easy clean up. 

Sometimes I just need to get things done. I need the kids in a room already clean and I need them to be quiet. I didn't want to hear their cartoons or them fighting. I just wanted to clean my house. I needed to clean their rooms and playroom and I didn't want toys out. I just wanted a really clean house!! So I resorted to iPads and headphones. 

just playing 

We like to "ice-skate " around our house with socks. The kids come bring me a pair of socks and I know that the next thing thats going to happen is blasting music and skating around the house. 

Kate is so little. And once again, Owen can't leave Kate alone. 

One afternoon, June bug had a massive anger issue so she got to spend her time inside. It ended up with her just reading in her room, but it meant that Owen and I got to have a little time together and play in the pool. It was a lot of fun just playing with him. 

This wasn't Owen's fault at all! It was totally my fault!! And the worst part was I didn't even notice for about 10 minutes. He could not get into the pool and I was wondering what his problem was! Haha it was pretty funny!

The kids playing quietly together in this little tent. Siblings for the win. 

One afternoon just quietly looking at books. He was in there for like 45 minutes just looking through books. 

One morning we got and I was planning on making lunch and having a bit of quiet time. While I was making lunch I let the kids go out and play. The next thing I know, they are naked and having a blast. They turned the hose on and were out there for about two hours. So much for quiet time.

And of course more swimming!