Monday, May 3, 2010

Its All About Dan

This post is 100% dedicated to Daniel Scott Lancaster.

Things have been absolutely crazy for him, and I feel he deserves some praising.

I am pretty sure this past week has been one big whirlwind for Dan that he comes home from school with his head spinning. So a few things that Dan is doing and things that he gets to be praised for...

1. Dan proposed his thesis in front of his committee. Now Dan feels like this wasn't a very big deal, and he probably will kill me once he reads that I put it on the blog but I think it is.
His committee liked his work so his Thesis was approved and now he can continue with his work!

2. He has been working on a massive project for the past couple of weeks. Literally going into school at 8:00 am and not coming home until midnight or 1:00 in the morning. He works so hard, and after this week he will be free well until Monday.

3. Next Monday Dan leaves for 3 weeks for a field trip in Arizona South Utah.(Thats totally going to suck) Its good for him, and he receives school credit for it so thats good.

4. Last but not Least DAN GOT AN INTERNSHIP!! we are so excited, overwhelmed but thrilled that they chose him! It is a paid internship with a company called Sandridge in Oklahoma. He interviewed with them at the beginning of March, so we have been waiting for a while to hear whether he got it or not. To be honest we kept checking the mail expecting a rejection letter because we felt like we would have known by now, but we thought wrong.

We have a lot of details to work out, and the realization of being a part sucks. I would love to go with him if it wasn't for work, but we will figure it out.

Anyways I am so proud of Dan. He works so hard, and he is so smart. I know that he will be successful in whatever he does!