Saturday, January 31, 2009


Dan has been accepted to Baylor Texas graduate school! One of the most top schools for geologists in America. We found out on Thursday morning, and are so excited. I am so proud of Dan for all of his hard work, and willingness to push himself. He received a full ride scholarship and a yearly allowance to live off of. It hasn't been totally decided if that's where we are going, we are still waiting to here back from other schools, and what their offers are, but I just wanted to share the great news. Its so exciting, and scary at the same time. I will keep you posted on what happens in the future with other schools, and where we are actually going to be living for the next two years! Dan is amazing, and is going to be an amazing grad school student!

Monday, January 26, 2009

They Got Dragged

So these are my head phones. I know it was a sad day when this happened. I just got these head phones for Christmas, and I was really excited because I was using my running head phones, and they are just ugly. ha ha They are for running! anyways one morning I was heading out to my car to go to school, and i opened my back door to put my backpack in, and I see my head phones laying on the ground. The metal and plastic was totally broken off, and all that was left were the wires sticking out the ends. It was pretty dramatic, and I was dramatic about it! :) The end was slammed in the door and the ear buds were dragged all over from the night before. I want you to know that I was devastated, and I still am. I needed to share because well it makes me feel better about the situation. Now I am back to using my running ear phones. Yep the huge ones that hook around your ear. Luckily they are Skull Candies so I have a warranty on them, that was the only thing that is keeping me going. Ha Ha I am kind of pathetic, but I just wanted to share my tragedy of the head phones.
Thanks for listening(A.K.A reading)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Start of 2009

Life is way to crazy now days, and I hate not being able to update my blog more, but I guess that's what a crazy life does to ya. So here it what has been happening since Christmas. Well first Christmas was blast! there were a lot of food, and family laughing, but I can't even type it all down, but it was beyond words amazing. For details go to any of my sisters blogs. We headed up to Canada for new years to spend time with Dan's family, and our friends, Brady,Lisa, and Adam. We went shopping, dinner, and to a Calgary Flames Hockey game. It was so much fun. I had never been to a hockey game so at first I was all jumpy when the players bashed into each other, and I mean hard bashing! After a while though I got way into it, and encouraged more violence. Ha ha ya I felt pretty tough. Let me just I now know what it feels like to be the minority. The Calgary Flames played Minnesota Wilds so we sang the American National Anthems, and the Canadian National Anthem. Well when we sang the American National Anthem there were like 2 of us singing. Everyone was looking at us, like why are you singing. I felt so dumb.Then we sing the Canadian one, and holy crap they are proud of their country. They sing at the top of their lungs. IT was really funny, but I have never felt that way before.

Dan & I in our seats before the hockey game

The Hockey Rink, home of the Calgary Flames

Brady & Lisa
The Boys
Brady, Lisa, Me,Dan, & Adam
Me & Lisa just hanging out with the guys!

Then the next few days were us just hanging out with the fam. We played games, and more games and ate a lot of food. Celebrating Canadian style. It was a lot of fun. We went 5 pin bowling, and it was really interesting and fun. I much would rather 10 pin bowl though, its a lot easier.

This is me 5 pin bowling, it was really funny

These are the sizes of their bowling balls. They were tiny. No finger holes, you just role them.
Dave, and Dan, They look so much a like!
New Years eve. It was really fun wearing our crowns, for our fire crackers.
Basically That's where the fun stopped. We planned on staying up there until the 2ND of January, but there were some complications(Of Course) with getting into our apartment. My dear sweet Canadians paperwork, made it a little difficult to get into government subsidized housing,(Long Story), so I won't share, but it all some how worked out. Then we had to move. THAT SUCKED! Dan was taking the G.R.E the next week, so he was constantly studying. I felt so bad, because he was so stressed, and felt like he hadn't studied enough, but as you all know my husband is a foopin Genius! ha ha(I'll get to that later) but anyways I had to do all the packing myself, and it was a lot of work. Luckily my parents came over, and Adam and helped us load all our boxes to our new apartment. We had no choice we had to move in one day. School was starting that Wednesday, and Dan was taking the G.R.E on Tuesday, so Monday, ALL DAY we packed and moved. We both were exhausted. Luckily We have amazing family here to help. Well it just gets worse. We were on our last load, and all of the sudden, Dan's car bottoms out. The springs on his two front wheels completely snap, and the car just drops. We didn't know what to do because he had to take that car down to Logan the next day for the exam, but again amazing family pulls through and my dad lets him take the truck down. We were so blessed to have the car break down when it did, and not while Dan was on the free way. I couldn't even imagine and don't want to. Anyways that night was a rough night for the both of us. Being in a new place to sleep, plus the stress of school, didn't mix well, and we both got about an hour of sleep. Poor Dan gets up at 5:30 a.m. to head down to Logan. He was so tired, and I was so worried about him taking the test. I had no need to worry. The Lord was on our side 100 percent. Dan ended up doing amazing on the G.R.E. Dan was in the 92 percentile on the exam. he got a 790 out of 800! I was so proud of him! oh my heck, he did so good.
Now school has started, and life is trying to get itself in order. Dan just mailed his graduate school applications to Baylor Texas,Boulder Colorado, Corvalles Oregon, and of course B.Y.U. We don't really plan on B.Y.U though Dan really doesn't want to go there. I would love it though ha ha, but its looking like we will end up somewhere else. So we will see.... I will keep you posted on where he gets accepted. but with a 3.9 g.p.a, and amazing test scores, hopefully he gets his choice. I really am sorry to brag about this, but he is so amazing, and brilliant! I am just so so so proud of him. As for me I am just trying to graduate so we can be out of here by July. I am taking 21 credits and doing my internship, LIFE IS CRAZY, but we are living, and happy and working hard. This is the Lancaster Life for now. I promise to do better with my blog and up date it more often. Until that time. Hope everyone has an amazing day!