Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Randoms

People, it is May tomorrow! This year is flying by in the blink of an eye! It's so crazy that we are fast approaching the summer months. 

Here is just another post of randoms from the month. 

It was National Sibling Day sometime during this month. I really can't remember exactly the day... but my sister posted this on Instagram so I had to snag it and save it for the blog. 
The Mendenhall siblings. And it is now proof that my children look nothing like me. They clearly are all Dan. But let's be honest, I am rocking that bowl cut. I love these people! 

Playing at the park. 

Dan was at a friends wedding in Ohio, so we had the weekend to really do whatever. I cleaned our carpets and made the kids stay out of my way all morning. I felt kind of bad about it, so I let them stay in their pajamas all day and we played at the park. Just so you know, I really really do not like my children staying in their pajamas all day. It's just grungy to me. So it was a special treat to stay in the pajamas. Mom win, though it killed me a little inside. Hahaha Oh, and side note. Owen is OBSESSED with his Christmas jimmies. He pretty much wears them every night. I love him so much for it. 

Hey little Kate

I love him so much. Like so so much. More than words can say. He's a special hearted kid and sometimes it takes all of my energy to not throw in the towel as his mother. He's a tough nugget, but I love him so. 

Little Lottie and her lamb. She loves her lamb and can't sleep without it. I love when she has fallen asleep and is still holding that lamb so tight. 

She is just so happy!

Kate was introduced to the play mat this month and LOVES it. No really, it keeps her happy for so long! She is getting better and better at playing with the rings and grabbing them. 

Just playing 

They could push each other in that stroller all day. Just back and forth. 

I told Owen I couldn't play with him right that second because Kate was hungry and I needed to feed her. He took matters into his own hands and decided to feed her. 

We have had random rain storms this month and this particular day, I thought the clouds over the hill were so pretty!

Playing in the puddles

Yeah, he doesn't wear pants.

They kept finding worms and playing with them. They like picking them up and at first the mom in me, was like "don't touch that!" but then again the mom in me thought "No, let them explore, touch, feel and play!" 

June was looking for her shoes in our little closet thing by the back door. I told when she was finished to please clean up after she had thrown basic every shoe out. I go get Kate and head to the car and came back to all these shoes lined up so nicely. It just made me smile. She did indeed clean up!

Riding through puddles over and over and over again. 

I was out one night and Dan was putting the kids to bed. I left and didn't say goodbye to June. Once she realized I was gone she got really sad and so Her and daddy sent me a text message with this picture. It was a heartbreaker. 

Kate sleeping in her crib like such a big lady. She still isn't sleeping in there with a solid schedule, but every chance I get, I try to put her in there. First, to get her used it and second, for the quietness of it!

Owen is so awesome with free play. He keeps himself entertained forever. He was in the play room quietly playing with the trains. 


Happy end of April! 

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