Friday, September 26, 2008


The renovations have begun. OK so its my parents renovations but since they have a billion things going on right now, I get to be the blogger for them. So this post is mostly for my sisters and well other people who remember what my parents house used to look like. I forgot to take pics before so just try to remember the before house. They are renovating the whole house, but this is the beginning.

If you remember there used to be a wall there. now when you walk into it, you are walking into the closet of what used to be Michelle's, Mine and Laurens room. (Not all at the same time) ha ha

This picture is taken from the view of walking out of my parents bedroom. Yep there used to be a door there. Now its just a wall. It is so weird to get used to and I have seen in a bunch of times. ha ha but I love it and its going to look great.

This is the view from inside the new called office. it just leads right into the living room. I can't wait to get the hardwood floors in. They are going to be beautiful. and the glass door that my parents chose is so pretty. the room is going to be great! I am just excited I get to see it all in progress.

This is just kind of a random shot, of the living room now. I thought I would get this one so that I could have a before and after picture, but even now all the furniture is all re-arranged. so ya for those who remember my house, the next time you see it will probably be totally different!!!


Marcy Cheney said...

Are they doing the remodeling themselves or did they hire someone? Looks like it will be really nice and it was great before!

Rasmussens said...

It is so wierd to see what they are doing. I almost tried to walk through the wall were the door used to be. Sorry we didin't see you when we where there. It was a crazy weekend. Can't wait until christmas. Hopefully we will see you soon.