Monday, September 28, 2015

Tonight they sleep

My babes are sleeping in the same room tonight for the first time.... It took a while to get them to sleep but now both are out cold. It's either going to be a horrible disaster or a peaceful calm night. Either way, these little loves of mine are sharing a room and that means we are one step closer to welcoming this baby girl into our lives.  Life just happens so fast and I'm just trying to embrace it all, hoping to catch my breath along the way and remember to stay close to little tender moments, like tonight, with peeking in on my two beautiful children sleeping away and also, the excitement of Dan finally feeling baby girl kick! 
Here is to getting some sleep tonight! (Maybe) 

*A blog post to come later with pictures of this adorable room sharing business! 

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I think they will do great! I was so scared at first to put my kids together and now all four of them share a room because they sleep better all together. I know someday they will want their space but right now I think it's so cute to see them all sleep in their bunk beds.