Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Ah October! This time of year just puts butterflies in my stomach of all the fun that comes with these next few months and to me, October is the kick start. It's just non stop, go go go, from hear on out and I LOVE IT!! I love all the excitement, the birthdays to plan, the costumes, start the Christmas lists, EATING CONSTANTLY because swimsuit season is over...  People! it's gonna be a good three months. 

I am feeling rather rejuvenated and wanting to really step it up. I felt like the last month of summer really made me drag and I sorta became lazy. I hate that and it's not me. I'm not a complainer, and I felt myself slipping into a negative pattern. I hated it. So I feel like I got a new fresh start with the changing of seasons and I'm ready to run with it! Thank goodness for this time of year! 

So to start off this fall season I thought I would post a few pictures of our latest happenings. Nothing out of the ordinary, but just my little simple joys. 

Owen is just taking the world by storm. His new favorite thing is ripping out all the books from June's book shelf. It drives June crazy! She is always running in and trying to put them back. she might be OCD and that might be my fault. 

We were tricked into believing cooler weather was on its way when in reality its been 90's all week. Lame. But she still is rocking the summer look and has even taken a few dips in the pool even though the water is getting a bit chilly. 

Lot's of days spent at the park. 

Owen discovering how much fun a playground can be 

These two are really starting to play together. June sometimes finds is annoying, but Owen LOVES to follow June around. He seriously doesn't like her to be out of her sight. They played so well at the park together this day!

More tea parties outside. Our everyday activity 

Is she just not the cutest?!? She wins. 

Owen keeping it chill in the pack n' play. His smile literally gets me every time!

Owen was in desperate need of a hair cut. I had put it off for so long and realized that it was constantly falling into Owen's face. So we buzzed him down. 

Happy October everyone! 

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