Friday, October 3, 2014

Rainy Day

The day started sunny and beautiful. We were expecting rain showers later on in the day so I prepped us for a rainy day inside. 
When the storm came, it came fast and was over within 20 minutes, but it was big. Thunder lightening, trees knocked down, and crazy wind and rain. We watched the storm through our front window watching it roll through. I LOVE a good storm. 

Once the storm passed it became beautiful again outside, so we decided to go splash in the puddles. Owen unfortunately was strapped in the stroller most of the time since we were playing next to the road I thought it be better to keep him in the stroller and keep my complete eye on June. 

The sun was out, the water was warm, and you could smell the humidity in the air. It was a perfect opportunity to go jump in puddles. 

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