Friday, April 25, 2008


I just wanted to disucss the dear little town of rexburg, and the weather we had on April 24, 2008. OK so it started out with spring, when I was walking to class it was green outside, you could see the little shrubs, all well pretty much it just basically was spring. Then I am sitting in my Safety class, and all of the sudden this huge gust of wind happens, and the snow starts drowning out everything insight. It was a major whiteout. The snow kept falling until about 2:00-3:00, inbetween there( not sure I was in class). Anyways then it stopped, the sun came out just a little bit enough to melt the snow, but it was still really really cold, basically it was fall. everything looked dead, but lets remember that its April almost May! Then I get out of my 4:45 class,and the sun is beaming and its actually warm! like not wear a jacket warm, Which in Rexburg is considered Summer. There ya have it all four seasons in one day. no other place but good ol' Rexburg!

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The Porter's said...

LES!! I LOVE THE BLOG and seeing the update of your vegas trip and everything else! I'm so excited you started this! LOVE YOU!