Sunday, June 1, 2008


Uh it is Sunday night and Dan and I just woke up from a 2 hour nap at 9:30 at night. There is no way that we are going to sleep! that's OK we don't sleep all that well anyways!! its funny how much sleep you lose when you get married, even though we go to bed at like 10:00 every night! YUP AND WE LOVE IT!!
So... This week was busy, but next week will be the more busy because it is midterms, we are house sitting, and watching my moms dog izzie. The dog runs our lives right now and we pretty much do what ever she expects us to do. Oh and then on Wednesday Dan leaves for the Grand Canyon. I will be home a lone all weekend. For those who don't know this, I am Freakin scared to be a lone at night. Yup like I said a busy and crazy week.

The weekend was fun! uh Friday night we went go Green Canyon the swimming pool. They have this thing that's called date night where they serve you dinner, and show a movie in the hot pool. Its great because its only for couples so basically our friends and I had the pool to ourselves!! it was great. Then on Saturday we went to dinner at Wingers. and then came home and watched a movies. The basic Saturday night!

Now I share my sad story about my chicken finger Queasedilla. Its not really all that sad, but it just kinda sucks. So Last night we went to Wingers like I sad before. They are the best left overs the next day, so I usually only eat half and then saved the rest for later. But its only good for that one day! OH TURNS OUT ITS FAST SUNDAY! I can't eat them now because I already had dinner, and it just ruined it! It was quit the temptation!

As you can tell we are losers, and the things I complain about is food! ha ha anyways we don't even have any pictures. Anways thats my update for now! if you read all of this that means you really are a Lesli and Dan fan! Oh ya you guys love us!!!


Rasmussens said...

Always a Lesli and Dan fan! Hope things are going well with izzy. Can't wait to home in a couple of weeks. hope you are running. That Summer's hill will be hard for you. Love you

Cisneros Family said...

You are hillarious. Good girl on keeping up the fast on fast sunday. I for sure would have eaten the chicken finger casadillas. MMMMMMM good. I am very impressed. Have fun watching the princess dog. Love you.

Shalee Mendenhall said...

I really didn't mind watching Izzi when your mom asked us to but I have to admit that I'm glad your doing it this time and not me! haha And don't worry if your get scared Mike and I will be out there in a heartbeat!

Brian and Danielle said...

How fun! I didnt know that Green Canyon did that! My next trip up there Bri and I will have to go and maybe if your lucky we'll invite you two!! haha just kidding. Sorry about your leftovers! I hate when that happens. But way to keep your fast!! Sounds like things are going well. Love ya girl!