Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pretty Much!

OK so i just needed to share something that i have been paying attention to lately and it really is driving me crazy! So Pretty much Dan & I are at school 24/7 and well thats fine but after a long day and you are stuck in the library studying or typing something you just kind of want your own space. There are tonz and tonz of computers around and the chairs are empty so why is it that a person has to come and sit right next to you? HUH? I mean don't they want their own space? Well this happens to me a lot and I never understand why? There are so many other computers to choose from. So the best is one time me and like three other students were in a computer lab, and we were all separated which was normal, right, then this girl comes and sits right next to me, Ya i kinda gave her a little bit of a dirty look, but went back to work, like 5 minutes later she taps me on the shoulder and is like excuse me, but can you turn your i-pod down. I admit it was kinda loud but I was blocking out the noise. I looked at her, and was thinking, why don't you move, but I told her I was sorry, and pretended to turn it down. (ha ha really didn't!!). but after that I constantly wonder why people have to sit right next to you when there are a bunch of other seats open!! Sorry about the rage, but man it just bugs me!! OK everyone have a great day, and if some sits really close to you, for no reason just stare at them and tell them to move! LETS ALL MAKE A STAND! ha ha just kidding!


Rasmussens said...

Your too cute not to sit by. THe college thing sucks, but hang in there. Love ya.

The Porter's said...

Oh lester... *sigh* i have no words for this one... LOL!!

Marcy Cheney said...

That is so funny and I can only imagine your face when she asked you to turn down the Ipod. Looks like you had a good time at the reunion. By the way, love the new blog colors and layout. Have a great summer. Love ya