Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween & All the Festivities

With Halloween being on a Saturday this year, I felt like we partied all week! It was a lot of fun but exhausting. This was the last excitement of the month and I'll be honest, I am ready for it all to be done and for life to slow down a bit. We kept our spirits high though, and we celebrated Halloween as much as we could!

June had a Halloween parade at school. The whole school got to walk around and show us all their costumes. 

June' Class 

After the parade, Owen and I went and ran some errands to get ready for June's Halloween Party at school. I was a parent in charge for the party. (another thing added to the plate). We had fun eating Halloween snacks, doing crafts and playing party games. We even danced to Monster Mash. The kids  loved it and I loved being a part of June's little Halloween party for school. 

Then the "Principle" of their school came in and read them spooky Halloween stories. 

Friday was our Ward's Trunk or Treat. Dan and I went as mummies. I won the most spooky award. Totally worth the hour of fizzing out my hair and make-up! Hahaha really though it was fun! I feel we at least need to dress up one night of Halloween week! 

Spider man and Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony) 

Owen had woken up at 6am that morning, and also refused to nap. He fell asleep instantly in the car on the way to the church and was basically a grump the entire night. And he also hates his costume. 

The Primary also put on a little parade for all the parents. June just got in line with some of her friends and didn't need our help at all. She is such a big girl! She loved when she got to us and was so excited to show us her costume... Though we had just seen her five minutes prior. Haha 

Then came the Trunk or Treat. It was raining and cold outside, so we held it in the church throughout the classrooms. Trunk or Treating is much more fun, but turns out our church buildings work rather well for a trunk or treat. 

Owen got a little more pep in his step when he realized what was happening, though he still remained a grump for most of the night. 

Eating some of their loot. We let them chow down for a bit and then we called it an early night. Both kids were pretty tired. 

The next morning we all woke up slowly and just let our morning be. The kids watched some Saturday cartoons while we cleaned up from last nights mess and then got ready for the day. It was still pretty rainy and cold, so our plans for the pumpkin patch got cancelled. We still had a fun day though. 
I got the kids some fun Halloween things, like a necklace and sparkle tattoos. We used up all the tattoos! 

Daddy teaching us the proper way to sort candy. 

We then went and had lunch and picked out some pumpkins to carve later that day!

Owen went down for a nap, June had a little quite time, and Dan and I worked on some church things for the next day. 
June was done with quite time sooner than Owen was done napping so we did a little Halloween craft to pass the time before we could continue to play and carve pumpkins. 

Once Owen woke up, we played pin the hat on the witch. We all got into it. 

Then we got to the pumpkin carving... and painting and poking potato head parts into the pumpkin.

June was so excited to clean out the pumpkin, but as soon as she realized what "cleaning out" the pumpkin actually meant, she didn't want to stick her hand in there. 

Once she got a spoon she was much more happy. She pulled out basically one seed at a time. 

Owen painted a little and then just ate candy.

Everyone working hard. 

Our final product. We had one carved, one painted and one Mrs. Potato head witch! It was the easiest pumpkin carving I think I have ever done. 

Then it was time to get all ready for trick or treating! 

And out we went! We stuck around our neighborhood this year and we are so glad we did! It was so much fun just staying close to home and being in our own school district. We felt we showed our support!

June went to her to first house got some candy, got all excited and yelled "This is the best day ever!!" 

It took Owen a while but then he finally got into it! He wanted to carry his bucket up to the door by himself and everything. By the end of the night he couldn't even lift his bucket it was so full of candy!

June said "Haha what a cute little guy, I wonder what his name is!"

June had finally had enough, but Owen just wanted to keep on going, So I took Owen to just one more house and then we headed home. Everyone was pretty tired and the kids were ready for bed. We also realized we failed to feed them dinner and both kids were starving! So we had baths, had dinner and then called it a night for the little ones.

We had a few trick or treaters come while we were home and then we shut our porch light off and called it a night. 

We then indulged in all our hard labors of having children and ate whatever we wanted out of their stash! 

It was a very full and fun, festive Halloween but I have to say I am glad this month is over. I hope you all had a wonderful, safe and spooky Halloween! Until Next year! 

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