Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Feast

June had her Thanksgiving Feast at school. Of course it was absolutely adorable and I was eating up the adorableness. 

June's school had a turkey dinner for the students and their parents. Dan was able to come, so we met up with him and then went to go find our spots. Then the students walked in. 

All the kids put on a little program with songs and things to say about Thanksgiving 

 June's little place mat. 

 After the program we went and had lunch 

I seriously love this picture. It just captures us so well. Life is so crazy and chaotic. The kids are usually climbing all over us but yet we are so happy and content with our little life. These three are my life and I can't believe we are adding another little girl so soon! 

June was beyond thrilled that daddy got to come and celebrate with her and her class. 

It was a fun little afternoon to spend with June at her school. 

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