Friday, November 20, 2015

October Randoms


So here are the October Randoms that I didn't quite get to before the new month started. 

When June is at school, I was actually surprised at how much Owen misses her. He asked for her non-stop and is always telling me to go get June. One day, when June was at school I just let him watch a couple cartoons while I did things around the house. He asked for June a few times and then laid down. He really misses her. I like it. 

Baking and more baking! The kids really enjoy helping me cook, and June is HUGE in mixing things together. She calls them her potions. 

A little batter licking is always involved when baking. 

At June's school, She got put on the wall for asking her teacher "What's for dessert" after having lunch one day. 

Lazy and cozy days. 

We went to a Halloween play date where there was a scavenger hunt and treats at the end. It was fun hanging out with friends and letting the kids get dressed up. 

Dan had to run a quick errand really fast one night, and so before June wanted to paint him a picture. She told me "Mom, take a picture of me and my picture to show that I painted the whole thing!" She was super proud to show daddy. 

One day Owen refused to sleep for his nap, and the night before he kept waking up a whole bunch. He was EXTREMELY OVER TIRED! So tired that he would not calm down for bed. He was just screaming. So I finally just took him for a drive and he crashed in the car. This kid makes me want to pull out my hair with his sleeping habits, but when he is asleep he just becomes this little innocent boy who I can't help but stare at and just feel so consumed with love and gratitude for him. 

The kids have been obsessed with the tramp! It has been super fun playing with them and also letting them play just Owen and June. They laugh so much together!! 

I came out to fold some laundry while they played on the tramp. It mostly became a place to come get warm or take a break from jumping on the tramp. Yes, I did have to refold 90% of the laundry. 

More tramp time and showing our little friends our new tricks 

Like I said above, Owen has been struggling with sleep. Really he always has. Putting him into a big bed has just added to his weirdness. We sometimes find him on the floor or wedged up against the door sound asleep. I usually just leave him and he takes his full 2-3 hour nap on the floor. Whatever floats your boat buddy!

Bedtime stories 

Nana Mendenhall had sent the kids an outfit for their birthdays. June had asked me to take a picture and send it to her to show her how it looked on her! 

And Owen just being Owen. Climbing in baskets and just going by the beat of his own drum. This little boy has really been taking a hold of my heart lately! I just really love him, despite not sleeping. Having a newborn and him should be a blast.... (Enter Sarcasm Here) 

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