Friday, November 20, 2015

First Primary Program

June was in her very first Primary program! 
Honestly I held back tears the entire time, and sometimes I couldn't hold them back and they fell down my face. Dan would just hug me tighter during those tears. It was hard to hold them back! 

She did so good! Her part she said was "I know that Jesus loves me, because he gave us many amazing animals." We had practiced for a solid two weeks and she had her lines down. She even started getting annoyed with me because I would keep asking her to remind me what her part was again. 
When she got up to the mic on Sunday, She messed up the first few words and it made her stumble a bit. So then she looked over at me for help and I was mouthing the words as big as I possibly could! For something so small it was hard to sit and watch her struggle for a minute and not be right by her side to help her. She pulled through though and finished her line fantastically! I was very proud of her for not getting scared and backing away. She finished! 
She LOVES to sing so I knew that the singing part would be a breeze for her. I loved watching her be so grown up on that stage with her little sunbeam class. 
She is so incredibly little compared to most kids her age but she doesn't shy away from anything. I seriously just love this little girl beyond words and more. 
So proud of you June bug! 

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