Friday, November 20, 2015

Welcoming Myself Back

Welcome back to me! I have enjoyed the little break away which was desperately needed and I can't tell you how much better I feel. You might be thinking- that wasn't a very long break... Haha but when you are me and are blogging two or three times a week, taking a couple weeks off has been the longest I think I have gone without blogging! I think I just needed to take a deep breath and get back to my usual self! The family is back in-sync and it feels very nice to be back into the swing of things! Taking a step back was exactly what I needed! October was insanely crazy and busy and full of emotions for me, but I have an amazing husband and family support, plus a little R&R for just me, which an introverted person like myself desperately needs... I'm back and it feels good. I feel good. Life is good. 

I have also missed blogging! I'm glad to be posting again... Though, I guess I really never stopped because I have been blogging just not publishing. Haha 
Just trying to stay on top of pictures and memories I guess. Plus I really enjoy blogging and not blogging the past couple of weeks, made me realize how grateful I am for a place to write down thoughts and re-live memories. It's just good to be back and feel better and back to my regular self... except for the largeness of me. But a pregnancy update is coming soon so we will get to my large self later. For now I have some blog posts that I have been working on! 

Hello again. 

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