Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Randoms in February

I knew this was going to happen. I kept putting of January's randoms thinking I would have time and now all of the sudden we have a new baby and it's February. Things got a little crazy and therefore January's Randoms are now in the month of February. My bad. 

I have a lot of randoms too from the whole month. So it's a big picture overload! These are Dan's favorite kind of posts. 

A random day at Target. I NEVER EVER get these kinds of carts. They are big and so impossibly hard to steer. But I was feeling really ambitious in letting the kids ride in one. It was a mistake. I hated it, but the kids loved it. 

Playing at Coo Coo's. This was so brave of June to go down one of these slides. She was so scared but then ended up loving it! I was so proud of her for facing a fear! 

Little OD took a giant ball out of one of the bouncy houses and refused to let it go. So he just carried it around with him. 

Train Ride

June totally hit the jackpot on one of the little games they had there. She was so proud!! 

Fashion shows and dance shows are a regular thing at our house. 

A lot of baking brought to you by Dan and the kids 

A little tea party for two 

After my shower the kids love to go in and write on the glass

FHE coloring 

Owen was down for a nap, and we had fresh cookies for an after school treat and few rounds of Cooties! We sent our Cootie pictures to Daddy! 

The weather has been AMAZING this month which means a lot of walks to the park! It's been heavenly! 

Parenthood at its finest! 

June changing her dolls bum and a random guy just hanging out in the tree... 

Birthday Parties and playing with our little friends 

Because of the crazy warm weather our rose and flower bushes have been blooming like crazy. I always love when they end up mixing colors. 

Our puppy Ranger turned 6! So crazy!! We had a little birthday celebration and we got him a few toys! 

They love under the table. They play under there all the time at breakfast and lunch. We do have a rule though for dinner that they have to stay at the table with the whole family sitting there. 

Lazy Sundays watching a movie all together 

More walks to the park 

And celebrating more birthdays! 

Owen. This kid kills me. I sometimes have no words for how much I love him and how he will be the one to turn my hair gray  

More baking 

We had a FHE on Temples one Monday night, so we made toothpick and marshmallow Temples. 

Owen ate his. And more. 

Our finished products. June went for the double decker look! She did awesome. I kept mine simple and Dan went all out and actually constructed a Temple. He was really into it and I was super impressed and I just love him so much for things like this. 

When June is at gymnastics with daddy, Owen gets the bath to himself and he loves it!! 

Owen has been doing this thing where he asks me to sit on the floor and then comes and cuddles into my lap. I don't ever deny him of this because this kid is NOT a snuggler. I'm lucky to get a hug from him, so I take these little moments and soak them in as much as I can. 

Playing at more play places. They were playing so cute together this day. 

The night before my water broke, June and I had a little girls night out. It was so much fun just spending time with my June bug. I get a lot of time with Owen while June is at school, but with June I rarely get just that one on one time with her. So we went out and got pedicures and had dinner. 
The people at the Salon were EATING HER UP!! Oh man they could not get over her cuteness. And I admit she was being pretty adorable about the whole thing. 

She even asked the lady doing her nails "Um, excuse me, I'm a bit thirsty. Could I please have a drink of water?!" They about died. It was so fun! 

We then headed to dinner! It was a blast just spending time with her. I love this little lady so so much!! 

That sums up the start of our year! Its been low key just waiting for baby to arrive! 

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