Saturday, October 17, 2015

Big Boy Bed

Funny thing is that my last blog post, I mentioned how Owen was still in his crib due to the fact that we felt he just wasn't ready for a big bed yet... Well it was as if writing that somehow caused Owen to no longer like his crib. The following weekend that I wrote about their new shared room, Owen started to really want to sleep in June's bed. He would seriously fight us on putting him in the crib while June got to sleep in her bed. One day at nap time, I finally gave into the fight, knowing that he most likely would hate it and end up back into his crib, I laid him down on Junes bed, did our routine and told him to lay down for nap time. HE DID! He slept for his usual 2.5 hours. So after talking to Dan about it for a bit and seeing how Owen was pretty ready to get into a big bed, we went for it. 

We loaded up and made yet another trip to Ikea and purchased a bed and mattress. The kids were LOVING it! They played basically all day on their beds, and that included some iPad time. 

Obviously, knowing me, I was anxious going into the night. The kids were super hyper and we knew that there could be issues, so we went into it knowing that we most likely would be putting our children to bed more than once that night. 

 I didn't have proper bedding for his bed yet because it was so unexpected, so we threw a white sheet on, an old pillow case and called it good for the night. Owen didn't care. I did. Hahaha 
Body slamming. What else. 

Siblings are the best and worst friends! These two though could tackle and body slam each other all day! 

And here is where he became a little boy and no longer my baby. Tear. 

So the first night we knew was going to be a struggle. With Owen's new freedom and the fact that we put them to bed super hyper, we were in for it. Dan and I also had another house project going on in the kitchen... Our timing wasn't great but we took turns, each time Owen and June came prancing out of their room. 
Here is why. June is SUCH a rule follower. And whenever Owen got out of his bed, even sat up in his bed, she would come out to tell us and of course that led Owen following right behind her. Owen following June may have been the cutest sight of my life. His little prance right behind her just puts a huge smile on my face. 
June got really upset, tears upset, when Owen wasn't following the rules. She's such a people pleaser. Haha. 
We talked to June about how it's ok if Owen gets out of his bed as long as he doesn't leave his room or bug her. It took a few more times coming out to get the two situated and actually asleep. But they finally did sleep and we haven't looked back since. 
All night long I was a nervous wreck. We still hadn't put up our video monitor in their room so I couldn't see how he was doing, and got up at least 12 times that night, just checking in. You better believe the first thing I did that next morning was get that camera back on the wall! Ha 

That next day we went and got a bedding that we let him choose. He of course chose trucks and it made their little shared room even more cozy. 
We have had to do some adjusting to story and singing time before bed and When Dan or I are alone at the task it's a bit more bouncing back and forth between the beds. Both our kids like their backs scratched while being sung to. 

Sleeping has been going pretty good. I have found Owen on the floor a couple times during nap time. The first nap time, I go to peek in on him and I couldn't see him anywhere, so I try to push open the door to find him and the door was stuck. It was his little body curled up against the door sound asleep. I just left him there and he took a full nap right there on the floor. I think sine then he has learned that his bed is much more comfortable. 
They have both adjusted well. I'm so relieved to have that hurtle done with and one more item to check off the list. 

Now the next big thing would be to have Owen potty trained... My expectations are very low on that one, but a girl can always dream.
Is it sad that my life dreams are now consisted of my son going pee in the toilet?! 
For reals though. Mom life. 

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