Saturday, October 24, 2015

Owen at 2!!

Dear Owen, Owit, Chub Chubs, Bubba's,
You are two!! 
You are one little loved and independent little man and oh my word we love you to pieces!! I can't believe you are two and how much you have grown from a baby to a toddler and have become so independent. You beat to the rhythm of your own drum and I am learning to do things at your pace and not pushing you in anyway. Really, it drives me so crazy at times and you can push my buttons more than I ever thought possible, but then you use that little sweetness of loves and snuggles that melt my heart and all is forgiven... But timeouts have become a regular thing for you. 
You are completely in your own world, so much so that we couldn't even get you to hold your chart sign, so we had to improvise and have daddy hold it over your head. Even then you weren't to pleased. 

Some things that you are into right now are definitely cars and trains. You LOVE them and are your go-to toy. No matter how many cars or trains (choo-choos) you have, you are always wanting more! Thankfully you aren't too much of a picky eater and you really like eating fruits and veggie's. You love drinking milk but it has to be warm. It can't come straight from the fridge unless it's chocolate milk. 
You love to sit and look at books and have them read to you. You are always wanting us to read you a book whenever we are sitting down. We really like your enthusiasm about books and hope that counties through life. As much as you love to sit and read books, you love body slams and wrestling even more. Whenever we are sitting down and playing it somehow turns into a wrestling match. You love to wrestle June bug and for the most part she loves to wrestle with you too. You two seem to always be going at it, but it's a lot of giggles, so as long as no one is getting hurt, than we just let you two play.  Owen, you and your sister play pretty darn well together. Your relationship has really gotten stronger and you two have some fun times playing. 

Some things you aren't a huge fan of are things like cheese. Really any kind you just don't like, but really thats all there is when it comes to things you absolutely refuse. You also have to have exactly what June has regarding snacks or blankets or toys... We are working on sharing, but you really don't like not getting you way. 

Like I mentioned before, you don't like being pushed into anything. You take your time and do things at your pace. You get very timid at things, like the tramp we got you and your sister for your birthdays... but as soon as YOU felt ready you have loved it and haven't looked back since. It really is up to you when you like something and there is no other way to change that little mind of yours. 

Son, you are so incredibly awesome and we love just having you around. You are already so funny and you keep things lively in our house. You keep us going, thats for sure! We love you so so much. Beyond words!! 

I hope you know how much you are loved and so grateful we are that you are our son! You have made me a much more patient and different mother than I thought was even in me. 
Love you son. Oh so much. 
Happy 2nd Birthday Buddy!! 

Love, Mom 

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