Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Owen's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my little man. It was a laid back, easy birthday for my little two year old. I thought back to June's 2nd birthday and it was super low key as well. I think 2 year old birthday's will always be my favorite to plan, because really there isn't a lot of planning involved. Hahaha. 

We woke up Saturday morning and had our traditional chocolate chip pancakes (color to their choosing) with whip cream and sprinkles! Owen wanted to put on his own sprinkles. 

Then I helped out a little... 

He just all of the sudden looks so grown up! 

It was dark and gloomy outside from all the rain, and it was Saturday. Saturday is cartoon morning day at our house, but Owen got to choose what we watch instead of his sister usually demanding we watch "Little Pony". They were both pretty happy with "Bubble Guppies" for the time being. 

Then they decided to go rest on daddy 

Later that morning we took the kids to a bouncy/play place called CooCoo's. The kids had a really fun time riding the train over and over again, and especially loved the arcade games and getting tickets. 

Waiting in line for the choo-choo. 

They rode the train a bunch of times. 

And played all the arcade games they could!

They also rode this weird little bird thing that just went round in the smallest circle. They ended up getting out half way through because it was kind of lame. Haha 

I love her little happy grin! And her outfit choices are definitely a view of her independence. 

With the tickets we all won, June and Owen got to pick out prizes. June picked out a balloon and she was pretty good at bouncing it. 

Owen was a bit scary of the bouncy houses at first. You seriously cannot push this kid into anything he doesn't want to do. So it took some time, but once he got up the courage to go in he was loving it! 

After a couple hours at the bouncy house, we came back home, had lunch and had a little down time.
Once Owen woke up we opened gifts before dinner that night. 

Owen chomping a candy bar. 

The tramp was part of his birthday as well, but we also got him a little racer! He loves it! 

June got Owen some cars that light up and make noise. He loves those kinds of cars. They sure get loud and annoying, but he truly loves them, so how can we stop that kind of joy?! Him and grandpa playing with his new cars. 

Before we left for dinner we sang and the kids had a tiny slice of birthday cake. We knew we would be out late for dinner so we thought best to sing to him now before he got to cranky! 

Eating cake and  playing with cars 

Love my little birthday boy!

After the fun at home we headed over to Grapevine to eat at our traditional birthday place for the kids "Rainforest Cafe" Our reservation wasn't until a bit later so we went and looked at H&M and then headed over to dinner. 
We sat right next to the Gorilla and Owen was not having it. His eyes would not leave the gorilla and when the gorilla started coming to life he would clench on to me so so so tight. Honestly, I didn't mind the snuggles and him being so still in my lap. It doesn't happen... like ever. So I enjoyed it while it lasted. 

I finally got him to look at the Camera. 

It was a big gorilla 

Our meal took a while, but the kids were fantastic and just enjoyed looking at the fish and their surroundings. Once we got our food we chowed down and then we were ready to head home. 

Owen played with is track for a little bit longer and then it was off to bed for the birthday boy. 
I simply love and adore him. I mean he's a crazy little man who is independent than I know what to do with, but I'm so lucky he's my little crazy, and that I get to try and keep up with him. Happy Birthday bud. We love you beyond the moon! xoxo

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