Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Dan's Birthday Bash Weekend

Dan's birthday fell on a Sunday this year and since we can't party too hard on the Sabbath, I decided to make a weekend out of it. It was so much fun!! 

Earlier in the week I had planned out different activities for each day that weekend. When the kids went down for bed, I laid out the envelopes with different notes inside. He then could choose whichever thing he wanted for that night/day. 

He loved it. 

Friday Night: He chose fancy. Honestly, I thought he was going to go casual on this one, but we do like to get dressed up every once in a while and I had already made reservations, so fancy it was! 

Our babysitter came and out the door we went. We ate at a restaurant called Nick & Sam's down south in Uptown Dallas. The food was amazing!! Our menu choices were: Fresh shrimp and Cesar Salad as Starters, followed by Sushi and Tuna Tar Tar. I can easily say that the Tuna Tar Tar was by far the best I have ever eaten. It was so good! Then of course followed by Filet Minion, New York Sirloin, garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Ok so we admit we ordered so much food, but it was all amazing and we pretty much ate all of it. 
Then it was followed by chocolate birthday cake and ice-cream for the birthday boy! 

After dinner we decided to walk a bit to work off some of the food we just ate. 

Friday night was so fun. Dan thought that was really it. I had a few more surprises though! 

Saturday: Dan had chosen Relaxation for this day. He didn't know what that all entailed, since I wanted it to be a surprise. He ended up getting a relaxed morning of kid free duty and got to go see Star Trek. I hit the gym, the kids and I did a few birthday errands and then we headed home to get ready for the day. 
Once Dan got home and the kids were down having quiet time and nap time for Kate, we just hung out. Dan really thought that was it for the day! At 4:00, I told everyone to load into the car. Dan was a bit confused but he went along with it. We drove up to our friends house and we dropped the kids off to play there. June was beyond thrilled because she got to play with her friends all evening. Dan and I got a day date that led into the evening. We haven't had a day date in a very long time, so it was a chance to do whatever we wanted! 

We were excited for what we were doing that day! Just not ready to blog about it yet!
All in all it was totally relaxing and super chill. That is what we do best.

We did ride an escalator. With strollers we don't ride them very much. So I had to document it. 

Sunday: Dan's actual Birthday! I knew it was going to be a bit chaotic so thats really why I wanted to celebrate it all weekend. I couldn't give him a "sleeping in" or "Breakfast in bed" or anything special because I had Ward Council that morning. Dan had to take care of everything at home. Plus I am super busy during church so he had to handle all the kids as well. I couldn't give him  a break. I felt a little bad. 

We came home and I tried to let him relax as much as possible. We had lunch, and got the kids settled with naps and quiet time. It obviously didn't last long and we are such magnets to our children that they literally have to be where we are at all times. He wanted a nap and he kind of got one, with a daughter siting 

Once everyone was up and quiet time was officially over, we opened gifts. The kids of course had to help! 

It was really hot too, so we decided to go swimming. It's always hit and miss with the weather in September, so we swim as much as we can when the weather is warm! 

Dan's cake this year was a traditional ice- cream cake from Dairy Queen. It's what he wanted and what wants he gets on his birthday. I also put 32 candles on there. June helped and it was fun to light!

We sang and ate ice-cream before putting the kids to bed 

Kate getting some ice-cream cake too. She was a mess! Don't mind the chunks of avocado all over her clothes. 

We then just enjoyed the rest of our night together. 
I think it was a successful birthday! I hope to always make birthdays special. Even when we are old and gray. 

Happy Birthday love! 

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