Friday, April 13, 2018

10 Years of Blogging

Just a quick note that on April 6, 2008 I started this blog. Which means I hit 10 years of blogging on April 6th 2018.  All our adventures and memories are on this little chunk of internet. I am so so happy I have kept it up. It has been a great way to keep our life on record and being able to print them into books has been so fun. I don't have any intentions of ever stopping. Even though blogs are so out, and I really don't even know who reads them anymore. But I guess I don't blog for others, I blog for us. I love reliving the memories, writing it all down and putting pictures with captions. It's helped keep all our pictures organized and I know I have a printed copy of them if the internet ever dissolves into thin air. Who knows. It could happen. Ha!
    I'm very grateful for this blog and I love looking back to see how much we have grown. How much our lives have changed over the years and just seeing how much I freaking love this family and this life I have. It's good, my friends. It's just all so good.


Blue Bonnets 2018

Another year of blue bonnets in the books! It's such a fun little tradition that I love to do with my Texas babies. I pulled June out of school early, and we went and spent the day all together. It was so great and I really miss having them home all together. I really do. So it was a good day! 

 My sweet little June bug who feels she can do no wrong. Ha! 

Owen and his awesome smile these days. He's currently the favorite child. I seriously can't get over him right now. He drives me insane but he's always on my mind. 

And sweet baby Kate who has turned into devil baby! Hahaha no she's just a sassy little toddler who is understanding the power she has. She also refused to look at the camera and was obsessed with the flowers. It's all good though. It makes for good memories. 

I really love her a lot. Like a whole lot. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

March Randoms

There aren't too many randoms this month because of my parents visiting, spring break and Easter. So these pictures are just the in-betweens the fun we've been having!

I did a yoga challenge and one of the days was legs up the wall and June joined me. I love when she does yoga with me. 

Back behind our house is full of geology treasures and the kids love going out and hunting for fossils with Dan. 

Dan and I went and saw Beck in concert. It was one of the best shows I have seen! It was incredible! Besides the fact that I lost another pair of sunglasses. Hahaha 

Our Saturday mornings are spent watching Owen play soccer. It's always my favorite watching little kids try and kick the ball. They don't care what team they are on or which way the ball is going, they just want to kick the ball into a net. Regardless if they are scoring for the other team or theirs. 

Soccer is a Daddy and Owen thing. Owen needs some pep talk before each practice and games and Dan knows the tricks. It's been so cute watching these two together. 

I feel like if it isn't soccer or dance then it's some sort of school function or birthday party. We celebrated a little friends birthday. 

June and Brindley 

Kate loves the cake. Always. 

We are having the weirdest weather here in Texas. It will be 80 one day and then 30 the next. We are so beyond ready for summer and living outside and one day we just couldn't take being inside anymore. The rain was pouring but it was warm so we went and played. It truly was so much fun! 

Dan always gets mad (not really, more in a joking way) that I wear his clothes. I've always been a t-shirt and jeans kinda gal and I love big shirts. Once again it just shows how Dan and I were so meant to be together. I stole Dan's Beck shirt and took a picture to send to him. 

We spend a lot of time by the kids fishes. Kate eats majority of her meals over there and she loves to feed them. Her excitement for the fish never get old. 

I mentioned in my previous post that Dan got a new truck. It's a Ford 150 Lariat. I learned a lot about trucks through this whole process. Haha Dan loves it and I love how much he loves it. Plus there is way more space for the kids to ride in. The kids are obsessed with getting into the bed of the truck. They love driving around the neighborhood in it. (With me back there and securely holding on) ;) 

Slime, slime and more slime. At least it's getting warm enough to make it outside! 

Found these two just hanging out with a bag of Cheetos listening to music. I heart my boys! 

And that's it! March came and went in a flash! This year is already speeding by! SLOW DOWN!! 

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Spring Break

This Spring Break was different than any other that I have experienced with having children. 
With June officially in school all day, we were so beyond excited for a break of early mornings and having a bit more freedom with our days. 

I was a bit nervous because we didn't have any crazy plans, Dan was working and we opted out going anywhere. As Spring Break got closer and closer I thought maybe we should go somewhere, but planning took a back seat with crazy life and we ended up staying home. 

It was EXACTLY what we needed. I admit I have been pretty busy with yoga stuff lately, and this next month I'll be traveling a bit and I'm co-hosting a yoga retreat in Austin. We needed to just stay home and catch our breath. Our family truly functions better when we are all together and it's been an adjustment for the family and myself to have my attention divided. Spring Break came at a perfect time to put everything back into place. I really loved it and needed the focus on my little ones. 

I didn't plan anything crazy but had something small or fun planned at least once in the day.
The weather was warm which made it really nice! We spent a lot of time outside. 

Our first day activity was clay moldings. We picked out a bunch of different colors and then headed home, found some fun things to do online and got to work. 

We baked them in the oven and to my surprise they actually worked! Ha! 

We spent the rest of the day outside, riding bikes and jumping on the tramp. 

We are HUGE slime fans at our house so of course one day was dedicated to making a whole lot of slime, because we clearly didn't have enough already. Haha I had to go to the dollar store to buy more containers. It's an obsession that I really hate but the kids love it. 

We had lunch at Costco and we did our regular shopping there. The kids love sitting and watching the pizza get made so to them it was an outing, to me it getting chores done.

Owen just loving Kate. Kate calls him Go-Go's and I freaking adore it!! 

Tuesday night I went out with some of girls and we had dinner and then went to Muggle Shakes. I literally ate everyones toppings! Haha they were so good! 

Just proving I have a gigantic mouth and can cram a lot of food in my mouth. Ain't no shame. 

Wednesday we went to our local candy store "Hey Sugar" and spent a small fortune getting the kids fun candy. 

 I was even the awesome mom who gave them a quarter to actually make the machines move. 

That day and also that night I taught two yoga classes. I had started out working at Fitness 2000 as a sub and filled in when needed but now have been offered my own class! It's so crazy how everything is working out! I love that I can truly do something I love and get a little spending money on the side, but I can still be with my little people. The gym I work for has free child care so I can bring the kids with me for a bit and then leave when I'm done with my class.  It's worked out wonderfully so far! I'm so grateful for the opportunities! 

Thursday morning I woke up to our freezer dripping water and realized all the ice was melting! The temperature was up so high! I totally blamed the kids for pushing the buttons but no one would confess. So I lowered it down and slowly it started creeping back up. Then the fridge went all crazy and soon we were without a fridge. Dan and I debated whether to get a new fridge when we first moved into the house and decided against it, but who knew eight months later this old beauty would crash and burn. Haha 

So later that day we took the kids to McDonalds and then went to buy a new fridge. 

We were expecting our fridge to arrive the next day but due to some miss communication between the store and the truck drivers our fridge was left behind, so we lived for about three days without a fridge and it was the worst. We lived out of a cooler and everything just felt warm. ugh! I'm still getting over it. 

So since we were stuck in the house waiting for the fridge to be delivered we did our canvas paintings with our names. The kids LOVED this project! It was fun! 

Friday the weather was incredibly warm. We went outside first thing and started playing around, then slowly water got introduced and before we knew it, swimsuits were on and water balloons were being blown up! 
I do have to say that it made me miss our pool in the back yard. Our community pool doesn't open until May and it made me a little homesick for our backyard in the old house. I know a pool will come with some time in this new house, but for now we are making the most of it with hoses and balloons and waiting for the pool to open! We can't wait for summer!! 

Saturday Dan and I got a babysitter for the day to have lunch and go look at trucks. Dan has wanted a truck for a while now and looking at trucks turned into buying a truck. Haha 
We were longer than expected so I went home grabbed the kids and then brought them back to the dealership to finalize the sale. When we showed up they had an ice-cream truck outside so it was great for the kids! It started to rain so the fun outside ended quicker than expected, but I had grabbed iPads for entertainment. Car purchases take so so long! It's exhausting! 
The kids were troopers though!! 

I need to get a picture of the truck! I'll get it for March Randoms. 

That evening we finished our last craft of the week, dying paper with shaving cream. It was messy but the kids had so much fun dipping the paper in the cream. We made Easter Egg shapes and hung them up for decoration around the house. 

And then just like that Spring Break came to an end. I loved it. I can't wait for summer!! I loved being all together and having so much time with my children. It really brings me so much joy.

Summer can't come soon enough!!