Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May Randoms

I'm a bit behind on May randoms but better late than never!

So here are May's Randoms 

June reading to Owen. June has really started picking up more and more words and reading more and more books. We are gearing up for Kindergarten in full swing! 

May started off our Summer which already includes trips with friends to splash parks and pools 

We had June's Kindergarten registration at her new school. It's still so weird to think we will actually be living in our house and living our lives out in Roanoke. It just doesn't seem real. June is beyond excited for Kindergarten. I have absolutely no worries about her going. She's vibrant, bright and makes friends quickly. 

Owen telling me countless times he isn't tired and then I find him like this. 

May brings warm weather which means pool season. We live in the pool. Don't get me started on the thought of not having one in our backyard! ugh! We've been spoiled! 

Water balloons are a must and thanks to Costco we stocked up big time. Thankfully we did because we use a pack and sometimes more a day. 

When daddy comes home he gets attacked hard!

Dan trying to fight back with a noodle. It was pretty comical. 

A yogi friend challenged me to stop drop and yoga so June joined in when we were swimming. 

One Sunday when I was at ward council, I was sent this picture. Getting these always make me smile. 

Movie night 

And back to splash parks with friends 

These are two Kate babies. They are about three months apart. Cutest little things 

Library days 

The house was awfully quiet one day and I was in our bedroom folding laundry. When I noticed the quiet I went to go check on Kate and found her with a bunch of Dum Dum suckers unwrapped and slobbered on. Oh my heart was about to burst with cuteness. 

We spend the majority of our days outside 

In our front yard there is a bunch of grass and these tiny little purple flowers. They were cute so I took a picture of them. 

Had our annual "Mother's Day Tea" at Owen and June's school. Always so much fun! 

June and Elan. She is one of June's best little friends 

"Mom, would you mind just stepping out of the picture for one minute?" No, leave the umbrella. Ok now take the picture" - June to the photographer 

Walks to the park and my little mister falling asleep. I still feel like he needs naps but he fights them so hard!! Until he completely crashes. 

Last day of school for Owen. He only went one day a week. He is only three after all. He had Ms. Sawicki for his teacher and oh how much we adored her. She helped Owen so much and we will always be extra grateful for her caring and loving nature with him. 

June's last day of preschool! We loved Ms. Wimbish and June adored her. Whenever anything exciting happened at home she would always say how she couldn't wait to tell Ms. Wimbish about it. 

Daddy was able to come pick her up for her last day of school. 

And how excited we are for summer!! I believe in structure and schedules, I really do, but I believe more in letting kids be kids. Let them sleep in, let them have bored days and let them just play without some hidden agenda of teaching them something. I sometimes feel like that gets missed a lot.  So we structure but we also don't force. 

More swimming and balloons 

Banana bread muffins in the making 

Little Kate enjoying her snack outside 

We took a walk one day to watch the birds. The kids chased the crane around for a while. He hangs out a lot by the ponds 

The kids have been begging me for a while to play on the rocks and streams so we finally had the time and warmth to do it! 

We stayed so long that Dan met us there after work and we stayed even longer. 

Playing at the Perot Museum 

And more days by the rocks 

One of my yoga challenges was to use a prop. So I recruited Dan as my prop. He was a great sport about it! 

Water ballon fights 

Parks galore 

Heading off to church one Sunday. He's such a little stud! 

So much swimming already!

The water balloons came with a little plastic bowl thing to put the water balloons in. Kate LOVES sitting in it and slashing around. 

One day Dan texted me from our living room and told me to come hangout with him. I sent him this picture and told him I've already got a snuggle buddy. Owen literally is the best snuggler. 

Park days 

Splash Park Days 

She is such a little fish. She begs so hard to get into the pool the moment we step out back and then she literally doesn't want to get out all day. She loves it! We have to get a pool at our new house purely for Kate and her love of swimming and water. 

Science experiment days 

There is a shaved ice shack right across the street from our gym so after Dan and I's night at the gym we took the kids to get one. Soooooooooo happy they are open!! 

Kate quietly and mischievously opening a pack of oreos. Just like her mama. 

There you have it. The month of May randoms. Goodbye May! 

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