Friday, April 13, 2018

10 Years of Blogging

Just a quick note that on April 6, 2008 I started this blog. Which means I hit 10 years of blogging on April 6th 2018.  All our adventures and memories are on this little chunk of internet. I am so so happy I have kept it up. It has been a great way to keep our life on record and being able to print them into books has been so fun. I don't have any intentions of ever stopping. Even though blogs are so out, and I really don't even know who reads them anymore. But I guess I don't blog for others, I blog for us. I love reliving the memories, writing it all down and putting pictures with captions. It's helped keep all our pictures organized and I know I have a printed copy of them if the internet ever dissolves into thin air. Who knows. It could happen. Ha!
    I'm very grateful for this blog and I love looking back to see how much we have grown. How much our lives have changed over the years and just seeing how much I freaking love this family and this life I have. It's good, my friends. It's just all so good.


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