Wednesday, May 17, 2017

House Update: More Tile & some Fixtures

I'm not very good at keeping track of where we are at. Can we all agree that building a house is awesome but also the most frustrating and pulling hair process in the world! AH! 

Alright. They finished tiling in the third guest bathroom. I'm freaking in love with the giant tiles. It was one of those things that was a risk and it totally paid off. I love this bathroom more than the master! Haha 

One thing I really like is that our Master bedroom is actually down it's own separate hall way. So no one can actually see into our bedroom without being invited or obviously being outside. Haha. I really like the privacy aspect of it. 

I tried to get pictures of the master bedroom. It's tricky because it's curved. Also- Another thing I love in our house is that every way roof or wall has a unique structure. There are no just square rooms. I love it! I'm also obsessing over all the windows! the more light the better. We also have a separate entrance to the back patio from our room. 

Master Bath. It's also hard getting a picture of the master. 

Into the Shower! 

I'm beyond excited for the master closet. It's pretty much a whole other room. We have fun plans to make this a nice closet! 

Dining Room/ Eat in kitchen. One thing I refused to have was wasted space on a dining room. We would rather have another bedroom than a dinning room that we would use pretty much.... NEVER. So when we could expand out the back and add an eat in kitchen, we took it! 

The playroom. Where I can shut the doors and never see a single toy. Oh I can't wait!!! 

Random picture but this little hall way leads into Kate's room. Don't tell the other kids but her room is my favorite. The roof is such a fun shape and I have some fun decorating plans for her room. 

The railing is stained and trim and all that good stuff is painted. 

Walls are painted and everything is looking so so great! 

They poured our driveway this week along with the sidewalk. We also have a garage door. It's not painted yet, but it's in there! 

Our door is stained and it's looking so great! Sturdy wood door. 

Fixtures are being put in like random toilet paper holders, towel racks, and things like that. Door knobs and so on. 

We may not have a toilet but we have the toilet paper holder 

Kids Bathroom #2 is finishing up. They got the tile laid and cupboards in place. Double sinks are going to be so nice for the kids. 

That's where we are at. We are hoping for a drop date within the next week or two. 
And floors should be coming in soon too! 

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