Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Home Again!

With my parents home from their mission and gearing up for their homecoming, the kids and I headed early to Idaho to play with cousins and enjoy being back at Grandma and Grandpas house. We had so much fun! 

The kids and I flew this go around. The older two did great. I-pads are awesome. Kate just wanted to explore and not sit in the seat for a split second. It was a pretty rowdy flight. 

After dealing with airport hassle with CRAZY LOOOOOOONG lines, (I thought the kids were going to lose their minds!) we made it safely into Utah. The original plan was to spend the week in Utah and then drive to Idaho over the weekend. But my parents were so excited to get everyone home, that we landed in Utah, grabbed our rental car and drove the three hours home. The kids were so amazing up until Pocatello. Then Kate lost her mind and cried the rest of the way home. 

I did make them get out at the Idaho sign for a picture. After a long day of travels they weren't too thrilled about it. 

We FINALLY pulled into Rexburg and was greeted by my sister Megan and her two girls. My parents were at their welcome home dinner group. While Meg and I were talking and the kids playing we all of the sudden heard this huge boom and the house shook! It stopped us dead in our conversation and we just stared at each other. We later learned it was an earthquake! So crazy!! 

My parents got home and we were so so happy to see them in their house. There is nothing better than home! 

It was late so we got the kids to bed and then stayed up way too late talking. We definitely get our night- owl from my mom! That lady was sippin' back a Coke at 11pm! Haha she's the best. 

The next morning it was just me at the house with my parents so they offered to watch the kids while I went for a run in the fields. It was so great being back there again. Nothing has changed! 

Enjoying the cool fresh air

Rasperries for days! The bushes over take the side of the house!

Grandma making cookies with the kids 

Who's mom can headstand with them and totally nail it!?! My mom's the coolest! 

Kate had a love/hate relationship with this hammock. She was so scared to be in it but hated getting out. It was pretty funny. 

Enjoying one of the fresh baked cookies

Meg came out later with her girls to play while she worked for a while. 

I took the kids to the local library's story time 

They made elephant crafts out of spoons. It was cute 

We then met my dad at the park with McDonalds 

Hanging out with these girlies 

How beautiful are these girls! 

Summer laziness. Hammocks are the best. 

My other two sisters arrived later that day and we were all set to party the rest of the week. 

The next morning we all got our running gear on and headed back up to our famous run to the blue pump. 

We had some fun out in the fields and taking pictures. It was so beautiful up there!

Of course yoga was a must in the fields. 

My mom and dad walked with the kids and then we ran down and met them 

We took all the kids to Bear World and they all loved it! The adults did too. 

The bears came so so close to our cars this time. 

Aunt Megan was breaking the rules and we rolled down the windows. Don't worry, not with the bears. 

Owen loved it and how cute is this boy?! I mean that smile! 

So many bears! 

After the bears we went to the petting zoo. Mich was missing Cam. Hahahahaha

June loved feeding the animals. She was so cute about it. 

Reese and Owen. Owen LOVES Reese. We sing about her every night before going to bed. And he always talks about her. It's pretty adorable. 

More feeding the little deer. June couldn't get enough

After the petting zoo, we headed over to the carnival rides 

Couldn't leave without a little cool treat on a hot day!

We all got back to the house and chilled for a while. Little ones slept and played.

June sadly got stung by a bee. It hurt but she took it like a champ. And no crazy allergic reaction. She got a popsicle after, to make her feel better.

More workouts and yoga in the mornings

Kate would not get out of the hammock with my mom. She loved it in the bigger hammock. And this one did encircle her. Haha 

Of course we devoured my parents raspberry bushes. There were so many that we just kept on picking and never ran out! Eventually we just pulled out big buckets and had at it! Kate had to finally be cut off! 

Going for a Joy ride! 

We pulled out the water toys in the back yard to play and keep kids entertained for a while. 

It ended up leading to this ultimate challenge where at the end my dad gets to spray you with the hose for 10 seconds. The kids were freaking out and LOVING IT! It was so funny. Even June took part!

The kids played school for hours downstairs. We got them each their own little "School" kit and they had so much fun. 

Matching dresses, always!

Owen loved having his little buddy Austin to cause trouble with. They are only two weeks apart in age and become the cutest little friends. They also spent the majority of their time doing who knows what in the hammock. 

At night we roasted hot dogs and marsh mellows in the backyard,
June inhaled her s'mores!

I indulged in a few as well! They just never get old!

How beautiful is my mom!? She doesn't age! 

Saturday we all packed up and headed to the river to go kayaking. 
Mikey was in charge and we were all gathered around him to get the right instructions so no one got hurt. 

Owen fell asleep in the car. He was completely folded in half.

The drive up was beautiful 

The whole crew

My cute crew!

Lancaster crew!

Lauren ready to go! So poor lo had her own little kayak. She could not stay on to save her life. We were all laughing so hard and she rode down the river mostly trying to get on the kayak. She did not think it was funny. We did finally switch!


On the lake. It was so pretty 

June rode with Grandpa and uncle Mikey for a while down the river. 

My boys 

Half way, June joined in with us 

The views were beautiful. We were on the lake and Kayaks for a couple of hours. 

It took Kate a minute to adjust to the water but once we got her set and she had snacks in hand, she was as happy as could be. She loved splashing the water and kicking her feet on the side. 

After the float we waited for the boys to run up and grab the car we left at the starting point. 

Mikey handed it all for us. He's the man!

After the float we stopped at Frost Top to eat. A looooong standing tradition to eat there with my family. The food is still as good as ever! 

Once we got home from the float it was time to get ready for my parents home-coming. We set up tables and did everything we needed to prep for the dinner after church. 
We all went to Mike and Shay's house that night to give my parents some time to prepare their talks for the next day. We played for a while and then all called it a night. 

Sunday came we were all ready for my parents homecoming. The reason we came! 

The cute girls in their matching dresses 

My parents did a phenomenal job in their homecoming talks. So so so many missionaries came. The church was packed to the point where people were standing in the back and in the halls. They were truly loved on their mission and still loved in the community. It's pretty amazing at how many people love and support them. 

We then headed to my parents house to get going on the homecoming dinner! My mom was so funny, she just kept saying how no one is even going to come. HA! The backyard was packed! 

My awesome sister Brooke, My beautiful & pregnant sister-in-law Shay and my freaking sweet aunt, Trish all became the servers. We had so much fun back there. 


The whole crew! 

My almost 17 year old nephew stole my phone and left me a plethora of selfies. I can't believe he is 17. He's the coolest and he even hangs out with us oldies!

Sunday night we finally all calmed down from the day and called it an early night.

Monday we packed up and headed to Idaho Falls to hang out for a while and then the rest of us drove to Utah. Our flight wasn't until the next day and Utah is HUGE with celebrating the 24th of July. So we got to have fireworks and have fun celebrating! 

One last hangout with the girls 

The next morning we woke up and headed to the airport. It's such a whirlwind getting all of us to the airport. Dropping off the rental car and getting us all to our gate. It's no easy task and to some it may be daunting to take on by themselves, but I see it as a challenge and I love a good challenge. 

Kate was a beast on the plane. Like pretty much screamed the entire two and a half hours. It was a loooooong flight but we made it home and survived. 

We got home to a clean quite house since Dan was in Austin and got to bed early. We had our friend Adam coming in the next day for the weekend so I knew I needed sleep when I could get it. 

What a fantastic week it was. It felt so good to be back in Idaho with my parents there. It will be interesting to see what lies in store for them next. I doubt they have too long to rest before something else comes a long. They are spectacular people. I'm so lucky to call them my parents and have nothing but the most complete respect and love for those two people. 

Officially welcoming them home! 

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