Thursday, August 3, 2017


Moving is always stressful. There is so much to plan and prepare for. We know. We have done it seven times now. But this was the first time moving from a house to another house. So with buyers move in dates, everything had to workout perfectly. And of course it didn't. Haha 

We planned so much! I mean we tried our hardest to have everything go as smoothly as possible. 
Everything went great with the sale. We had a lot of offers and we even ended up with a higher asking price. We had an offer on the house 2 hours after we placed it on the market. It was insane. 

We took the best offer and went with it. We did learn that this offer had a VA loan but they were pre-approved and we were told it shouldn't be a problem. Well it was. A huge problem. Oh my heck. We almost ended up backing out of this deal because the buyers could not close. We moved the closing date THREE times! It was ugly. Really ugly. I'm so happy that part is over with! 

So then we finally got all papers signed and we agreed on a lease back until the end of June. We were told our house would be ready by June 30th. Come to find out our contractor got fired! WHAT?! so they put a new team together and it slowed down the construction of our house. Our new contractor was so amazing but told us there was no way we were going to get in by the 30th. That was a heart sinking feeling. Thankfully the buyers were willing to let us stay a week longer and were truly ok with the idea since we had to go through so much hassle with them. I guess it all evened out. 

The day FINALLY came for us to close. We literally closed the same day we had to be out of our old house. We had to have an adult at the old house with the movers while we went and closed. The kids went to a friends house and we signed those papers we have been waiting 10 months to sign!

The movers were meeting us out at the new house that afternoon so Dan went there with them while I went back to the old house to get the last minute things and clean. I was in such a rush to clean and get everything out. I just wanted to get to our new home! 

 A lot of the moving stuff. We were smart and hired movers. Oh man it made our lives sooooooo much easier! They took care of it all. 

We said our final goodbyes to 2752 Spyglass Dr. It was a whirlwind but I stopped and breathed it all in and realizing that this crooked little house was a perfect starter home. We learned so much from this house. So many wonderful memories happened here and I'm grateful for it. I'm grateful we started out here. Our first big purchase as a couple and we had no clue what we were in for. Owning a home is a whole new ball game. Haha. Dan and I both agree we definitely did some growing up here in this house. 

We got everything settled from the old house and slowly started sorting through boxes and trying to get our new home in order. We got the kids beds set up enough for them to sleep and Dan and I slept on a mattress. We gave away 90 percent of our furniture so we had nothing for a couple of days until all our new furniture was delivered. In the pouring rain I might add. It felt good getting the furniture into the house. We spent the next week unpacking and living like crazy people before we left for Idaho. It was such a crazy time. Our poor kids were just wide eyed and pretty much ignored. They lived outside and on their iPads. Haha 
I did make them goodie bags with things to do while we were un-packing. You just don't realize how much stuff there is to do. How much setting up, so so so many boxes to unpack and living like barbarians. HA It was exhausting! 

We finally can call it home. It's been a good start in the house. I few minor issues that we were warned about with a new home. Making sure everything works right and running properly. But we came in expecting that and all issues have been fixed. We are loving it here. We are still finding our way around, but it's such a small town that we are figuring it out pretty quickly. 

We loved our time spent in Carrollton. We made good friends there and we hope to continue seeing them over the next years to come. We are grateful for our time there, but we knew it was never a permanent place for us. 
We are excited for what the future holds and what many wonderful memories come with this house!

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