Monday, September 4, 2017

August Random

August slowed down a bit for us and it felt great to slowly start getting back to normal life. We had a few weeks of just normal life until school started. 

We have a great little downtown in Roanoke and one of the favorite places to go for us is "Hey Sugar". It's full of all different kinds of toys, candy and ice-cream. Plus a fun little outside area for kids to play. 

Exploring all our new parks. Learning our favorites and ones to avoid. Any place with swings is a win for us! 

Ice cream queen. 

This is our very first year with a kid in a school district. And we sure are learning a lot. Holy Smokes! Our date night was spent gathering school supplies for June and Owen. We had to get specific folders with specific colors and it was a nightmare to find! 

We eventually found all we needed and I am so glad we went without the kids. It would have been a nightmare having them with us. It took forever to find everything, just because it all had to be soooooo specific! 

Our first trip to one of our new Target stores and the kids were so excited that the balls were painted like Minions. 

When we aren't up at the community pool we are swimming and playing in our own backyard. 

Random Kate selfie with a sticker on her face. I heart her so so much 

The kids discovered that the couch cushions and pillows come off the upstairs couch. They make forts and it also becomes one big jumping game. 

June loves folding laundry with me. One time she saw how big daddy's pants were and had to put them on. She thought it was so funny. I thought it was pretty funny too! 

The weekend before school started. We went to Chuck-E-Cheese. 

All Dan wanted to do was just sit and as soon as he did all the kids literally ran and climbed on him. 

Kate Selfie 

Dan is the complete real deal of a man. Baking included. He loves to bake and over the weekend we got fresh bread and two different kinds of pies. The only picture I got was the Key Lime Pie. 

We heard over and over and over again how awesome the eclipse was going to be. And then we heard about it some more, and then some more. We figured we better not miss out. I have a slight memory of seeing an eclipse when I was in the third grade. My teacher took us all outside to look at it. 

Anyways we didn't have the special glasses that we probably should have ordered, but I wasn't going to let that stop us. So we made our own! 
The majority of my family was in Rexburg for Totality and they continued going on and on and on and on and on about the event and how prepared they were. So I sent them this picture to show we were just as prepared. Hahaha. Our awesome cereal box concoction. 

We saw the tiny tiny eclipse through our cereal box. 

Dan and a bunch of his co-workers got to see it too. 

The shadows that bent 

When Kate goes down for a nap we have "rest time" and then quiet time. During rest time they have to play on their own quietly and then quiet time they are allowed to have their iPads or watch a movie. Owen has a real hard time with rest time but I make him do it. He normally spends it outside my door. He eventually crashed. 

I took June school shopping for her big Kindergarten debut. We always have so much fun. We shopped a bunch and then we and had dinner. 

During the Tropical Storm "Harvey" that hit Houston, we have had a lot of rainy days here in Dallas. So we spent a lot of time baking and doing in door crafts. 

I try to work on yoga when the kids are napping or during quiet time. But I was feeling super motivated one morning. Kate played in the room with me and photobombed some of my yoga. 

It was Owen's turn to g school shopping. He had a little less interest in the shopping part but we managed to make it to two stores and lunch. We had a fun time together. 

Little June bug. We came home from a date she was just so little sleeping in her big bed and I couldn't get over how much she's going to grow and change over this next year. It's a big step for her and I'm proud of the little girl she is becoming. 

The last Saturday before school started we decided to go for a hike. 

June kept calling these hills "Steepies". There were some incredibly hard ones to climb in and out of. The kids did great though. 

We ended up hiking 4 miles. 

Lazy Sunday afternoon. When church is at 8:30am you get the right to nap. I hogged all the blankets and when I woke up I saw Dan was covered in pillows. It was funny. 

We went and met Owen's teacher and then went and played at a new park close to his school. They had a trail in the trees that we explored. 

I was pretty excited to see my yoga picture featured on another instagram's page! 

The first day of school! We were all a bundle of nerves. June was up bright and early and told us it was like Christmas morning. She was so excited to be starting school! 

She's growing up so so much!

Daddy was able to join us on taking her on the first day. 

Her little desk. She has Mrs. Wisenhunt for her teacher and she was very excited to have a locker in the hall to put all her stuff. 

June has always wanted to ride the school bus. And this year she gets to do just that. I had every intention of picking her up, but she rides the bus with her little friend in our Cul De Sac and she says it's her favorite thing. I actually like it too because I don't have to sit in the long line and worry about Kate being awake. It's been working out well. 

I was pretty anxious all day on that first day of school. I watched the clock very closely and couldn't wait to go get her from the bus. She has such an awesome bus driver who already loves her! 

Owen is obsessed with Play Dough and he comes up with the best creations. This time it was a cake and he wanted me to take a picture of it and send it to Dan. 

He said he also wanted to give it a giant hug to show daddy how much he loved it. 

Owen Started Preschool, round 2, the day after June started Kindergarten. He goes two days a week from 9 until 2. He has really liked it so far!! 
His first day of school pictures were cracking me up! 

Owen has such a love for Mario. And you wouldn't believe his excitement when we found a Mario backpack. It was perfection for him. 

So now we are just in the adjustment period of getting used to all the new things going on in life. We have new callings to juggle (which now include Wednesday nights) and things going on in our individual lives. It's busy but I'm so looking forward to it all! 

And Welcome September! 

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