Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Turning 31

Christmas time also means birthday time! I'll be the first to admit that I love my birthday. Always have and always will. I'm sure I say this every year but I'm lazy and don't want to go check back in the old posts. Birthdays are fun. Why can't we like our birthdays?! When we become adults we all of the sudden have to shut down all the fun a birthday brings?! Well not for this gal! I freaking love it! 
My age doesn't really get to me either. I don't mind getting old. Age is just a number. I can tell you that I am in way better health and more fit in my 30's than I was back in my early 20's! There is no way I would be able to do what I can in yoga now back when I was "young". Again, It's just a number and won't define me. I do have to say that I have all of the sudden had crazy heartburn after certain meals. I'll blame that on old age. Hahaha. Anywho, back to the birthday. 

Dan and I went out the night before to celebrate my birthday. We went and had our traditional dinner and then went shopping at a couple of my favorite yoga stores. You can't eve have enough yoga gear. It was low key and a really nice night out. 

When we got home that night Dan said "What the heck are all those ducks doing in our front yard?!" I was looking for real ducks! hahaha Someone came and put these in our front yard for my birthday. I waited until the next day to take a picture with it. Yogi style... I have a pretty good idea as to who it was but they never owned up to it. So I guess I'll never know! I am grateful for awesome friends who took the time out of their day to do this for me. It  made me feel loved. 

Dan came to yoga with me that day and even sat with me through a mediation series. 

We got ready for the day and then celebrated with cake and opened gifts with the kids. 
Dan always makes my Angel Food Cake with Chocolate frosting. Tradition and I love it. 

Opening gifts! I didn't know what I was getting from the kids this year which is always a fun surprise. Dan lets them go pick out all the gifts so I really never know what I'll get. It's awesome. 

I did know what I was getting from Dan this year since I helped him pick it out. I got a new wedding ring band, that may or may not have come in a little blue Tiffany's box ;) for my yoga practice. This sounds super conceded and bad but my real wedding ring is too bulky and big and it was a challenge to wear when I balance on my hands. (first world problems right?!) Ha! Dan still wanted it to represent a wedding ring so he insisted on going nice with it. Who am I to stop him?! :) :)  I love it! It was a perfect birthday gift! 

We ate cake with the kids and then fed them dinner. 

That night we put the kids to bed and Dan and I ordered food and got caught up on our shows. My favorite thing to do. 

I look forward to this year. A lot of possibilities and goals are set and I can't wait to see what this new year being 31 brings! 

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