Saturday, March 21, 2015

Girls Day

My head is spinning! It has been a madness of a week, with so much going on including constant rehearsals for Easter Cantata and Millennial Choir. We had our first performance tonight for the Easter Cantata and another one tomorrow, plus Millennial Choir performance coming up! It's a whirlwind and it's just the beginning! It's a good thing I love it so much! BUT more blog posts to come about all the goodness coming up! 

Since it's been so crazy, It was definitely a need to just take a moment to breath and have a day out with my little lady. Dan came home from work on Friday afternoon and we headed out. I have been wanting to take June to see the movie "Cinderella" ever since I first saw the trailer. It had June's name written all over it! 

So we headed over to the mall and spent the afternoon walking around, shopping at the Disney store, clothes shopping, and riding the carousal. We laughed, we talked, she told me stories and all the things that could possibly be happening in a 3 year olds life. It was FANTASTIC! 

 We then headed over to the movie theater in the rain. She's so funny with her umbrella, she has NO CLUE where she is walking when she's holding it. She's all over the place and it's so funny to watch. 

We got our popcorn, went potty so she wouldn't have to go during the movie, and then headed to get our seats! She wore her Cinderella crown so she could feel like a princess too! 

She got her own little kids popcorn and a soda which is a HUGE treat for her! She was so excited to have her own little drink! 

I was so excited to take to her this movie. She was excited to see Cinderella too and kept asking during every preview if it was FINALLY going to start. It was a relief when it finally started. 

Ya'll can I just tell you how AMAZING the movie "Cinderella" was?! Oh it was adorable and had such a good message! It had me in tears from the beginning and it was just a good clean movie for everyone! LOVED IT! 
June did ask where Olaf was, half way through the movie but she really did love it. She does a really good job at actually understanding movies instead of just seeing that there cartoons. She's a wiz kid! 

When we walked about of the movie we talked about it for a while. She told me her favorite part was when Cinderella got into the golden carriage with the Lizards and goose.. She then laughed to herself, and said "Thats so silly, a goose driving a carriage!" We talked about the movie the whole way home! 

It was a wonderful day spending time with just my little lady. With two kiddos tugging at my all day, it gets hard spending that one on one time with each child. So it was great getting out and spending a day with just my June bug. 

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