Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Saturday and the Race

It probably wasn't our smartest decision to stay out late Friday evening when we had such a busy Saturday, but it was all fun and who really needs sleep?! ME. I need sleep. Haha

After getting to bed around 1:30am Friday night or I guess Saturday morning, we were pretty tired. I set my alarm for 6am to get ready, so my friend and I could go to our annual shopping trip to a HUGE Sale that happens twice a year. 
6am came and I probably hit snooze for a solid 45 minutes. I'm not a morning person. Not even a little bit. In my world the early bird may catch a worm, but I'm more of a night owl so I guess I catch bigger creaters?! hahahaha not really sure where I'm going with that analogy... 
Anyways, Makenna came and picked me up and we went shopping! We have been doing this for a couple of years now, and this was our last time, since she's moving at the end of June. I don't want to talk about it because I'm still in denial...

I got home around 10am and helped get the kids ready for the day, and clean up the house a bit. 
Dan went and helped someone in our Ward move, and then we headed out to one of June's best little friends birthday party. 

It was a lot of fun just hanging out, and letting the kids play. They decorated cupcakes and Owen was not messing around, he ate his cupcake and I'm pretty sure a pound of frosting in two bites. That kid INHALES his food. 
It was a fun little birthday party and the girls loved getting together to play. Poor little Owen is left out, but luckily My friend Amanda just had her little boy and now there is a little buddy for Owen. 

We got home from the birthday party around 4pm and our babysitter was coming at 5pm so we could get up to the race on time and meet up with our running crew. 

Dan and I really wanted to run together since the last race we were supposed to do I was pregnant with June and very paranoid. So we were excited to be running together again. 

We met up with some friends from Dan's work.  They are so marvelous people!

The run was called the Firefly night run. You get a bunch of glow stuff on and you run in the night. So we were preparing ourselves with all our glow sticks. 

Waiting for the race to begin. We were all just kind of hanging out until they told us to line up. 

With a little dancing involved

The run was fantastic! It was fun being in the dark with everyone around you glowing! 
Pioneer work crew with the Medals. 

I admit I am a slow runner. Dan is always way ahead of me, but I kept my pace and I actually ended up shaving 3 minutes off my mile! I think with all the excitement and adrenaline, it just got to me and made me run faster! Plus they were only giving medals out to so many people, so I wanted to make sure I would get one. I knew would, so that pushed me a little to do better. It felt great and we can't wait for our next run! 

Afterward we planned to go have dinner with friends but we actually ended up just wanting to have dinner with us two. It's been so much fun getting a lot of one of one time with the hubs. I'm glad we get to do things like this together and proud of ourselves! 

We've got a pretty good thing going for us. 

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